RF and Coax Connector Product Roundup

By AJ Born | March 21, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights RF and Coax connectors from leading suppliers.

RF and Coax Connector Product Roundup

Avnet’s new 6791 series wire-to-board connectors for coaxial cables enable Designed to simplify the connection process, Avnet’s new 6791 series wire-to-board connectors for coaxial cables enable simple termination with one press. Expanding the proven-reliable IDC (insulation displacement connector) from signal/power transmission to high frequency transmission field up to 6 Ghz, the IDC contact pierces the jacket and insulation of the cable and makes direct contact with the strands and conductor of the wire at the same time. 

MHF 7S from I-PEX fully-shieldedThe MHF 7S from I-PEX offers excellent EMC performance with fully shielded design, ideal for 5G mmWave applications. Features include VSWR 1.5 max at 15 GHz in a small 2.0 x 2.0 mm footprint, a unique shielded design (ZenShield) that reduces unwanted EMI found in 5G mmWave applications, and an industry-first stripline terminated signal pin inside the receptacle ground contact. MHF 7S is halogen-free, REACH- and RoHS-compliant.

Axon’ Cable designs and manufactures RF coaxial assemblies and microwave coaxial assembliesAxon’ Cable designs and manufactures RF coaxial assemblies and microwave coaxial assemblies with very low losses. For example, microwave coaxial assemblies working at a frequency of 50 GHz are characterized by optimized insertion losses at 2.45 dB/m and by shielding efficiency greater than 100 dB. Insulated with an FEP or PU jacket and terminated with coaxial connectors, the RF coaxial and microwave assemblies are easy to install. They are mainly used for measurement, radar, antennas, and surveillance systems. Axon’ Cable offers microwave coaxial cable assemblies designed to meet highly challenging environments. Mechanical protection can be added for a high level of crush resistance. Extra-flexible versions for high numbers of repetitive bends required for dynamic applications are also offered. Lightweight microwave coaxial cable assemblies are designed for avionics applications. For space applications, Axon’ Cable provides a range of RF cable assemblies up to 45 GHz which has been QPL-qualified by ESA according to the ESCC3408/003 specification.

Smiths Interconnect’s MDCX, multipin coax connectorsSmiths Interconnect’s MDCX, multipin coax connectors offer low VSWR of 1.25:1 (typ) up to 10 GHz (max mated pair), maximum overall diameter of 0.125″ fitted into low-profile micro-D housing, with constant 50 Ohm airline impedance. MDCX coaxial contacts are compact in size allowing multiple high density connections in a Micro-D style shell for applications where space and weight savings are important. No cumbersome spring mounts are required. These connectors are also available with locking post mechanisms or blind-mate hardware attachment.

San-tron’s high performance 2.92 mm field replaceable RF connectorsCDM offers San-tron’s high performance 2.92 mm field replaceable RF connectors. They are mode free and deliver low VSWR performance through 40 GH. The 2.92 mm connectors are inter-mateable with SMA and 3.5 mm connectors. The pin of the 2.92 mm male connector is shorter than an SMA or 3.5 mm male pin so that the bodies of the male and female connectors engage before the pin and socket contacts. This mitigates wear from mating misalignment found with SMA or 3.5 mm connectors. The new 2.92 mm field replaceable connectors are available in 3/8- and 1/2-inch square, 2-hole .550” flange, and 2 hole .625” flange configurations for 0.009”, 0.012”, and 0.020” launch pin diameters. Other mounting options may be available upon request. They feature high performance gold-plated beryllium copper contacts, polyetherimide (PEI) capture bead, polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) positioning bead and rugged stainless steel bodies. They fully comply with MIL-STD-348.

Amphenol RF BNC connectorsHeilind supplies Amphenol RF BNC connectors in a multitude of options. BNC connectors are miniature, lightweight, and reliable. 50 Ω to 75 Ω impedance designs allow customers to match impedance to system requirements. A full line of printed circuit board receptacles, bulkhead receptacles, reverse-polarity connectors, resistor terminations, and other accessories complement the product offering. The bayonet coupling mechanism provides positive, quick mating and un-mating. Connectors are available for military, industrial, and commercial applications.

