FFC/FPC Connectors for Automotive Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | September 07, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights FFC/FPC connectors and cable assemblies for automotive and other applications from leading suppliers.

FFC/FPC Connectors and Cable Assemblies

Allied Electronics & Automation supplies Molex’s line of FFC/FPC connectors. Ideal for tight-packaging applications, these connectors come in various pitch options and include features to meet a wide variety of space and usage needs for applications in all markets. Molex’s FFC/FPC connectors are available with push and flip-style actuators, which are pre-assembled covers that secure the connection between the FFC/FPC and the connector terminals. Molex is continually developing lower-profile and higher-density versions to meet the downsizing needs of electronic equipment makers.

I-PEX Evaflex connectorThe EVAFLEX 5-SE-G VT vertical mate, 0.5 mm pitch shielded FFC/FPC connector from I-PEX has a one-handed auto-locking feature and accommodates high-temperature (125℃) and high-speed applications. The one-handed operational auto-lock design is ideal for hand or robotic assembly. The connector is designed for high-speed transmission with grounding contacts (4+ Gb/s V-By-One). The horizontal mate type uses same FFC option as EVAFLEX 5-SE-G HT. Application examples include front view cameras, LiDAR, radar, car navigation, audio systems, inverters (control units), and heads-up displays.

GCT FFC/FPC connectors for automotive applicationsGCT’s range of FFC/FPC connectors is designed to meet the cost-conscious demands of a user’s design. The refreshed product range has been developed to accommodate a wide variety of applications at a competitive price point.  As a popular option over other wire-to-board solutions, the flat flexible cable (FFC) and flat printed circuit (FPC) connector range from GCT is designed to reduce cost and improve manufacturing processes and efficiency. GCT offers a range of FFC and FPC connectors in 0.3, 0.5, and 1.0 mm pitches, horizontal and vertical orientation, and numerous locking styles. All are zero insertion force (ZIF) designs. Connectors accept FFC which GCT can also supply in 0.5 and 1.0 mm pitches.

https://www.hirose.com/product/series/FH63SHirose has launched a shielded flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector with its patented single-action flip lock technology. The FH63S Series FPC connector features a ground pin to work with the shielded FFC for advanced EMI prevention and optimum signal integrity. The 0.5 mm pitch FH63S Series FPC connector supports HDMI 1.4a, USB 3.0, Embedded Display Port 1.3, and V-by-One HS protocols. This connector combines easy insertion (13N) with easier activation of the single-action flip lock and a high retention force (19.5N). An insertion tab enables users to visually inspect the status of insertion, ensuring 100% insertion for rugged and reliable performance. For greater reliability in harsh environments, the FH63S Series FPC connector has a rugged two-point independent contact spring design in addition to the single-action flip lock with a clear tactile click. The single-action lock also eliminates risk of latch damage during the assembly process. With an operating temperature up to 125° C, the FH63S Series is used in a wide range of automotive applications.

Axon Cable Bulk FFC cableAxon’ Cable offers a complete range of flat cables and assemblies, including bulk flat flexible cables that can be installed in switch rotary connectors for airbag systems, as well as printers and computers for consumer electronics. They are used for special machines or board-to-board connections and are supplied on the reel or as ready-to-use harnesses for any application where flexibility and space reduction are required. Other FFC options include cables designed for board to board interconnections, flat cables with round pins, and flat display connections. Axon’ Cable also offers customers the ability to design flat flexible cables to meet their specific application needs.

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