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Building trusted connections

Confidence comes from knowing with absolute certainty that the choice you made is the right one. We at Phoenix Contact understand the value of confidence. Our expertise spans a wide range of applications so that you can make power, control, and network connections with absolute confidence. Whether your connection is on a printed circuit board, through an enclosure, or to a field device, you can trust Phoenix Contact for consistent quality, reliability, and high performance—every time.

Power reliability

Bringing power to your device can mean milliamps and millivolts or hundreds of amps and volts. Whatever your need, Phoenix Contact offers fixed, pluggable, and through-panel solutions to bring your products to life. Our solutions cover applications from indoor IP20 to harsh IP67-rated environments.

Control versatility

At the heart of any automated process is the need to monitor inputs and control outputs. Whether an application requires several hundred points or just a few, connectivity of those points is critical to the system’s ultimate success. Phoenix Contact offers proven internal and external connections for control equipment.

Network performance

Smart devices and intelligent networks rely on both copper and fiber-based connector technology.  Future-proofing your physical layer connectors, cable assemblies, and 19” rack-mount systems enables performance for today and IIoT needs of tomorrow. In any application, our connection technology offers fast and secure data transmission.

About Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact develops and manufactures industrial electrical and electronic technology to power, connect and automate equipment in a wide range of industries. Learn more about our comprehensive range of products for device connectivity on our website.


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