Axon Cable

Worldwide leader in specialist interconnect

Headquartered in France, the Axon’ group has significant sales and manufacturing footprints in North America, Europe and Asia. The group has in-house expertise including plating, machining, lathing, electrostriction, assembling, moulding/ overmoulding, mecha-tronics and cabling, enabling the company to offer cable assemblies and connectors for many diverse and challenging applications for over 50 years.

Designed to be tough!

Axon’s connectors and cable assemblies are tough! They are engineered to meet a huge range of electrical, mechanical and environmental challenges, which could include:

– Signal, power, data transmission, high frequency, high voltage, high data rate
– Resistance to shock, vibration, EMI, temperature, radiation, ESD
– Hermeticity, waterproofness
– Miniaturization, weight and space saving

Connectors designed for challenging markets

– Military guidance, communication or optronic systems,
– Oil & gas drilling tools and pipelines,
– Aerospace flight command or in-flight entertainment,
– Automotive driving assistance, infotainment and diverse sensor systems,
– Space launchers,satellites and rovers.

An integrated company

Vertically integrated, the Axon’ group has a large expertise in:

– Rugged & miniaturized connectors
– Insulated wires, cables & cable assemblies terminated with all kinds of connectors
– Mini-systems
– Metal-plastic parts and components including contacts and terminals
– Elastomer components including seals for connectors

In-house test capabilities

Because connectors and interconnect solutions often have a hard life, Axon’ uses a wide variety of in-house testing equipment to ensure our products stand up to the most challenging of environments.

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