Easy-Handling, Quick-Mating, High-Reliability Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | September 28, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights easy-handling, quick-mating, high-reliability connectors from leading suppliers.

Easy-Handling, Quick-Mating, High-Reliability Connectors

JAE MX72 Series AK2 squib connectorsJAE’s new MX72 Series AK2 squib connectors ensure a fully reliable connection in a single operation. The AK2 type squib (igniter) connector has been adopted as the standard interface for automotive airbag inflators in Europe and North America and use is growing globally. Unlike most AK2 squib connectors that require a CPA (connector position assurance) component to ensure complete mating, the MX72A/MX72B Series connectors eliminate incomplete mating with a spring-operated self-rejection structure that provides positive audible and tactile feedback. This allows for confirmation of complete engagement in a single operation. Therefore, the MX72A/MX72B Series improves workability and reliability of the airbag system by preventing incomplete engagement. Three mis-mating key options, compatible with USCAR and ISO standards, are available in case multiple connectors are on one board. This product is sold only as a cable harness and is not provided as an individual connector.

Binder 570 ELC Series easy locking connectorsBinder USA introduces the 570 ELC Series, Easy Locking Connectors, with a unique circular layout that features 12 gold-plated pins. The ELC connectors are designed for applications such as patient monitoring in the medical industry. An intuitive locking system with snap hooks and a clearly set mating position (set through shape of the mating area) prevents mismating. The female panel mount connector provides IP54 protection from intrusion of liquids, water splash, and touching of the contacts. Mechanical resistance is greater than 5,000 mating cycles.

TE NECTOR T pluggable connectorsNECTOR-T pluggable connectors from TE Connectivity provide an easy-to-use pluggable power-distribution connector-cabling system. NECTOR-T is field installable as a screw type termination. Crimp contacts provide the option for prefabricated cable assembly. These termination options bring flexibility to the layout designer and installer. A three-pole connector system, Nector T pluggable includes three- and four-way power splitting connectors which bring options to the design layout and enable the system installers to work quickly with plug-and-play connections. The design is safe, compact, robust, IEC- and UL-certified, and includes sealing caps for open connectors. The NECTOR-T pluggable portfolio is a complete product offering. These sealed, pluggable connectors are designed specifically for applications like horticultural lighting installations, vertical farming, grow light connections, and sealed power distribution.

LEMO M SeriesM series connectors from LEMO are lightweight, triple-start, ratchet coupling type connectors designed for avionics, aerospace, military, security, motorsport, and other heavy-duty applications. These connectors are COTS (commercial off-the-shelf). They fulfill various MIL-spec requirements and most MIL-DTL-38999 requirements. The connectors are smaller in size but have the same number of pins as standard MIL 38999 products. The M series is identified with a laser engraved part number and production batch number to ensure full traceability from raw materials to delivered product. LEMO’s M series connectors are offered by Heilind.

Omnetics Bi-Lobe connectorsOmnetics Bi-Lobe connectors are now available with a quick latch system. These latches require no tools and offer great ease in handling. Bi-Lobe connectors utilize the Omnetics rugged and reliable Flex Pin contact system. Spaced on 25 mil (.64mm) centerlines, they can carry 1 amp per contact. Extremely small and lightweight, they exceed the shock and vibration requirements of MIL-DTL-32139. Available in pin counts from 9 to 65, latching Bi-Lobe can be configured with discrete wires, overmolded cable, panel mount housings, and PCB-mounted versions.

SV Microwave's new pre-tinned PCB connectorsSV Microwave’s new pre-tinned PCB connectors are available in the company’s proven high-performance, high-density SMP and SMPM series. These SMP/SMPM pre-tinned PCB connectors can withstand up to 1,000 mating cycles and feature a compact, easy-to-install, push-on design. SV Microwave has developed a unique and proprietary method for removing gold in the solder area of its RF connectors. These connectors are designed to work with SV Microwave’s automated de-golding process which mitigates undesirable remnants of gold plating in the solder joint. Excess gold can create a gold-tin compound known as AuSn3. These gold striations in the solder joint are brittle and susceptible to breakage under mechanical stress (shock and vibration). For this reason, designers of high vibration and extreme movement RF PCBs often require there to be a minimal amount of gold in a solder joint, as defined in J-STD-001. SV Microwave’s method plans for gold removal in the design stage, modifying the connector body so it can be fixtured effectively and gold can be thoroughly removed from the solderable area, including nearby areas which may be prone to capillary-effect wicking.

Smiths Interconnect REP seriesThe Smiths Interconnect REP series of panel and cable connectors offers quick, cost-effective, highly reliable, and easy mating for rail applications. A full plastic solution is offered in either wire attachment or PCB mounting options to provide rapid assembly installation without additional mounting hardware. Cable receptacle connectors are available to mate with the cable plug connectors for cable-to-cable solutions when needed. The series is qualified to French and European rail standards. These connectors are available as one overmolded plastic part to save assembly time.

Weidmuller RJ45 smart metering cablesWith Weidmuller’s PROFINET IP20 crimp connector, assembly can be carried out much more cost-effectively, if no additional metal connector is required. The 4-pin connector is specially designed to meet the requirements of PROFINET cables and allows cables to be assembled directly on-site using Weidmuller’s crimping tool. The benefits of this RJ45 crimp connector include flexible cable routing in four different directions, quick assembly directly in the field, and reliable contacting through piercing connection technology. The PROFINET IP20 crimp connector is optimally suited for a wide range of Industrial Ethernet cables.

