Sealed Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | February 20, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights sealed connectors from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

Sealed connectors

Amphenol LTW Ceres Series connectors are environmentally sealed, IP66 ~ IP68 rated waterproof, rugged, and cost-effective circular connectors, available in plastic and metal shell. Our Ceres connectors provide a comprehensive size range and variety of mating styles such as screw, lock bayonet, and push-lock to meet various harsh environments and are suitable for both power and data applications. Ideal markets are transportation, marine electronics, industrial automation, outdoor broadband wireless access, LED lighting, construction machines, heavy equipment, etc.


JAE’s new MX80 seriesJAE’s new MX80 series is a high performance, miniature sealed connector system for the automotive market that combines miniaturization with high performance. Every aspect of the MX80 design has been scrutinized and conventions challenged. The starting point were the terminals inside. The engineers considered many aspects, such as spring geometry, current handling, mechanical locking, wire size, crimp optimization, damage prevention, test probe access, installation and removal, operating temperature range, as well as sealing and vibration performance. Detailed consideration was given to moulding design, material selection and assembly. Tested to automotive specifications USCAR 2/21 and LV214; 2-, 3-, and 4-way inline (wire-to-wire) connectors are available.

PEI-Genesis supplies ITT Cannon D-Subminiature connectorsPEI-Genesis supplies ITT Cannon D-Subminiature connectors, known for their D-shaped metal shield and two or more parallel rows of pins or sockets. These high-reliability, environmentally sealed connectors come in standard, high density, double density, and combo-D layouts. D-Sub connectors are often the most economical solution to any interconnect problem. Many are rated to be comparable to MIL-DTL-24308. They are ideally suited for both commercial and industrial applications ranging from network and communication ports to satellites, medical equipment, and transportation.

Amphenol Communications Solutions’ single-pair Ethernet (SPE) connectorsAmphenol Communications Solutions’ single-pair Ethernet (SPE) connectors bring direct Ethernet connectivity to peripheral devices like sensors, actuators, and vision system cameras that operate at speeds up to 1 Gb/s. SPE eliminates slow, expensive, and complex fieldbus protocols and connections by simplifying and standardizing existing and new industrial network systems. Amphenol’s IP67 rated SPE connectors have a circular M12 size form factor with push-pull positive latching. Robust panel-mount receptacles are available with right angle and vertical PCB tails or solder cups for discrete wire termination. When mated with the field terminable plugs, a completely sealed, shielded interface is provided, rated up to 4A supporting PoDL (Power over Data Link) up to 1 km when using 18 AWG single pair cable.

REP Series environmentally sealed plastic connectors from Smiths InterconnectREP Series environmentally sealed plastic connectors from Smiths Interconnect are easy to use for quick mating. The REP panel and cable connectors are a highly cost-effective interconnect system, which solves the constant need for simple and reliable connector solutions in rail applications. A full plastic solution offered in either wire attachment or PCB mounting options to provide rapid assembly installation without requiring additional mounting hardware. Cable receptacle connectors are available to mate with the cable plug connectors for cable-to-cable solutions when needed. The series is qualified to French and European rail standards. The connectors are available as one overmolded plastic part to save assembly time.

The IBIC (ISOBUS Implement Connector) from Powell Agricultural SolutionsThe IBIC (ISOBUS Implement Connector) from Powell Agricultural Solutions is the perfect solution for connecting implements to tractors in the ISO 11783-2 protocol for the electrical connection of agricultural vehicles. Made from several different non-corrosive materials, the IBIC’s unique design ensures survival in the harshest environments. Where necessary, this connector is field repairable. If any damage occurs, this part is can be replaced extremely easily, even in the field by the tractor operator, reducing downtime to a minimum. It is equipped with two built-in water and moisture barriers, achieving IP69 in mated position.


TE Connectivity's AMPSEAL 16 connectors supplied by AvnetTE Connectivity’s AMPSEAL 16 connectors supplied by Avnet are designed for off-road, heavy-duty industrial, recreational, and agricultural transportation applications. With an operating temperature of up to 150 °C, the range is suitable for extended on-engine, after-treatment, and powertrain applications. The AMPSEAL 16 connectors are sealed connectors offering rugged reliability and preventing moisture and dirt from contaminating connections.


Lumberg circular connectors with threaded joint M16Lumberg circular connectors with threaded joint M16 includes a wide range of parts, 3-14 poles, with and without 360° shielding. These connectors offer compatible mating acc. to IEC 61076-2-106 and IEC 60130-9. Easy mounting is possible with solder or crimp technology. Protection degrees IP40 and IP68. Includes versions for 4G/5G mobile radio networks acc. to AISG.

