D-Subminiature Connectors Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | May 28, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights D-Subminiature connectors from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

D-Subminiature connectors

Amphenol's high power D-Sub connector with 75A current ratingAmphenol’s high power D-Sub connector with 75A current rating is available in cable (solder/crimp) and board versions and conforms to UL1977 spec (T-Rise at rated current below RTI value of housing material). D-Subminiature connectors are an industry standard for applications requiring robust and reliable connectors, and they are one of the most popular input/output interconnects, addressing a wide variety of applications in Telecommunications, Data, Consumer, Industrial, Military, Instrumentation, and Medical.

The Glenair Series 28 HiPer-D connector from AvnetThe Glenair Series 28 HiPer-D connector from Avnet is intermateable and intermountable with standard M24308 type D-Subs, and meets the need for improved performance in hostile environments. Unlike standard M24308 connectors with stamped steel shells, the HiPer-D is precision-machined from aluminum or stainless steel. The dielectric inserts are made with thermoset epoxy for improved resistance to chemicals and are capable of withstanding 200 °C continuous operating temperature. Aerospace-grade fluorosilicone grommets and face seals provide watertight sealing. Integrated grounding fingers provide superior electromagnetic compatibility. The HiPer-D is available in every standard and high-density M24308 layout as well as combo layouts integrating power and shielded contacts.

D-Sub Series from JAED-Sub Series from JAE supports crimping, IDC, connection with solder, and types for board insertion that are compatible with each other in mating, enabling various connections when combined. The solid steel shell and trapezoidal polar connection entirely prevents reverse insertion. Available in compact rectangular connector with 5 standard shell sizes: 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50. In addition, special pin pattern connectors using special contacts such as coaxial are available.

Amphenol LTW D-Sub connectorsAmphenol LTW D-Sub connectors are developed in five different standard housings fit for standard/high-density pin contact and sealed for ingress protection up to IP68. The I/O connection system has been a common interface to electronic applications for a long time. These products are applied to nearly all markets and applications, from industrial control to telecommunications.

CarlisleIT’s D-Sub ConnectorsCarlisleIT’s D-Sub Connectors are space qualified and built with a planar design and machined shells capable of accommodating ferrite immobilization. The connectors meet all the requirements of MIL-PRF-24308 and MIL-PRF-83513. They can incorporate filtering plus transient voltage suppression and can meet DO-160 lightning requirements for aviation. The connectors are offered with the standard variations in mounting hardware, standard straight or right-angle contacts, and PCB, solder cup, and crimp termination.

ITT Cannon's ultra-diverse D-Subminiature portfolioFrom rocket launchers and satellite systems to flight simulators, portable medical equipment, and industrial machinery, ITT Cannon’s ultra-diverse D-Subminiature portfolio offers tens of thousands of configurations, including MIL-DTL-24308, standard to high density and double density layouts, fiber optic termini, sealed and Combo-D. The series is available with up to 104 contacts, crimp, fixed solder cup, PCB, cable-to-cable, and wire wrap terminations and is complemented by a wide range of shell materials and RoHS-compliant plating, making this Cannon invention one of the most widely used connectors in the world.

Positronic DD High Density d-subminiature connectors from PEI-GenesisPositronic DD High Density d-subminiature connectors from PEI-Genesis are rugged, flexible D-sub connectors suited for harsh and rugged environments, and are ideal for general signal use for industrial, mil/aero and spaceflight applications. They offer size 22, M24308 and M39029 machined contacts as well as wire, and right-angle solder or straight solder termination options. These high-density D-sub connectors meet performance requirements for SAE AS39029 and MIL-DTL-24308 Class M standards, with options for 15, 26, 44, 62, 78, and 104 contacts.

Phoenix Contacts’ CABLE-D-50SUB/M/OE/0,25/S/4,0M Phoenix Contacts’ CABLE-D-50SUB/M/OE/0,25/S/4,0M is an assembled shielded round cable. The wires are marked and fitted with ferrules. The braided shield is routed to a separate cable end. Connection method is D-Sub pin strip (1x 50-position). Cable length is 4 meters.


HARTING is re-inventing the versatile D-Sub conceptHARTING is re-inventing the versatile D-Sub concept with an easy to install coding frame, which is mounted on a cable connector and its counterpart at the device. Four different colors make it quick and easy to find the relating connection pair and the variety of 36 possible codings eliminate confusion and ensure that connectors will never be mismated. An absolute safe solution for measuring, communication, and control devices where a simple label or sign isn’t sufficient. Mechanical coding prevents damage from occurring and the associated repair costs and interruptions can be avoided. The codings can be used on all different styles of HARTING D-Sub connectors: standard, high density, mixed, or filter. Suitable plastic, metallized, or full metal hoods have a second slit and can be equipped with the coding frames without special tools.

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