Waterproof Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | October 03, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights waterproof connectors from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

Waterproof connectors

Flexx-Sil cable jacketing from Cicoil, a Trexon CompanyFlexx-Sil cable jacketing from Cicoil, a Trexon Company, produces waterproof flat cables and flat cable assembly products. It features inherent water-repelling characteristics and produces superior water-resistant cables. Cicoil waterproof cables are impervious to immersion, high humidity, fungus, and damp operating environments, making them ideal for washdown, autoclave, and other wet applications.

Bulgin’s 6000 Series Buccaneer circular connectors, supplied by RSBulgin’s 6000 Series Buccaneer circular connectors, supplied by RS, combine the ease of use of a push/pull coupling mechanism with proven environmental sealing. Available with metal or plastic bodies, the range supports both data (USB and Ethernet), signal, and mains power. Designed and independently tested to IP66, IP68, and IP69K standards, they are ideal for applications where ingress of dust and water must be avoided and where ease of connection, space, and appearance are important considerations.

LEMO E-Series IP68 connectors from PEI-GenesisLEMO E-Series IP68 connectors from PEI-Genesis are used in military applications, medical devices, oil and gas applications, public sector, industrial control, and Test & Measurement environments. All models of this series are waterproof and watertight when mated and correctly assembled to an appropriate cable to give a protection index of IP68 as per IEC 60529 standard (IP66 in unmated condition). Self-latching IP68 connectors have stepped inserts for alignment (of multipole version) and rugged housing for extreme working conditions.

Binder 720 Series miniature circular medical-specific connectors from CDM ElectronicsBinder 720 Series miniature circular medical-specific connectors from CDM Electronics feature snap-in mating that provides IP67 waterproof performance. Available 60V-250V ratings and 2.0A-7.0A current capacity, along with an impulse rating of up to 2500V, allows these connectors to be used in a variety of patient treatment and monitoring equipment. Medical-grade PA (nylon) sure-grip bodies and gold-over-bronze contacts withstand the harshest clinical conditions and provide for a rating of >500 mating cycles. The 720 series is available as 5-12 contact arrangements with both cable and panel mount options.

MX80 Series from JAEThe MX80 Series from JAE is a family of compact waterproof automotive in-line connectors. They are miniaturized by design and ideal for use in areas where vehicle mounting space is limited. MX80 Series connectors support a varying wire size range for exceptional power and control. In addition, an IPX9K type is available for 4 positions.

MicroSpaceXS Waterproof connector platform from Amphenol Communications SolutionsThe unique design of the MicroSpaceXS Waterproof connector platform from Amphenol Communications Solutions meets USCAR-T2V2 specifications. These 1.27 mm pitch connectors come with a current rating up to 3A per contact making them ideal for higher power applications. MicroSpaceXS waterproof connectors are available in staggered pin and wire-to-wire flying configurations with tin or gold plating.

JPC’s M23 connectorsJPC’s M23 connectors feature sealing gaskets that prevent water and other contaminants from entering the connection point, making them suitable for use in harsh or outdoor environments. M23 connectors are commonly used in industrial, automotive, marine, and other applications where protection against water and dust up to IP67 is necessary. The connector also has locking mechanisms to ensure a secure and reliable connection that won’t come apart easily, even when exposed to vibrations or other mechanical stresses, along with an indicator to allow seamless connection. The M23 connector holds various UL and ISO certification while being RoHS compliant.

Lumberg’s new 360° shielded screw-type circular connectorLumberg’s new 360° shielded screw-type circular connector was developed in response to assembly requirements in the field and to assist manufacturers targeting high volumes for pre-assembly. A highly innovative shielding mechanism on the inside of the casing (registered for patent approval) makes it possible to compose the entire connector from a much smaller number of individual parts, which in return facilitates a much faster assembly process. The connector design eliminates typical assembly errors to ensure watertightness. Assembly, compared to conventional circular connectors, can be completed in 50% of the time previously needed. In addition to resistance to salt, dust, and UV rays, a special ratchet feature fitted into the metal casing – also patented – offers a tactile feedback to the installer and long-term vibration protection.

Greenconn’s wire-to-wire GT series connectorGreenconn’s wire-to-wire GT series connector has a waterproof and anti-loosening housing design that provides a strong, reliable, and highly sealed connection. Suitable for harsh environments, the single contact current of the press-in terminal can reach 13A, offering a high-performance and low-cost solution.

SV Microwave’s new line of bulkhead hermetic adaptersAmphenol SV Microwave’s new line of bulkhead hermetic adapters are hermetically sealed, panel mount connectors that can be used for “inside-of-the-box” applications that must withstand rigorous environments and harsh elements like water, dust, air, or the vacuum of space. Current configurations include SMA, 2.92 mm, SMP, and SMPM series.