COAX Connectors’ SMA end launch bulkhead PCB jackCOAX Connectors’ SMA end launch bulkhead PCB jack is IP68 un-mated (10m x 4 hrs). It has a bulkhead gasket and epoxy internal seal, suitable for soldering to a 1.57 mm thick PCB. Contact and body are gold plated. COAX Connectors designs and manufactures a wide range of IP68-rated RF connectors both male and female in most of the commonly used interfaces in standard form or bespoke designs and alternative surface finishes to suit specific customer requirements. COAX also offers a full design and manufacturing service for complete cable assemblies.

Amphenol SV Microwave offers a wide range of IP67 and IP68 waterproof cable assemblies and interconnect productsAmphenol SV Microwave offers a wide range of IP67 and IP68 waterproof cable assemblies and interconnect products designed to withstand rigorous environments and harsh elements. SV’s waterproof cable assemblies include O-ring sealed connectors to 1 x 10-8 cc/sec, making them ideal for high pressure, harsh environment applications and for the prevention of dust, liquid, or gas leakage. SV’s waterproof adapters include hermetically sealed connectors to 1 x 10-8 cc/sec, making them ideal for high pressure, vacuum applications, and the prevention of liquid or gas leakage.

Quick Lock USB 3.0 connectors by OmneticsQuick Lock USB 3.0 connectors by Omnetics are sealed inside a rugged, battlefield tested and proven IP67 housing to ensure users achieve the highest levels of reliability while meeting USB 3.0 high-speed digital expectations (up to 5.0 Gb/s). These connectors use a halogen-free cable jacket for environmental sustainability and support high IR reflow temperatures up to 255 °C while maintaining solder mount capability.

TYU’s TW2561 series is a wire-to-board waterproof power and signal connectorTYU’s TW2561 series is a wire-to-board waterproof power and signal connector with current rating of 25 amps and 2 amps respectively (under cUL guidelines). Cable side consists of both vertical and right-angle mating design. The maximum pin is two power pins and five signal pins; however, pins can be reduced based on request. All contacts are gold plated, allowing for up to 3,000 mating cycles. When mated, the connector meets IP67 waterproof rating. The high current capacity, IP67 waterproof level, and compact design makes this connector suitable in industries such as Industrial Robotics, LEV (Light Electric Vehicles), and Outdoor Lighting System. This connector is UL1977 certified for power connection at 40 amps (AWG 14) and signal connection at 5 amps (AWG 22).

RJFTV is Amphenol Pcd’sRJFTV is Amphenol Pcd’s main standard deviation from MIL-DTL-38999 series III with shell size 19. This tri-start thread coupling is the most resistant against shock and vibration. With the patented RJStop system, using a standard RJ45 cordset in a metallic plug will protect it from shocks, dust, and fluids. No hazardous on-field cabling and grounding. Options compatible with CAT 5E, CAT 6, and CAT 6A Ethernet speeds. Also available, bayonet style RJF connectors based on MIL-DTL-26482J with a shell size 18.

Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect brandAs a part of Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect brand, single pin and multi-pin connectors are custom designed thermoplastic feedthroughs that can withstand extreme environments. They provide secure, reliable power and signal transmission in rugged environments up to 35,000 psi and 260 °C (500 °F). They are injection-molded and designed to maximize electrical reliability and are most offered in Arlon 2000 or 3000 XT materials, with copper alloy contacts, unless otherwise specified. Multi-pin connectors are available in a variety of body types and pin counts, including bidirectional and bootable connectors.

Phoenix Contact’s M12 connectorsPhoenix Contact’s M12 connectors are the new standard in automation technology. M12 connectors with a push-pull fast-locking system guarantee secure, tool-free plugging, even in confined spaces and with a high cabling density. Versions with internal locking also enable compact housing designs. Rated to IP65/IP67 (when fully mated) and, like the existing M12 portfolio, push-pull housings are sealed with an O-ring, allowing the connector to be protected against dust, water jets, and temporary water submersion (when fully mated with a cable or connector). Unlike the fully threaded (non-push-pull) solutions on the market that often require the O-ring seal to be added as an additional manufacturing step by the user, these push-pull shells already have the O-ring installed.

Greenconn’s GA01 series waterproof connectorsGreenconn’s GA01 series waterproof connectors feature a compact and miniaturized design, which helps save PCB space. The housing is designed with secure lock mechanism to prevent mis-mating and disconnection. The reliable and robust contact design prevents any bending or deformity that might occur during mating, assembly, or transportation. With a 2 mm pitch, 2, 4, or 6 positions to choose from, compatibility with a wide range of cable sizes, and availability in inline and pin header types, these IP67-level waterproofing connectors are widely used in automotive and industrial applications as both a wire-to-wire and a wire-to-board connectivity solution.

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