New eBook Covers Connectivity Solutions for Difficult Conditions and Locations

By AJ Born | March 14, 2023

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Our latest eBook, 2023 Harsh Environment / Remote Locations, highlights the challenges of developing connectivity solutions for use in severe conditions and hard-to-reach locations. Engineers and designers must account for factors such as shock and vibration, dust, water, chemicals, radiation, and other hazards when choosing the right components for high reliability and long life, while balancing cost and other performance factors.

In addition, this eBook features an array of relevant connectivity products designed for harsh environment and remote location applications. Contributors include Axon’ Cable, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, EDAC, ept connectors, Greene Tweed, Interstate Connecting Components (ICC), Mouser Electronics, Phoenix Contact, Powell Electronics, Samtec, Smiths Interconnect, TE Connectivity, and Teledyne Reynolds.

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Please enjoy this edition, the first of three 2023 eBooks. Our next eBook, Connectors on the Move: Automotive & Transportation, will be available in June 2023. This collection will explore the role of interconnects in all aspects of automotive and transportation applications, from engine and drivetrain to EVs to in-cabin systems for passenger vehicles, fleet vehicles, heavy equipment (agriculture, construction, two-wheeled transport, fleet vehicles), as well as commercial air and rail.

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