COAX Connectors’ High-Performance, Easy-Grip, 75Ω BNC Straight-Crimp PlugsCOAX Connectors’ High-Performance, Easy-Grip, 75Ω BNC Straight-Crimp Plugs feature integral strain relief and extended bodies for easy handling. Annealed contacts and crimp sleeves provide durable terminations, quarter-turn bayonet coupling mechanisms offer quick connect/disconnect capabilities, and gold-plated brass contacts provide stable performance to 6GHz. They provide IP64 protection when mated, are rated for operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +155°C, and are well suited for use in instrumentation, security, broadcast, telecom, and mil/aero high-reliability applications.

Amphenol ICC’s FlexLock 2.54 mm FPC-to-Board Automotive Grade ConnectorsAmphenol ICC’s FlexLock 2.54 mm FPC-to-Board Automotive Grade Connectors mate directly to the board, removing the need for a cable assembly. These compact USCAR-T2V2 compatible connectors have a nominal current carrying capacity of 3A per contact to support higher power applications. Terminal position assurance (TPA) ensures proper termination position and retention, and connector positioning assurance (CPA) ensures the connectors are properly mated and locked together.


Axon Limande DClick ouvertAxon’ Cable’s new range of Micro-D products equipped with the D-Click fast latching system allows customers to use the Micro-D technology in space-constrained systems where access to the connectors is difficult. The space versions have been qualified to ESCC 3401 091 by the European Space Agency. The company has also engineered Versatys, a new concept of compact power connectors. Compared with power D-Sub connectors, this new range of connectors saves substantial space and weight. With interchangeable lines (power contacts and wires), users can customize their connectors. Versatys connectors can also be equipped with the fast-latching D-Click system. Both innovative connector types generate savings, as no tooling is required for this operation. Watch both connectors in action: D-Click and Versatys.

Fischer UltiMate SeriesThe Fischer UltiMate Series offers rugged, compact, lightweight, sealed connectors and cable assembly solutions ideally suited to withstand a variety of severe environmental, industrial, and chemical conditions. This circular push-pull connector features excellent EMC 360° shielding, extremely robust keying, and IP68/69 sealing even unmated. The Fischer UltiMate Series connectors meet IP68/69 requirements to guarantee safe and efficient operations in underwater applications involving immersion over long periods and in oil and gas applications exposed to high pressures, shock, and vibration, where sealing needs must be combined with high-strength mechanical design. The connector also offers blind mating for ease of use.

preci-dip spring loaded Series 0900 CLIP contactsPRECI-DIP has developed a new line of spring-loaded contacts called Series-0900-CLIP to meet growing customer demand for spring-loaded contacts that can facilitate blind-mating and compensate for non-coplanar conditions. They are ideal for use in docking stations or in self-mating connectors when easy-handling and quick-mating are requested. The main advantage of PRECI-DIP spring pins is the “CLIP” technology, which makes PRECI-DIP’s pogo pins highly reliable.

Bernier CMA USBCIn the harsh environments of military operations, soldiers rely on ergonomically designed equipment to pursue tactical missions without technical concerns. BERNIER offers easy-to-handle connectors with fast and high-reliability mating for harsh environment applications such as radio systems, intercom, encrypted data, optronic devices, future soldiers, ruggedized computers, and tactical equipment. These circular connectors are push-pull or quick-releasable like the CMA (from 4 up to 22 contacts), CMASD (small dimension), CMALD (large dimension), and CMA-USBC (USB3.0 for data, audio, video, and energy), or bayonet connectors like the 55116 or PAM series. To meet requirements for low-protrusion connectors, BERNIER offers the compact and low profile MMC connector with 24 contacts.

Harwin 101Lok DataMateHarwin has just launched 101Lok, a fast-mate version of its secure, 2mm pitch, Datamate J-Tek cable-to-cable, cable-to-board, and board-to-board connector family. Historically, secure mating has been achieved with the Datamate J-Tek version using jackscrews. New Datamate 101Lok connectors require only a simple ‘quarter turn’ – actually 101 degrees – to ensure complete security of the retention device. 101Lok connectors use specially designed hardware tensioned by a coil spring to reduce the time required to mate the connector halves. This results in faster assembly while ensuring complete security of the retention device. This novel locking feature is also ideally suited to Harwin’s mixed technology Datamate Mix-Tek connectors and the Datamate Trio-Tek range. The spring tensioning also helps resist vibration in rugged environment applications such as aerospace, defense, and motorsports, giving the same level of performance as the existing Datamate J-Tek range.

Greene Tweed Seal-Connect fiber optic portfolioGreene Tweed’s Seal-Connect fiber optic portfolio features FC and ST DRY HP Series connectors. Seal-Connect fiber optic connectors are preferred for applications in which fiber protection and signal clarity cannot be compromised, such as oilfield, aerospace/defense, and underwater ROV systems. FC and ST DRY series connectors maintain signal clarity in temperatures from -55°C to 85°C (-67°F to 185°F) with typical light loss less than 0.5 dB. The FC connectors use a threaded position keyed coupling connection while the ST connectors feature a bayonet twist-lock (j-slot) connection. A precision-machined, corrosion-resistant zirconia ferrule and alignment sleeve connection ensure a reproducible, highly reliable termini alignment every time. When coupled with an adapter or permanent bulkhead feedthrough, connectors form a hermetically sealed connection protected in harsh environments where the assemblies are likely to be submerged in water or subjected to rain, ice, or high humidity, preventing optical fiber degradation.

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