Fiber Optic

One of the fastest growing product families, fiber optic connectors include single-mode, multimode, small form factor (SFF), multi-fiber, and a variety of application specific connector types, such as expanded beam, Mil-DTL-22876, and connectors for plastic optical fiber (POF). Addressing the need for higher speed, greater bandwidth and distance, reduced attenuation, greater security, and increased immunity to electro-magnetic interference, the number of connector manufacturers offering fiber optic connectors has increased drastically over the last decade. Connector types for either single-mode or multimode cable include FC, SC, and ST. Offering a ferrule that is half the size of the SC fiber optic connector, SFF fiber optic connectors include LC, MT-RJ and MU, while multi-fiber connector housings like the MT array type (MPO, MTP) allow up to 72 fiber connections in a single point, decreasing labor costs, and physical space requirements.
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