Connectors for Audio, Video, & Broadcast Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | June 29, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors for audio, video, and broadcast applications from leading suppliers.

Connectors for Audio, Video, & Broadcast Applications

Neutrik NC3 MX audio connectors at AlliedAllied Electronics & Automation supplies Neutrik X Series XLR cable connectors. The Neutrik XLR cable connector is easy to assemble with only four parts and no screws. The compact design features a sturdy, long lasting, and durable zinc diecast shell; a fiberglass reinforced hard plastic insert; and chuck-type strain relief for secure clamping of all cables. A boot with rubber gland protects against bending stresses. Colored rings and boots are available for coding and marking. For use in audiovideo applications.


Kings Cable for audio video applicationsCDM Electronics supplies Kings-Win 0345 Series push/pull RF broadcast connectors. The Kings-Win RF and microwave product line specializes in interconnect solutions for the broadcast, military, aerospace, commercial air, and telecommunications markets. The Kings 0345 Series DIN 1.0/2.3 75-ohm cable plugs, now sold under the Kings-Win brand from Winchester Interconnect, feature a self-locking push/pull interface that provides an audible snap and solid tactile engagement when mated. The 0345 Series cable plugs are available for all popular broadcast cables, including Belden 1855A, 1505A, 1694A, 179DT, and Argosy Image 360.

BERNIER JCC series audio connectorsBERNIER jack connectors are used all over the world for audio communication onboard aircraft and for communication between ground teams and pilots. Audio applications include onboard equipment, accessories, and radios. Equipped with two, three, or four contacts, BERNIER’s JCC series complies with the MIL-J-641 and MIL-P-642 norms and is RoHS and REACH compliant. The product is available as a long or short plug, and panel-mount receptacle. For added convenience, BERNIER also offers extension, plastic or neoprene caps, and insulating bushings and washers.


Smiths M12 Series audio video connectorsSmiths Interconnect’s M12 Series connectors provide a single complete solution for safe, reliable, and efficient communication in industrial environments. The compact and robust design incorporates Hypertac hyperboloid contacts for ease of use and unparalleled reliability. The M12’s comprehensive sealing properties deliver uninterrupted signal integrity by keeping out dust, moisture, dirt, and oil that can corrupt the connection. The design features a unique side-loading contact retention system for positive contact retention and a simplified assembly process. This approach makes the product series user-friendly and reduces assembly times. Within a common housing design, the M12 series includes insert options from three to eight ways, with both crimp and solder contact terminations available. Smiths Interconnect’s M12 connectors are ideal for communication applications, including gigabit internet network on-board, factory automation, drive motors, machine tools, robots, conveyor systems, handling machines, and elevators. They feature outstanding EMI protection through a full 360° screen connection. A complete range of standard options and accessories are available.


Lumberg 1503 video audio connectorsLumberg’s 1501 13 jack chassis socket according to JIS C 6560 JC25J3A is 2.5 mm, 3 poles/stereo, angular version, with metal collar, for printed circuit boards. The 1503 26 jack chassis socket according to JEITA RC-5325A JC35J4A is 3.5 mm, 4 poles/stereo, potted and with sealing towards mounting plate. It is rated IPx7 and available in an angular version for printed circuit boards and surface mount technology (SMT).


preci-dip MAN PACk RADIO connectorPreci-Dip’s spring-loaded connectors are used to transmit data, audio, video, and power, mainly for use in aircraft docking stations. Customers can request the first mate/last break feature to secure the connection for a longer power blade or signal pin. Also available is Preci-Dip’s 14 ways connector for a MANPACK Radio. Preci-Dip specializes in spring-loaded contacts with standard design and spring-loaded contacts with an integrated clip. With its in-house production lines, Preci-Dip can customize products easily and quickly, giving designers great flexibility.


JAE 2 BNCO audio connectorJAE’s BNC0 Series 12G-SDI BNC connector is standardized by SMPTE/ITU (SMPTE-STD-2081-1, 2082-1) for 4K/8K broadcast connection. It is compact, lightweight, and provides superior impedance matching. The miniaturized shell allows for reduced soldering time (e.g., pre-heating time). The insulator has adopted heat-resistant resin to prevent thermal deformation during mounting. Improved mountability is achieved with pre-soldering on the shell terminal in four areas. Pre-mounting to the PCB with a standard screw (M2.6) allows for improved soldering work. A lowerplate cut-out allows for convenient post-mounting inspection. JAE’s BNC connector guarantees 5,000 mating cycles.


Norcomp 685 series audio video applicationsNorComp’s 685M Series Coaxial D-Sub mixed layout, right-angle connector accommodates a variety of applications for communications and networking. Contacts come pre-loaded. NorComp’s coaxial D-sub is available in five standard shell sizes with 11 multiple mixed-layout contact arrangements and allows for the combination of signal and coaxial contacts in cable mount, vertical board mount, and right-angle board mount termination type variations.


