Waterproof/Sealed Connectors Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | June 06, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights waterproof/sealed connectors from leading suppliers.

Waterproof/Sealed connectors

Quick Lock USB 3.0 connectors by Omnetics Connector Corporation Quick Lock USB 3.0 connectors by Omnetics Connector Corporation are sealed inside a rugged, battlefield tested and proven IP67 housing to ensure users achieve the highest levels of reliability while meeting USB 3.0 high-speed digital expectations (up to 5.0 Gb/s). These connectors use a halogen-free cable jacket for environmental sustainability and support high IR reflow temperatures up to 255 °C while maintaining solder mount capability. The Quick Lock USB 3.0 form factor utilizes a 32% smaller panel area footprint than the MIL-DTL-38999 circular standard, is 4X lighter, and can be directly soldered to a PCB.

The Pisces Product Range from Intelliconnect, a Trexon companyThe Pisces Product Range from Intelliconnect, a Trexon company, is available in many formats, including ABMS (Rugged MCX), Pisces adaptors, N-Type, push-pull, TNC, and SMA. As well as numerous types of RF/coaxial product, Intelliconnect offers high-spec multi-pin and electrical interconnect solutions as well as hermetically sealed product for higher pressure environments. All products are sealed internally and are therefore waterproof when unmated. Intelliconnect has a wide range of IP67 and IP68 waterproof connectors ideally suited to a vast range of harsh environment applications, including MIL/aero, SCADA, marine, medical, transportation, and oil & gas.

Amphenol Sine Systems’ ecomate Aquarius Waterproof Connectors supplied by AvnetAmphenol Sine Systems’ ecomate Aquarius Waterproof Connectors supplied by Avnet provide an IP67/69K waterproof rating when in a mated condition for industrial applications. These connectors incorporate the latest technology in high-impact thermoplastic design, offering advantages of lightweight, lower-cost, and sealed connector systems. ecomate Aquarius waterproof connectors are ideal for indoor/outdoor applications and the MIL-DTL-26482 based design provides a quick, reliable, 1/3 turn bayonet coupling. The pin and socket contacts are available on reels, in strip form, for high volume, low cost, automatic machine terminations.

Lumberg’s Series 03 circular connectors provide the fastest assembly solution on the AISG (Antenna Interface Standards Group) market, with the most innovative 360° shielding, minimum number of components, hassle-free processing of the braided cables, and the only ratchet feature offering tactile feedback during installation. The Lumberg circular connector 033200 according to AISG specification C485 helps reduce assembly costs. In addition, the quality of the assembly is raised by eliminating typical assembly errors, which can impact the watertightness immensely.


The industrial Souriau UTS series from PEI-GenesisThe industrial Souriau UTS series from PEI-Genesis features a ⅓ twist bayonet coupling and extreme sealing performance. Souriau UTS is available in 5 shell sizes and 30 insert arrangements. A high-seal Souriau UTS version is available offering extreme sealing performance in unmated and mated conditions and compatible with MIL-DTL-26482. Connectors are mated with an audible click and tactile feel to confirm proper mating and connection which eliminates uncertainty and reduces time and labor during installation. These waterproof sealed connectors are ideal for power, mining, railway, automation, instrumentation, telecom, and lighting applications. IP68/69K in mated and unmated conditions.

M23 Industrial Signal and Power Connectors from Smiths InterconnectM23 Industrial Signal and Power Connectors from Smiths Interconnect offer the transmission of signals, data, and power safely using just one connector in a compact and robust design. The series is mainly used for connecting electrical drives and industrial automation applications. They are very easy to handle and operate. IP67 sealing.


The Hirose Electric LF seriesThe Hirose Electric LF series rugged and space-saving metal shell connectors are sealed to IP67 and 68 for waterproofing and are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. The easy bayonet locking system assures secure vibration resistance and a wide range of variations (including power/signal hybrid designs) and provide ideal interconnect solutions for industrial machinery applications.

The 9715 Series from KYOCERA AVXThe 9715 Series from KYOCERA AVX are branch connectors designed for easy attachment of additional parts for automobiles by use of pliers. This product enables the main wire harness to branch into the electrical component side when attaching the additional parts. Any part of the main wire harness is available to branch, which contributes to great workability. By combining a unique housing lock structure with sealant materials, the new connectors meet the waterproof protection standard IPX9K. It has cleared the evaluation based on the North American automobile standard USCAR-2 and the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization JASO D616.