ODU AMC Series T robust circular connectors supplied by AvnetODU AMC Series T robust circular connectors supplied by Avnet are waterproof in accordance with MIL‐Standard 810. They are available with three locking options (push-pull, break-away, or screw lock) and in two sizes (shell sizes 9 and 12). The cable connection can be created as an over-molded variant or with standard MIL backshells, and a protective cap prevents contamination and ensures the functionality of the connector.

EDAC’s E-Seal familyEDAC’s E-Seal family of D-subs, USBs, HDMI, inline wire-to-wire, and wire-to-board connectors expands the company’s offering to include a complete range of waterproof options. E-Seal uses a proprietary epoxy sealing process that seals the entire back of the connector rather than at individual pins. This provides for complete sealing with an impeccably smooth finish and guarantees no water ingress as fully tested to IP67 standards. A full range of D-subs from DB 9 right through to a maximum of 78 positions is available.

The Power Versa-Lock connector system from TE ConnectivityThe Power Versa-Lock connector system from TE Connectivity was designed to meet the rising demand for ergonomic, IP-rated, and miniaturized components. These connectors are a high-performing, wire-to-wire power solution with IP67 protection from water and dust. The space-saving 5.0 mm pitch design supports up to 15A and 600V AC. It utilizes tab and receptacle contacts to provide four points of contact for enhanced reliability. Additional features include terminal position assurance (TPA) accessories, keying and color options, a twist-and-lock cap designed for refrigeration applications, and optional connector mounting clips.

Axon’ Cable’s waterproof Micro-D rectangular connectorAxon’ Cable’s waterproof Micro-D rectangular connector is IP68 approved and meets all the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-83513, while delivering significant water and dust protection thanks to a three-lip fluorosilicone rubber seal. For a quick mating and demating without tools, Axon’ waterproof micro-D connectors can be mounted with the fast-latching system D-Click. See it in action here.

Fischer Connectors’ CoreFischer Connectors‘ Core, UltiMate, MiniMax, FiberOptic and Freedom product lines provide waterproof connectors designed to withstand extreme conditions in harsh environments. They feature IP68 sealing 20m/24h mated and unmated (up to -300 meters on custom designs), high corrosion resistance (salt mist, sterilization, chemicals), and compliance with multiple data-transfer protocols (USB 2.0, USB 3.2, Ethernet, Single Pair Ethernet, Audio/UHD Video). The IP68-sealed single-fiber Fischer FiberOptic connector used in SRS Fusion unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) can go to a depth of 1,000 feet (305 meters) to deliver sonar and sensor data, plus HD video, at gigabit speeds during small-boat scientific explorations. Some Fischer Core and Fischer UltiMate connectors offer IP69, an additional sealing level defined to protect an envelope from intense water jets for a short duration (typically for high-pressure cleaning). Due to the nature of their design, Fischer Connectors’ IP68 and hermetic receptacles are also sealed when unmated. The design of the panel-mounted receptacles prevents water ingress from the front of the receptacle, via the contact block, if left uncapped when unmated. Using protective caps when connectors are unmated is recommended, but if the sealed receptacle is uncapped when not in use, water is unable to enter the device from the front of the receptacle, avoiding potential damage, electrical failure and even injury. To provide additional protection from dust and debris, Fischer Connectors’ soft caps are intermateable and supplied with a lanyard.

Smiths Interconnect’s M23 connectorsSmiths Interconnect’s M23 connectors, equipped with the renowned Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology, are an ideal solution for applications that encounter rough and corrosion-prone conditions in the food and beverage, chemical, maritime, and medical industries. Smiths’ M23 cable connectors have been tested and qualified to meet IP68 sealing requirements for operation to a depth of 5 meters, over a period of 72 hours. These tests show that they are able to perform while preventing water ingress for a longer duration and to a greater depth than previously established.

The 9715 Series from KYOCERA AVXThe 9715 Series from KYOCERA AVX are branch connectors designed for easy attachment of additional parts for automobiles by use of pliers. This product enables the main wire harness to branch into the electrical component side when attaching the additional parts. Any part of the main wire harness is available to branch, which contributes to great workability. By combining a unique housing lock structure with sealant materials, the new connectors meet the waterproof protection standard IPX9K. It has cleared the evaluation based on the North American automobile standard USCAR-2 and the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization JASO D616.

HR30 series circular plastic connectors from HiroseHR30 series circular plastic connectors from Hirose feature a push-pull latching system that provides easy mate and unmate with quick connect & disconnect capability. It is ideal for sensor interconnection in industrial control applications. This compact connector is light-weight and available with IP68 sealing standard, ideal for use where water and debris are prevalent.

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