Samtec BNC7TSamtec offers a 75-ohm BNC solution with an exclusive low-profile, right-angle design that is optimal for high-volume manufacturing and exceeds 12G-SDI performance requirements for broadcast video systems. Samtec’s 75-ohm, right-angle BNC (BNC7T-BM Series) has increased surface area to ensure proper vacuum sealing, while weight modifications ensure balance during pick-and-place onto the printed circuit board. BNC7T-BM is extremely low profile, 10.15 mm (.400”), enabling increased density in broadcast video designs. Performance passes 12G-SDI, SMPTE ST-2082-1 requirements by better than 10 dB out to 12 GHz.


Amphenol NEXUSPEI-Genesis supplies waterproof audio connectors for defense applications from Amphenol NEXUS Technologies. These audio circular DIN connectors, plugs, and jacks are qualified to MIL-DTL-55116 standard and are widely used in defense and commercial applications such as military and commercial radio systems, and intercom systems for ground, vehicle, airborne, and naval communications. The audio plugs and receptacles are waterproof and polarized. They offer excellent performance for use in audio frequency circuits at 60 volts maximum potential or 0.5 amperes maximum current. The connectors utilize either crimp sleeve or solder cup contacts. In-line audio connector plugs and receptacles in this series are designed with a wire strain relief.


BizLink USB 3BizLink’s USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Combo Active Dongle connects headphones or speakers to the USB-C port of a computer or smartphone. It includes digital audio conversion which provides ultra-high-quality audio to analog (up to 32bit/384kHz). Features include digital audio codec to support stereo class-G headphone output, ultra-high quality audio specs (SNR: 124 dB; THD+N: -95 dB), and digital audio (384kHz, 32 bit). BizLink’s adapter supports CTIA- and OMTP-type headsets. Its compact design makes it easy to stow and transport.


ITT Cannon XLR11C audio video connectorITT Cannon features a broad range of XLR connectors that are used in a wide variety of audio OEM applications. The XLR connector was invented by Cannon and the term XLR has become standard for this type of electrical audio connector, used primarily in professional audio, video, and stage lighting equipment. The circular design has between three and seven pins. XLR connectors are typically associated with balanced audio interconnection, including AES3 digital audio, but have other applications in, for example, lighting control and low-voltage power supplies. XLR connectors are covered by IEC 61076-2-103, an international standard for dimensions. ITT Cannon’s XLR connectors offer a rugged design to withstand extreme field use, a resilient socket insulator that minimizes vibration and electrical noise, and a quick disconnect latch lock. They are interchangeable and intermateable with XLM-PCB.


LEMO SMPTE audio video connectorLEMO developed the 3K.93C Series connectors in the early stages of HDTV, and they have become the standard video connector for high-definition TV. LEMO’s 3K.93C is one of the only connectors that complies fully with SMPTE, ARIB, and EBU standards for both signal and cable. The LEMO 3K.93C connector uses two single-mode fiber contacts, two high-voltage contacts, and two signal contacts. Cable drums and cable assemblies with standard lengths are available off the shelf. The rugged stainless steel outer shell of the LEMO 3K.93C connectors ensures a very long product life, when properly cleaned. The fiber optic contact can last many years with simple maintenance. The optical contacts are accessible for fast cleaning and an optional simple, lightweight, and portable fiber inspection unit helps the user view the condition of the fiber optic contact to ensure reliable operation. The advantage of using epoxy and polish contacts is the reliability of the termination and longevity of the connector to assure a quality signal transmission. These contacts are very robust and can withstand wide outdoor temperature variations. Read about LEMO’s 2020 Technology and Engineering Emmy Award for Standardization and Commercialization of Television–Broadcast in recognition of its 3K.93C Series SMPTE hybrid electrical and fiber optic camera cables and connectors.


Amphenol ICC audio video connectorAmphenol ICC’s USB 4 Gen 3 Type C connectors are compatible with the Thunderbolt 4 interface and combine power charging, tunneling USB, PCIe data transfer, and DP video and audio capability in a single Type C connector. With a power rating up to 100 W, these connectors have a high-speed data transmission rate of up to 40 Gb/s. The USB 4 connectors are ideal for applications in storage, laptops, tablets, docking, peripherals (monitor/display, projector), automotive infotainment, home entertainment, and more. The USB4 Gen 3 Type C connectors support 4K UHD 60 Hz display and feature reversible plug and cable orientation with all-in-one simplicity.


Schleuniger CoaxStrip 6380Connectors for audio, video, and broadcast applications often include coaxial cable connectors and Schleuniger’s CoaxStrip 6380 coaxial cable stripping machine can easily process the cable in those applications. The CoaxStrip 6380 is a fully programmable multistep stripping machine for coaxial, triaxial, and multiconductor cable as well as single-conductor wire. Very fast cycle times, multiple steps with freely selectable stripping sequence, cable diameter verification, cable-end detection, and automated cable retraction functions guarantee high precision and reliability. With Schleuniger‘s standardized S.ON user interface for simple programming, a sample programming library, and 1,000 program memory, this machine is ideal for low-volume, quick-changeover applications as well as high-volume production runs.


