Fiber Optic Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | February 13, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights fiber optic interconnects from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.


Fiber Optic Interconnects

The FO-BD7D optical pluggable outdoor connector from JAEThe FO-BD7D optical pluggable outdoor connector from JAE can be assembled onsite. The optical module is embedded in the FO-BD7D plug to address common thermal issues. This also allows field technicians to mate and assemble the optical harness while safely on the ground rather than assembling on the installed base station. In contrast to the FO-BD7 Series, the FO-BD7D Series is compatible with an LC duplex connection. It is possible to attach the general-purpose LC harness to the connector rather than a custom harness, making it more convenient to use.

The Souriau 8D ELIO Series supplied by PEI-GenesisThe Souriau 8D ELIO Series supplied by PEI-Genesis is a flexible 38999 circular option for fiber optic termini. Designed around a robust 2.5 mm ceramic ferrule, with insertion and retention held stable by a bayonet locking mechanism, they are simple to use and terminate. These connectors are used by Airbus A380, A350, and A330 for fiber-based communications. With the ELIO fiber optic termini, the connection is sealed from the rear side without a backshell or grommet, covering layouts from 1 to 25 ways in all types of material shells. In the female insert, the termini are flushed to the insert surface, thus making it easy to inspect and clean the fiber optical end-face, compared to the traditional dust-collecting socket design. Fiber optic termini are also keyed to better withstand vibration and for optical performance repeatability. The same termini part number can adapt tight or loose structure cable. These contact extensions are ideal for the aerospace, defense, marine, and industrial markets.’s VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects provide rugged, high-density performance with high-speed data rates and scalability. With a flexible standard that can be adapted to meet the needs of various applications, they support  up to 24 optical channels per connector (48 with 2 MT ferrules). The VITA 66 standard is compatible with the VPX (VITA 65) standard, providing seamless integration with other VPX components. Nicomatic offers full support services for its VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects, including design assistance, manufacturing, and testing. VITA 66 optical backplane interconnects are ideal for a wide range of applications, including aerospace and defense, medical imaging, telecommunications, and industrial automation.

Powell Electronics offers TE Connectivity’s VITA 87 Mil Circular 38999 fiber optic interconnectPowell Electronics offers TE Connectivity’s VITA 87 Mil Circular 38999 fiber optic interconnect product line, which offers a much higher density MIL circular fiber optics option that is more aligned with industry architecture needs. New architectures require considerably higher density to fit into industry standard card slots. These products will also be a part of global VITA and SOSA standards, ensuring supply and enabling customers to confidently design this product into their next-generation systems.

Amphenol LTW offers a variety of fiber optic adaptersAmphenol LTW offers a variety of fiber optic adapters which allow terminating fiber optic cables to be coupled together. Available in LC and SC types for outdoor applications that meet high speed transmission requirements.



Avnet supplies Molex LC2+ connectorsAvnet supplies Molex LC2+ connectors that feature the industry’s only metal housing. These connectors provide high-density design and robust housing that streamlines installation and maintenance in rugged environments.



AirBorn’s Space-Rated Active Optical Cable (SAOC)AirBorn’s Space-Rated Active Optical Cable (SAOC), built on the company’s proven high-speed verSI connector platform, exemplifies all the benefits of fiber with the ease and reliability of copper. SAOC operates four channels at 12.5 Gb/s per channel ― 50 Gb/s aggregate. Radiation-hardened and non-outgassing components are used throughout the assembly to assure complete reliability. Optimizing size and weight factors in the design, SAOC is ideal for spaceflight and the extreme conditions that come to bear during a launch.

Fiber Optic Extreme from Greene TweedFiber Optic Extreme from Greene Tweed was developed for use in extreme environmental conditions found in downhole and defense applications. This optical connection system  ensures data transmission when exposed to extreme pressures and extreme temperatures and is capable of withstanding operating pressures of 20,000 psi or temperatures up to 302 °F (150 °C).

Fischer FiberOptic SeriesWith its miniature, circular, push-pull design, the Fischer FiberOptic Series from Fischer Connectors enables device design for all sorts of indoor and outdoor environments – from defense, security, medical, and instrumentation, to robotics and Test & Measurement applications. Fischer FiberOptic solutions feature butt-joint optical contacts for high optical performances (0.2 dB/connection) with optimal design enabling precise lateral alignment and reduced insertion loss; single mode for long-distance applications (around 120 km) and in multimode for short-distance runs (3-5 km); multi-mode with UPC polishing (ultra physical contact); single mode with UPC and 8° APC polishing (angled physical contact) for ultra-low back reflection optimizing return loss. Tested for harsh and extreme environments according to Norm IEC 61753-1 Cat. E, these fiber-optic cabled connectors are unbreakable by hand, sealed up to IP68 mated (IP67 unmated) -2m/24h and -300 m (1,000 ft) for the single fiber optic connector, have gas-tight panel receptacles (<10-6 mbar l/s), and resist corrosion (1,000 hours of salt mist, Brass Ni-Cr plated) and operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. Easy cleaning (with water), maintenance, and replacement are made possible with the ergonomic and user-friendly push-pull design, featuring ball-locking mating with ‘click’ proof, and a monoblock removable sleeve holder that supports in-field end-face cleaning and provides easy access to ferrules.

Phoenix Contact splice boxesPhoenix Contact splice boxes ensure continuously reliable real-time data transmission. With their compact and uniform design, the splice boxes for DIN rail and 19″ mounting provide ample interior space for the secure connection of fiber optics. They offer maximum protection against the effects of EMI and ESD, maximum flexibility during installation with different mounting options for the DIN rail adapter of DIN rail versions, and shorter installation time in the field with preassembled versions for fusion splicing. With a tested temperature range of at least -25 °C to +70 °C, they are reliable even in harsh environments. The intuitive front-panel operation and clear control cabinet layout feature uniform Phoenix Contact design.

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