2021 Sensors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | September 14, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights sensors from leading suppliers.

Sensor Products

I-PEX ESTORQ 100NMThe I-PEX ESTORQ is a torque sensor that can easily be incorporated into any device or application. It achieves compactness and weight reduction by the electrostatic capacity method. The ESTORQ is customizable with the ability to incorporate a built-in microcomputer into the sensor (available from Φ70×H24mm model). It is easy to use because it does not require an external amplifier to correct the torque value. ESTORQ positions parts closer to the drive part of each device, such as joints and links, enables detection of minor torque value that cannot be detected by the electrical current value of the motors or actuators.

Banner Engineering sensors from AlliedAllied Electronics & Automation supplies Banner Engineering’s photoelectric sensors. These non-contact sensors detect the presence, absence, or condition of objects, equipment, or processes by emitting a visible or infrared light and detecting changes in the received light pattern. There are three main types of photoelectric sensors including through beam (opposed, through-beam, sender-receiver), retroreflective (reflective), and diffused (proximity, prox) modes that are used in industrial manufacturing, packaging, and food and beverage production. The SM312DQD is a compact, high-performance sensor with 18 mm threaded lens or side mount. All sensing modes are available, with ranges up to 30 m. This sensor is suitable for registration mark detection, carton on conveyor, clear film web break, baggage handling, and bottle conveying applications.

Axon Cable sensor solutions

Axon’ Cable offers multiple solutions for sensors: cables for sensors, assembly of the sensor to the cable, and integration of mechanical and electronic components. Axon’ supplies extension and compensation cables for thermocouples with thermal properties to either facilitate or reduce the transmission of heat. These cables are usually made with two soldered wires. The temperature difference between hot and cold junctions creates a measurable voltage. Axon’ cables are offered with different kinds of conductors including nickel alloy/nickel chrome, iron/constantan, copper/constantan, copper/cupronickel, copper/copper alloy, nickel chrome/constantan. They can be insulated with different materials able to resist temperatures from 196°C to +1050°C.


Casco Universal coolant sensor from WaytekThe Casco Universal Coolant Level Sensor 1035100001-001 from Waytek is ideal for use in heavy trucks and passenger vehicles, as well as construction, marine, and industrial applications. This sensor is compatible with ethylene glycol and extended life coolants. Discrete outputs reduce interface development time. It has standard 1/4-18 NPT mounting thread size and can be mounted in any orientation in plastic or metal reservoirs. The Casco Universal Coolant Level Sensor works in temperatures from -40°C to 125°C. 20 Max PSI. Output of .95-1.45 VDC in fluid, 3.75 – 4.25 VDC in air, and input of 4.75-5.25 VDC max 12.5mA.


Magnetic proximity sensor from C&KThe ruggedized magnetic proximity sensor from C&K improves remote monitoring with rugged and flexible options for non-contact position and proximity detection in a wide range of applications. C&K has expanded its offering of magnetic proximity sensors to enhance flexibility and reliability in tough environments. Featuring a ruggedized aluminum housing and a stainless steel cable, the MPSR Series provides unmatched sensing in dirty environments. With an operating life of four million actuations, the sensor offers reliable and accurate remote monitoring despite dirt, dust, oil, grease, water, and other potential contaminants that would degrade performance of other sensor assemblies. The addition of Form C switching provides two outputs that can be toggled to offer additional feedback capabilities. Enabling quick, easy, and cost-effective installation in any environment, the MPSR Series is ideal for automotive, factory automation, industrial, IoT, security, and other applications.

LEMO’s NIM-CAMAC CD/N 549 standardFor many years LEMO has participated in the evolution toward more and more complex and high performance equipment in order to achieve the research objectives of CERN and other nuclear research establishments. The result is a range of miniature coaxial connectors (50 Ω) with a push-pull self-latching system, the LEMO 00.250 series. These connectors now form the basis of LEMO’s NIM-CAMAC CD/N 549 standard. The plugs and sockets of the 01 series are among the smallest available 50 Ω coaxial connectors with a self-latching intermating capability. Despite their small size and light weight, their technical characteristics remain excellent. Available in a wide range of housing configurations, they are especially useful when connecting onto printed circuit boards. The LEMO 00 series and 01 are now used in many areas such as sensors, telecommunications, medical equipment, and space research.



VULCON M12 stainless steel circular connectors from NorCompVULCON M12 stainless steel circular connectors from NorComp deliver a dependable long-term solution designed to offer microbial protection and corrosion resistance for extreme environments. Many include industrial controls and automation such as remote process sensors, robotics control systems, ruggedized networking, and power conditioning systems. Applications include industrial machinery, medical, energy, and food processing plants. These upgraded M12 connectors are multifaceted and easy to clean.

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