JAE Wave-stack family of RF connectorsJAE has developed the Wave-stack family of RF connectors with optimized shielding performance and high frequency characteristics. These connectors have the superior high-frequency signal integrity and EMI shielding performance required in applications such as AiP (Antenna in Package) connections. Additionally, they feature high contact reliability, mating workability, and robustness, which are the common attributes of this WP series of board-to-board (FPC) connectors for internal connections.

EZ Form Cable, a Trexon company, is now stocking EZ-FLEX-86-LA .086” Low Loss Formable cableEZ Form Cable, a Trexon company, is now stocking EZ-FLEX-86-LA .086” Low Loss Formable cable. EZ Form can also support building custom cable assemblies. EZ Form Cable is an AS9100D certified manufacturer of coaxial cable, coaxial cable assemblies, RF connectors, and coaxial delay lines. EZ Form RF, microwave, and millimeter wave transmission line solutions offer proven performance for critical applications. EZ Form offers the raw cable in 250 ft. min. order and sample cable is available upon qualified request.

25-001-Q3-1-AH - N Type Solder Clamp Plug in white bronze from COAX ConnectorsAn RF connector, often referred to as a coax or coaxial connector, is an electrical connector designed to carry RF signals in a transmission line. RF connectors are typically used with coaxial cables and are designed to maintain the shielding that the coaxial design offers. RF connectors can also be mounted directly on a PCB to carry a signal to and from the tracks on the board, using a fastening mechanism such as thread, bayonet, or blind-mate, as seen on the  25-001-Q3-1-AH – N Type Solder Clamp Plug in white bronze from COAX Connectors. RF connectors also minimize the change in transmission line impedance at the point of connection in order to reduce signal reflection and power loss. By maintaining the shielding of the cable an RF connector will prevent external signals entering the circuit through electromagnetic and capacitive pickup. This allows the RF connector and cable to carry high frequency and high data-rate signals without interruption or degradation.

Greene Tweed’s extensive Seal-Connect electrical portfolio includes coax connectorsGreene Tweed’s extensive Seal-Connect electrical portfolio includes coax connectors that have been developed with over 30 years of experience. These coax connectors are designed for rugged downhole environments by using reliable, high-quality materials that can withstand up to 400 °F and 35,000 psi. These connectors are commonly offered in Arlon 2000 or Arlon 3000 XT with copper alloy contacts and have been used in many different applications across industries. Greene Tweed’s team of in-house design engineers offers custom or standard coax designs, which can be engineered to match customer specifications or purchased from existing designs.

SV Microwave's newest line of cable connectorsSV Microwave’s newest line of cable connectors and accompanying dust cap maintains the same rugged and durable style as its standard SMAs but is finished in black chrome to ensure a completely non-reflective finish. Available for .085 cable, this product line is ideal for military applications and provides excellent RF performance from DC to 18 GHz.


Nicomatic manufactures high frequency coaxial contactsNicomatic manufactures high frequency coaxial contacts for the most demanding applications. Contacts can adapt to different needs in terms of performance and compatibility with other components. They can be mounted on printed circuit boards (PCBs) with 90° mounting angles, straight through or straight SMT, for optimal integration with the circuit. They can also be mounted on cables with 90° or straight angles, for greater flexibility in use. Nicomatic’s team of experts designed these contacts to be used at high frequencies of up to 8 GHz on PCBs and up to 20 GHz on cables. This cutting-edge performance allows for faster and more reliable data transmissions. All measurements are done internally with the company’s VNA, which can measure up to 20 GHz. This ensures optimal performance and long-term reliability.

Trompeter Cinch Connectivity Twinax/Triax ConnectorsPowell Electronics supplies Trompeter Cinch Connectivity Twinax/Triax Connectors, manufactured to meet or exceed MIL-Specs governing twinax connectors, specifically MIL-STD-1553B for airborne and ground checkout and MIL-STD-1760 external stores. Trompeter Twinax/Triax Connectors protect data signals from extraneous noise through non-signal carrying shielding. These impedance-matched connectors improve the throughput and interference rejection of digital data transmission systems. The TRB/TRT series is available as miniature 2-, 3-, and 4-lug, and push-on twinax/triax connectors. TRB series connectors are all metallic parts with fully enclosed outer conductors and center contacts plated with 50µ” gold. The TRS/TTM series is a subminiature concentric twinax/triax connector for high density and weight reduction applications. These connectors are designed for blind-mate rack and panel applications.