Molex SMA ConnectorsMolex SMA Connectors are high-performance subminiature connectors for microwave frequencies. The threaded coupling ensures uniform contact of the outer conductors, which enables the SMA to minimize reflections and attenuation at higher frequencies while providing a high degree of mechanical strength and durability. Molex has a wide range of designs including high-performance optimized SMA connectors, operating to 27 GHz.

Amphenol Communications Solutions’ Waterproof USB Type C with IPX8Amphenol Communications Solutions’ Waterproof USB Type C with IPX8 performance supports a variety of protocols such as USB 2.0, USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 3.2 Gen 2 and meets high speed communication and power delivery (20V, 5A). Waterproof Type C has strong IP performance and unique IP technology to ensure each part meets the high quality of waterproof performance. Features include high-speed transmission up to 40 Gb/s, power rating up to 100W, reversible plug and cable orientation, and all-in-one simplicity.

Cinch’s new IP68-rated connectors, supplied by Powell ElectronicsCinch’s new IP68-rated connectors, supplied by Powell Electronics, offer industry-leading waterproof performance for underwater applications in MIL/aero, transportation, oil & gas, marine, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). They are waterproof in an unmated condition.



Rectangular EN4165 Modular connectors from NicomaticOptimus Rectangular EN4165 Modular connectors from Nicomatic are sealed and meet the EMI requirements of this standard. Lighter and more compact than its circular equivalent, D38999, the EN4165 is the solution of choice to get out of the box and connect your equipment in the most severe environments.


IMS Connector Systems offers waterproof NEX10IMS Connector Systems offers waterproof NEX10, 4.3-10, FAKRA, TNC, N-Type, BNC, SMA, QLS, 7/16, switches, and more. Protection against water, splashing water, spray, fog, etc. is particularly important for the connectors, as component failure would severely affect the entire system. Accordingly, there are no compromises in terms of quality and reliability in IMS designs. Customized solutions that go up to IP68 classification and standard series are available in the corresponding IP classes (IP67 and IP68).

SCHURTER’s 6080 IEC C14 connectorSCHURTER’s 6080 IEC C14 connector with mating C13 V-Lock power cords for protection against dust and water ingress features an IP54 rating between the inlet and power cord and an IP67 rating between the connector and the appliance. The 6080 inlet is IP54 under load when mating with its blue latching V-Lock power cord. Rated 10 A/15 A (IEC/UL) at 250 VAC.

Fischer ConnectorsFischer Connectors’ worldwide reputation for sealing technology and expertise comes from the first high-quality sealed connector developed in the 1950s for industrial applications by the Swiss-based company’s founder Walter Werner Fischer. The choice for a waterproof connector may not be as straightforward as just choosing an IP68-sealed solution. Not all ingress protection IP68 ratings are equal. For some connector suppliers, IP68-rated can mean as little as 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Fischer Connectors has some of the toughest IP68-rated connectors in the industry, tested up to 20 meters for 24 hours (or more on custom designs), and designed to withstand extreme conditions in harsh environments. Key features include IP68 sealing -2m/24h mated and unmated, high corrosion resistance (salt mist, sterilization, chemicals), compliance with multiple data-transfer protocols (USB 2.0, USB 3.2, Ethernet, Single-Pair Ethernet, Audio/UHD Video), and lightweight and compact solutions. The IP68-sealed Fischer FiberOptic FO1 single-fiber connector used in SRS Fusion unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) can go down to a depth of 1,000 feet (305 meters) to deliver sonar and sensor data, plus HD video, at gigabit speeds during small-boat scientific explorations. Some Fischer Core and Fischer UltiMate connectors offer IP69, an additional sealing level defined to protect an envelope from intense water jets for a short duration (typically for high-pressure cleaning).

The Amphenol Sine Systems’ DuraMate series, supplied by Chief EnterprisesThe Amphenol Sine Systems’ DuraMate series, supplied by Chief Enterprises, is a family of environmentally sealed, multi-pin, heavy duty, plastic or metal circular connectors that provide an economical, quick-connect, bayonet-locking system specifically designed to withstand the harsh environment of off-road applications.