Cinch CSS Fibreco junior audio video connectorThe Cinch-Fibreco junior expanded beam fiber optic connectors have been designed for use in harsh environment applications including military tactical communications, outside broadcast, petrochemical plants, mining, and offshore systems. The connectors are terminated using an epoxy-polish ferrule termination process with standard fiber optic termination tools and equipment. The terminated ferrules are simply inserted into the expanded beam housing and fixed in place via a spring and cover-plate. Ferrule alignment to the lenses is achieved automatically by the unique optical arrangement developed and patented by Cinch-Fibreco. If the connector suffers severe damage in use, the connector design enables replacement of the expanded beam insert, connector front body, and grip ring without re-terminating the fibers. The junior expanded beam connectors offer high performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, combined with a simple termination process that allows for rapid in-field termination and repair. Singlemode and multimode options are available. The connectors are field-terminable using standard termination tools and equipment, as well as field-repairable.


Axon’ Cable offers connectors and cable assemblies for challenging applications. The company can engineer hybrid circular connectors, which accommodate a mixture of power (1A max per contact) and coaxial cables, along with regular signal wires, all in one nano miniature body. Continuous miniaturization in electronics makes it challenging to route different signals through very small connectors. Although these miniature hybrid connectors are smaller than a coin, they are resistant to vibration, high temperatures (+150°C), and a high number of mating cycles. They are available in metric thread or breakaway versions with a built-in spring to secure the connection. Fast connection and easy keying between multiple connectors make them much easier for the operator to use. On racing motorcycles, they have transmitted high-quality video images of up to 4K (12G-SDI) in Grand Prix races.


Amphenol RF MCX FLCAAmphenol RF has added cable assemblies designed on Belden 4855R to its 12G MCX product series. This 75-ohm assembly is available in a right-angle plug to right-angle plug configuration in a wide range of standard lengths, from six inches to three meters. 12G MCX cable assemblies are suitable for multiple broadcast video applications, including high-definition cameras and video playback modules. The MCX connector series is a robust micro-miniature interface with broadband capabilities with 75-ohm optimization up to 12 GHz. These products feature a secure snap-on/snap-off coupling for quick and easy mating and are manufactured from brass with gold plating. They offer reliable electrical performance up to the limits of the cable type. Their compact size along with the flexible cable type make them suitable for broadcast applications where there are space constraints. In addition to MCX, Amphenol RF’s BNC series and miniature HD-BNC interface offer a robust selection of 12G-SDI connector, adapter, and cable assembly options. They are all engineered for data transfer rates up to 12 Gb/s, which enable the transmission of high-resolution uncompressed video signs. 12G products are commonly used in 4K and Ultra-HD applications that require miniature and high-density sub-miniature package sizes.


Coax Connectors audio visual connectorsCOAX Connectors Micro BNC 75-ohm straight crimp plug is a true 75-ohm plug designed for Full HD 1080p applications and general use up to 12GHz. With gold-plated center contact and annealed crimp zones, these connectors offer a long-term durable solution for HD and UHD broadcast, telecom, HD CCTV, instrumentation, and similar audio video applications that require high performance in a high-density package. They are suitable for use with Belden 1855A and similar cables in group EF and use standard USA crimp tooling. The unique patented coupling nut allows the use of a special tool to disconnect the connectors when they are closely mounted. Tested to beyond 12GHz and exceeding the requirements of SMPTE ST 2082-1, these connectors are used in Full HD 1080p (3G), HD-SDI, and are fit for Ultra HD 4K (12G) applications. With a diameter of only 7.8 mm, mounting density is increased by four times when compared with a standard BNC.


Amphenol Sine HPT seriesHeilind supplies Amphenol Sine HPT Series power connectors and accessories. HPT is an extension of the popular HP Series. The innovative HPT series brings significant design improvements. It is fully plug-compatible with the original industry standard products and is easier to use, featuring a patent-pending cable clamp with lock design safety feature. HPT Series power connectors can be plugged or unplugged under load and are IP65 rated. Safety keying features are built in, eliminating risks of mis-mating associated with other brands. Audio video applications for HPT include entertainment and broadcast lighting, LED video walls, stage power distribution boxes, and loudspeakers.


Neutrik opticalCON DragonflyNeutrik’s opticalCON DRAGONFLY cable is a pre-assembled female male SMPTE cable with two lensed single-mode ferrules and four copper pins. DRAGONFLY is more robust, reliable, and easier to maintain than common hybrid camera signal transmission systems. With technology based on fiber lenses and fusion splicing, Neutrik’s DRAGONFLY achieves an extremely robust signal with minimal loss. The optical connection is exceptional well protected against dirt and dust by its lenses and an additional sealing cover. The cable connector comes pre-assembled. Spare parts are available as single components as well. Suitable chassis connectors are NO2MW-XP and NO2FW-XP. Watch DRAGONFLY in action here.


METZ CONNECT ASP045METZ CONNECT’s spring clamp terminal block product family features terminal blocks that are based on an electrical connection established by clamping an individual stripped conductor by means of a spring. It is suitable for solid wires and multi-stranded wires with a nominal cross section of 0.08 – 2.5 mm² and permits direct clamping without preconditioning of the conductor, direct clamping with splice protection, and indirect clamping via an end sleeve or pin cable lug.


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