Medical Cable Assemblies Product Roundup

By AJ Born | April 23, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights medical cable assemblies from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

Medical Cable Assemblies

Avnet supplies circular MT optical cable assemblies from Molex.Avnet supplies circular MT optical cable assemblies from Molex. Today’s medical and industrial equipment generates vast amounts of data and requires optical communications to move that data at high speeds. These fixed pieces of equipment are not locked away in a data center. Instead, these machines are out on the hospital or factory floor and require a more robust connection than can be obtained with standard SFP/SFP+ style interconnects.

Lab Flex family of cables from Smiths InterconnectThe Lab Flex family of cables from Smiths Interconnect offers high performance flexible cable assemblies with the lowest insertion loss and highest frequency response when compared to other cables of the same diameter. They are designed with stainless steel connectors along with the strongest cable-to-connector termination of all the cable types. A wide range of diameters, protective coverings, and electrical options are available.

Nicomatic’s flat flexible cables (FFCs)Nicomatic’s flat flexible cables (FFCs) are adapted for microminiature electrical connections between PCBs and display boards and meet specifications in lamination, insulation, and laser cutting. They have shielding and grounding capabilities that create EMI protection adapted for medical environments packed with portable electronics.

Medical cables and cable assemblies offered by Axon’ CableMedical cables and cable assemblies offered by Axon’ Cable are designed to be flexible and withstand handling from the medical staff and patients. Biocompatible and sterilizable, they are used for applications including endoscopy, ambulatory equipment, patient monitoring, and diagnostics. They meet the requirements of the medical market for sterilization, biocompatibility, flexibility, and miniaturization and can be insulated with thermoplastic polymers (PVC, TPU, TPE) and other plastic materials. Axon’ Cable also uses silicone or thermoplastics to manufacture assemblies designed for autoclave sterilization. For a better protection against contamination, Axon’ Cable has incorporated the technology of silver ion micro-flux into its Nosofree antibacterial cable assemblies. This technology allows for inhibiting the growth of microbes.

The highly flexible flat cables from Cicoil (a Trexon company)The highly flexible flat cables from Cicoil (a Trexon company) provide absolute reliability and uninterrupted operation for medical applications. In addition, these Class 1 clean room rated cables are 100% contaminant free and the unique, crystal-clear Flexx-Sil rubber jacket allows for quick, easy, and safe inspection of the entire flat cable. Cicoil’s solid, one-piece design can incorporate any variety of data, power, and video conductors in a single, compact flat cable profile. The cables can also include every type of electrical conductor, as well as single and multi-lumen tubing for air or liquid transfer in the same cable, making them an ideal solution for automated clinical diagnostics, blood screening, microbiology specimen transfer, DNA sequencing, cell imaging, and immunoassay analyzing systems. The proprietary Flexx-Sil jacket is also self-healing from small punctures and is impervious to long-term exposure to de-ionized water, alcohol, steam, UV light, radiation, humidity, temperature extremes (-65 °C to +260 °C), autoclave, and many chemicals.

The LEMO B Series from Powell ElectronicsThe LEMO B Series from Powell Electronics offers a modular, ergonomic, rugged, and reliable circular multipole connector for applications needing a quick and secure push-pull latching solution for protected environments, such as medical applications. Combined with LEMO’s in-house cable assembly expertise, this comprehensive interconnect solution achieves the most effective connection when reliability is the premier requirement.


Samtec Flyover® cable assembliesSamtec Flyover® cable assemblies are well-suited for medical applications that require high-density, high-bandwidth, high-performance solutions. They are popular in imaging applications such as CT, MRI, and PET scans, as well as high-resolution ultrasounds. Eye Speed® co-extruded micro twinax cable for differential pair designs eliminates the performance limitations and inconsistencies of individually extruded dielectric twinax cabling; it improves signal integrity, bandwidth, and reach for high-performance system architectures. The NVAC cable system incorporates the high density NovaRay® connector system, is rated at 112 Gb/s PAM4 per channel, is 40% smaller than conventional cable solutions (48 differential pairs per square inch), and is available with an optional rugged metal latching system. The NVAM board-level terminal strip is available in a fully shielded design that enables extremely low crosstalk (beyond 40 GHz) and tight impedance control.


Amphenol LTW’s FLOS+ K Series C Size connectorsAmphenol LTW’s FLOS+ K Series C Size connectors (shown) are multipole IP68 waterproof connectors that increase cable assembly outputs by more than 50% in less than half the time. FLOS & FLOS+ Series connectors provide a full-metal push-pull and break-away solution for data, signal, and power transmissions in indoor and outdoor environments. FLOS & FLOS+ Series offers high performance interconnection with its push-pull coupling mechanism, corrosion-resistant coating, and 360° EMI shielding at a cost-effective price. These push-pull connectors meet IP50/IP68 waterproof protection, and UL94V-0 flammability rating available in 1.5A to 35A current rating, 600V to 2400V working voltage, and -40 °C to 125 °C temperature range. Typical applications include non-invasive medical electronic equipment, military, testing, and measurement equipment.

The versatile TF-047 micro-coaxial cable from Times Microwave SystemsThe versatile TF-047 micro-coaxial cable from Times Microwave Systems packs professional-grade signal handling into a mere 1.4 mm diameter, making it ideal for demanding applications where space is at a premium. From medical devices to quantum computing, the TF-047 delivers low loss and wide bandwidth for flawless data transmission and reliable performance. Available in bulk or pre-assembled with various connectors, it is the perfect solution for tackling the toughest challenges without sacrificing size or speed.

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