PRECI-DIP’s vertical integration allows for custom design of its spring-loaded contacts and connectorsPRECI-DIP’s vertical integration allows for custom design of its spring-loaded contacts and connectors to meet every customer requirement, including waterproof and sealed connectors. PRECI-DIP offers three kinds of custom technology: O-Ring, Flat Seal, and Potting, depending on customer need. A sealed spring-loaded connector has a strong advantage in docking stations in harsh environments. The waterproof and sealed design of spring-loaded connectors protects against environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and dirt. This makes them ideal for applications where the connectors are exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as in outdoor settings.



Waterproof Connectors from Cinch/Johnson ConnectorsWaterproof Connectors from Cinch/Johnson Connectors are RF jack and plug connectors consisting of a rugged design for harsh environments. All products meet industry leading IP68 standards. They are waterproof in an unmated condition and designed for underwater applications, including MIL/aero, transportation, oil & gas, marine, and Industrial IoT.

Axon’ has developed a IP68 sealed connector.Based on the MIL-DTL-83513, Axon’ has developed a IP68 sealed connector. This lightweight connector is waterproof after mating. It can be offered with the D-Click fast-latching system for an easy mating and de-mating.

400 Series Buccaneer supplied by RS400 Series Buccaneer supplied by RS is one of Bulgin’s most compact connectors within the Buccaneer range. It is ideal for designs and applications requiring a small footprint and sealed data transmissions. Taking a selection of great features and specifications from the larger Buccaneer family, the 400 Series Mini-USB condenses them into a compact form factor giving engineers greater flexibility. These sealed Mini-USB cable assemblies and panel mount receptacles are sealed to IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69K ratings when mated, providing ultimate protection from ingress of dust or water in commercial and harsh environment applications.

AMETEK Hermetic Seal’s Series 7000 connectorsAMETEK Hermetic Seal’s Series 7000 connectors offer versatility and reliability. Designed and tested to meet MIL-DTL-26482 specifications, these hermetically sealed circular connectors are used in the aerospace and industrial fields. They are used throughout the connector industry due to their versatility; a variety of mounting configurations are available, such as box mounting, solder mounting, and jam-nut mounting.

Greenconn AGZ Greenconn’s GT series waterproof connectors are designed with anti-loosening housing, providing a strong, reliable, and highly sealed wire-to-wire connection in heavy industries where the electrical system will be exposed to heat, impact, or vibration. These environmentally sealed connectors offer the designer the ability to use multiple size contacts, each with 13 amp continuous capacity. Thermoplastic housings offer a wide operating temperature range (-55 ℃ to +125 ℃) and silicone rear wire and interface seals allow the connectors to withstand conditions of extreme temperature and moisture.

EDAC E-Seal series now includes a complete range of waterproof options. E-seal uses a proprietary epoxy sealing process to seal the entire back of the connector rather than individual pins. This provides  complete sealing with an impeccably smooth finish and guarantees no water ingress as fully tested to IP67 standards. A full range of D-subs from DB 9 right through to a maximum of 78 positions are available. Standard and high density footprints are readily available in vertical or right angle orientations. Plating options vary from gold flash to 30u” of gold and include a wide variety of mounting options. Combo Power D-subs can carry up to 20 amps on the power pins. USB Type A and B wire-to-wire use quarter turn twist and lock over mold and O-ring for the perfect seal every time. USB Micro B saves valuable board space and provides maximum cable retention. Fully epoxy sealed at rear plus a custom O-Ring reliably seals the shell to panel. IP67 Waterproof HDMI cable connectors with quarter turn twist and lock over mold and O-ring provide for a rugged waterproof connection in all outdoor video applications.

SV Microwave Waterproof InterconnectsAmphenol SV Microwave offers a wide range of IP67 and IP68 waterproof interconnect products designed to withstand rigorous environments and harsh elements. SV’s line of waterproof adapters include hermetically sealed connectors to 1 x 10-8 cc/sec, making them ideal for high pressure, vacuum applications and the prevention of liquid or gas leakage. Ingress Protection ratings are used to specify the environmental protection of enclosures and casings around electronic products.

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