Modular & Custom Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | June 14, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights modular and custom connectors from leading suppliers.

Modular & Custom Connectors

PCI, a Trexon company, specializes in filtered and un-filtered audio and power connectors as well as the manufacture of a wide range of adapters for band and overmold applications. With more custom connectors on current military radio systems than any other U.S. manufacturer, PCI’s experience in the design of EMI/RFI connector solutions has earned the company its reputation as the go-to specialty connector design and manufacturing source for the TacCom industry. In addition, PCI is a QPL U.S. manufacturer of MIL-DTL-55181 and MIL-DTL-55116 power and audio connectors.


ITT Cannon’s MOVE-MOD series utilizes a range of snap-in modules that enable a variety of contact layouts and the ability to deliver power, signal, and data in the same connector. Featuring a unique ultra-secure bayonet coupling mechanism with secondary locking, MOVE-MOD’s circular form factor minimizes weight and footprint size. Tool-free assembly and installation makes it extremely quick and simple to work with. MOVE-MOD provides IP67 environmental sealing and its RoHS compliant ruggedized plating options include Blue Generation (T240) and Black Hard Anodized (T89).


Amphenol Pyle-National’s LMD/LMS Modular Connectors offered by PEI-Genesis were designed to provide flexibility in the assembly of wire harnesses that are used in instrumentation and avionic control environments. The design of the LMD Modular Connectors provides a rack and panel or cable-to-cable attachment and allow an in-line splice using the same modules. Used in aircraft, railway, and heavy equipment applications, the module options provide a mix of active and passive devices within one connector. Several features and options contribute to the flexibility of these connectors, including LMD Standard components that are molded from a UL-rated 94VO flame retardant, lightweight thermoplastic material or an alternate white nylon material for resistance to industrial oils and solvents; plug and receptacle housings that may be front or rear panel mounted; and an optional keying post that provides six position keying capability.


Stäubli’s CombiTac, stocked by Powell,  is the latest generation of modular connectors for manual and automatic connecting with up to 10,000 mating cycles. The new user-friendly, tool-free click-and-connect modular connector system is assembled in the simplest and most time-saving way. The outstanding quality and long service life of CombiTac help to achieve high productivity and lower maintenance cost with maximum operator safety. Modular CombiTac connectors are ideal for a variety of applications in automotive manufacturing and testing, railway, e-mobility, transport, and aerospace. They also serve many purposes in healthcare, food and packaging, energy, and broadcasting.


The Teledyne Reynolds Hi/MateD Series of high voltage insertable/removeable contact assemblies are rated at 13.5 kVDC and are designed to fit into a subminiature-D (Sub-D) connector 8 gauge insert cavity. The Hi/MateD contact assemblies are fully compatible with low voltage signal, coaxial, fiber optic, and power contacts in the same Sub-D connector. These contact assemblies are independent high voltage connectors, and do not rely upon the dielectric properties of the Sub-D insert.


JAE’s KN01 Series is a large yet lightweight and high-density waterproof rectangular connector. With a customizable insert structure, the KN01 can comply with various pin counts by configuring the different insulator blocks, for use in a wide range of applications. The rack and pinion system locking lever enables mating and unmating with minimum effort. The KN01 Series can be used as an I/O connector for a wide range of general devices over various markets requiring multi-contact wiring.


Allied Electronics & Automation supplies HARTING’s Han-Modular series, designed for combining different transmission media in one connector. The multifaceted system of inserts, contacts, frames, hoods, and housings as well as accessories fulfills individual customer requirements with more than 100 modules to choose from. These are suitable for different transmission media and cover various termination techniques. The patented Han-Modular hinged frame enables the configuration of all modules in the Han hoods and housings.


Axon’ Cable has developed Versatys power connectors with removable contacts and dismountable versions to make the integration with customer equipment much easier. Based on micro-D technology, Versatys connectors (MMC) are an ideal solution for weight and space saving, delivering greater flexibility for space applications. They offer similar power performance to a D-subminiature power combo, but in a significantly smaller size, toolless mating in under one second, and quick and toolless swapping and reconfiguring of lines; a removable power line option is available. Versatys is guaranteed to withstand 500 mates.


The P 136 from Lumberg is a modular chassis socket, 8p8c (RJ45), upright, with full shielding and flange, for printed circuit boards. P 136 features a temperature range of 0°C/+70°C, 750 mating cycles, and insertion/withdrawal force of 60 N. Contact resistance is ≤ 40 mΩ, rated 1.5 A and 125 V, with impulse voltage of 500 V.


Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ C-ENX product line of connectors, designed to EN4644, is the next generation aerospace connector. C-ENX connectors allow optimized stacking of connectors and thereby reduce space compared to circular connectors. Their modular configuration reduces rework and complexity because the same panel cut-out is used on all variations and the same shell cavities for all inserts. Configurations are available for signal, power, data, RF, and fiber.


Phoenix Contact offers tailored device connections and electronics housings. From the initial idea through to the realization of the final connection or housing solution, Phoenix Contacts’ many years of experience guarantees that each new development will meet the stringent market requirements to shape the innovations of tomorrow. For special designs or complex electromechanical system solutions, Phoenix Contact will develop a tailored product using processes that have been proven many times over.


Smiths Interconnect L Series ConnectorsKensington Electronics Inc. supplies Smiths Interconnect L Series Connectors. These high density, modular, rack & panel connectors include coax and high current contacts up to 200 A. The L series is used in demanding applications where the environment requires durability, ruggedization, and extended operating life. Utilizing Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology, the interconnects offer high mating cycles (up to 100,000) combined with low insertion and extraction mating forces, as well as unsurpassable immunity to shock and vibration. This modular building block system enables custom connectors with large numbers of contacts to be configured into a single frame. The user is capable, therefore, of selecting and customizing the connector to meet the exact requirements with off the shelf components and shortened lead times.


LEMO’s E Series connectors are customizable, watertight (IP68), and self-latching with stepped multipole inserts for alignment using rugged chrome-plated brass housings for extreme working conditions in applications such as military, medical devices, oil and gas, public safety, industrial control, and Test & Measurement environments. The E Series has over 22 shell styles.


ept offers reliable, press-fit options tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Strip thicknesses from 0.4 to 1.2 mm and 206+ pin counts are available, as well as extremely robust, resistant connectors that can withstand temperatures of up to 150°C. A variety of coatings and materials (including tin, silver, gold, indium, palladium, and a variety of high-performance alloys) are available. ept has in-house electroplating lines as well as several sites of production. Individually developed and manufactured, ept’s press-fit customized male connectors are already relied on by automotive transmission, seat, airbag, and engine controllers, as well as adjustable mirrors, power window units, and radar sensors. Customizations made to personalized requirements can also save space and reduce overall costs.

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