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The 2020s

We are in a decade of astonishing innovation. For years, Connector Supplier has watched electronic components become faster, lighter, smaller, more flexible, and more powerful. The result: In the 2020s, designers have the tools and infrastructure needed to connect our world in incredible ways.  

We’re excited to see how the Internet of Things, 5G, automation, and battery innovations will give us new solutions in medicine, transportation, energy, and every other market. More efficient, productive, safe, green, and connected societies are becoming possible through connected technologies. Check in with us every Tuesday to see how connectors, cable assemblies, sensors, and antennas are changing our world.

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Features include:

  • Market-focused features that showcase connections in action
  • Technical and how-to features
  • Perspectives from around the world and across multiple industries
  • Industry news and updates
  • Emerging technology and new product updates
  • Research spotlights on Bishop & Associates’ latest industry reports

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Our Story

President Ron Bishop launched ConnectorSupplier.com as part of his commitment to help connector manufacturers, along with OEMs and contract manufacturers, build a stronger industry. ConnectorSupplier.com has grown from a circulation base of 20,000 to more than 40,000 for our family of e-publications, including Connector Supplier Feature News, Product Showcase, Connector Specifier, Build-A-Connector, and market-focused e-books.

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