EV Charging Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | May 21, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights EV charging interconnects from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

EV charging interconnects

TE’s EV charging products, supplied by AvnetTE Connectivity leverages its deep expertise and cutting-edge technology to present a comprehensive range of electric vehicle charging products. TE’s EV charging products, supplied by Avnet effectively address the challenges faced by engineers and cater to the diverse requirements of both AC and DC charging stations on a global scale, regardless of their power levels or charging speed demands.

Temp-Flex high performance ribbon cable from MolexTemp-Flex high performance ribbon cable from Molex provides signal protection even in the harshest environments. This cable survives exposure to chemicals, high temperatures, abrasion, and flexure. Temp-Flex high-performance flat-ribbon cables are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of markets and applications, and they are ideal for IDT/IDC press-fit terminations and EV charging systems.

KYOCERA AVX 917X Series wire-to-boardKYOCERA AVX 917X Series wire-to-board connectors provide a robust, reliable, and efficient method to connect individual wires ranging from 12 AWG to 30 AWG directly to a PCB. The single-contact design can function as a standalone component. It provides our designers with access to IDC technology in an easy-to-use form factor, allowing them to bring power and signal to a PCB in a wide range of applications. Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) were developed to meet the harsh requirements of EV charging, as well as other automotive and industrial applications. These connectors have been tested to various levels of shock, vibration, and temperature cycling to prove their reliability and robustness.

Amphenol's IPC-M350 power connectorAmphenol’s IPC-M350 power connector is the largest and most powerful connector in the IPC-M product series. IPC-M350 is capable of housing two separate 350MCM (185mm2) contacts rated for up to 500A (UL rated) and 1/0 to 350MCM wire sizes. IPC-M350 is an ideal connector solution for battery interconnects, eMobility charging, and other DC power distribution applications. This connector is designed for wire-to-wire interconnects featuring multiple color-coded options with built-in keying features to ensure proper mating.

CHARX connect professional HPC DC charging cable from Phoenix ContactCHARX connect professional HPC DC charging cable from Phoenix Contact is shown here with cooled vehicle charging connector and cooled cable for charging electric vehicles with direct current (DC), and charging connector holder, with replaceable mating face frame, without panel feed-through. Suitable for use with CCS type 1, SAE J1772, and IEC 62196-3-1, 500 A / 1000 V (DC).

ept’s SMT Colibri connectorsSustainable longer-distance EV travel is on the horizon and ept’s SMT Colibri connectors are ready for the challenge. The Colibri 0.5 mm-pitch connector series has the flexible design needed to support the diverse range of computation to ensure optimization of charging speeds required for nearly every charging station, from slow charging to ultra-fast speeds. Colibri connectors are available for PCB spacing of 5- or 8-mm configurations and from 40 to 440 I/Os, as well as fitting the needs of both AC and DC charger types. With the new arrival of variants able to shoulder high speeds of 25+ Gb/s, the Colibri connector family meets the needs of e-mobility charging, now and into the future.

The KW11 from JAEThe KW11 from JAE is an electric vehicle (EV) charging connector compatible with the CCS (Combined Charging System) Type 1 electric vehicle fast charging standard and supports a rated charging current of 150A and 200A. The product is UL recognized as it has been tested to this standard and meets the associated rigorous product safety standards. The KW11 Series meets specifications that support requirements in the EV charging market in North America. The handle has a design that makes it easy to grip even while wearing thick gloves in extremely cold areas. The latch that secures the EV charging connector to EV inlets is reinforced with a metal core to prevent it from breaking, a common problem during field operation. As a safety precaution, a double insulation structure has been adopted to protect the live components inside the connector from water ingress, so short circuits can be prevented even if the exterior is breached or damaged in any way by unexpected accidents.

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