Samtec’s full line of SMPM solutionsSamtec’s full line of SMPM solutions provide a maximum VSWR of 1.40 and frequency range of DC to 65 GHz. SMPM micro-miniature connectors are ideal in high-frequency applications where push-on coupling is preferred due to space limitations or blind-mate is required. Single-port and multi-port solutions are available. Multi-port ganged cable assemblies (GC47 & GPPC Series) use a .047″ low-loss flexible cable and an optimized latching system. The multi-port board-to-board system (GPPB Series) offers three board height options – 5.33 mm, 8.31 mm, and 12.70 mm – with full detent or smooth bore retention features. Cable-to-board, single-port SMPM solutions are available on .047″ (RF047-A Series), .086″ (RF086 Series) and Samtec-optimized low-loss flexible cable (RF23C Series) with optional End 2 connectors. SMPM board connectors provide surface mount, edge mount, and straight or right-angle through-hole terminations. Samtec offers a full line of off-the-shelf products for microwave and millimeter wave applications from 18 GHz to 110 GHz.

AirBorn’s SInergy offers OEMs a high-density, mini-modular hybrid solution in 1-5 configurable baysAirBorn’s SInergy offers OEMs a high-density, mini-modular hybrid solution in 1-5 configurable bays. With speeds up to 25 Gb/s per lane, SInergy is able to support Xaui (3.125), USB3.0 (15 Gb/s), and QSFP (30 Gb/s) applications. Exemplifying mil-grade resilience, SInergy is tested and qualified based on MIL-DTL-83513 performance requirements. Ideal for mil-aero, space, and industrial applications, SInergy’s 4 points of contact will handle a very rough ride. Configure your SInergy with interchangeable locking, jacking, or guide hardware with SMT signal termination in up to five interchangeable molded signal & SMPM RF insulator bays.

Rosenberger RF coaxial connectorsRosenberger carries a wide range of RF coaxial connectors. High-frequency connectors are used to connect printed circuit boards, cables and devices, enabling very high frequencies to be transmitted.  A consistent wave resistance (impedance)  maintained in the transmission system is crucial. The diversity ranges from miniature to large and even heavy connectors – these must always function reliably no matter how tough the conditions. Not only are the connectors essential for enabling existing and future technologies, they must be able to adapt to ecological and economic conditions, withstand ever-increasing transmission rates, and continually satisfy demands for performance and reliability. Such requirements apply across all sectors, whether communication, medicine, industry, automotive, consumer goods, or other high-tech applications.

Phoenix Contact offers a variety of coaxial cables and connectors for the transmission of WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE, and 5G signalsPhoenix Contact offers a variety of coaxial cables and connectors for the transmission of WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE, and 5G signals. Assembled cables are available in different lengths. Cables have a frequency range up to 7.25 GHz , which enables the use of high Wi-Fi 6 and 5G frequency bands.


Amphenol RF’s AUTOMATE Type A Mini-FAKRA quad-port jack to (4) SMA plugs or jacksTTI Inc. supplies Amphenol RF’s AUTOMATE Type A Mini-FAKRA quad-port jack to (4) SMA plugs or jacks Breakout Cables are designed on high flexible TFC-302LL cable. The AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA cables are constructed with compact, modular housing, and a quad-port configuration. These cable assemblies feature the automotive industry-standard snap-on interface on one end and a secure threaded coupling mechanism on the other. The AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA provides a space savings of up to 80% compared with traditional FAKRA connectors. The universal Z color coding and mechanical keying allow it to be intermateable with all other key codes. These cable assemblies offer high-performance up to 9GHz with secure and easy mating and un-mating. The pre-configured assemblies are well-suited for cameras and other high-bandwidth applications in the automotive and industrial space.

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