July 2024 New Connectivity Products 

By AJ Born | July 09, 2024

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

July 2024 New Connectivity Products

July 2024 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

Hirose has expanded its RJ45 connector offering to include the TM61P SeriesHirose has expanded its RJ45 connector offering to include the TM61P Series, a modular plug version that supports Cat 6A applications. Offering excellent EMI protection, TM61P delivers transmission speeds up to 10 Gb/s for high-speed applications, including those using ix Industrial cable assemblies. In addition to high reliability, the modular RJ45 plug connector is easy to assemble. The Ethernet connector operates at a maximum frequency of 500 MHz and is compatible with 24-26 AWG stranded wire. The TM61P Series connector is commonly used in automation, data centers, enterprise networking, telecom, Industrial Ethernet, smart manufacturing, healthcare, and gaming applications.

L-com and ShowMe Cables have added a variety of Bulgin connectivity productsL-com and ShowMe Cables have added a variety of Bulgin connectivity products, including power entry modules, circular power connectors, circular data connectors, push-button switches, battery holders, and fuse holders. These products are designed for harsh environments and most have ingress protection ratings of IP69K, IP68, and IP66. This makes them ideal for industrial, commercial, marine/wastewater, transportation, medical, agricultural and food processing, and other harsh environment applications. The circular data connectors are inline or chassis-mount and come in Ethernet or USB versions. They have either an IP68 or IP69K rating with waterproof wiring. Other advantages include a damage-resistant alignment feature and EMI protection for noise immunity.

Smiths Interconnect introduced Hypertac Green ConnectSmiths Interconnect introduced Hypertac Green Connect, a new lead-free and beryllium-free hyperboloid high-power contact technology for demanding applications. Smiths Interconnect’s advanced design of the original hyperboloid contact is aimed at solving the issue of power loss. Existing interconnect solutions suffer from significant energy losses due to high contact resistance. Hypertac Green Connect ensures optimal utilization of every kilowatt-hour of energy stored in the battery, enhancing overall efficiency and performance. Specifically tailored for battery systems market and related applications, this advanced hyperboloid contact design provides a robust connection capable of efficiently handling continuous currents of up to 500 amperes. The lower contact resistance of the Hypertac Green Connect technology reduces heat build-up allowing the contacts to handle greater current in smaller contact assemblies without adversely effecting temperature rise. The technology uses a set of socket wires, properly angled to form a hyperboloid-shaped, elastic and conductive sleeve. When the mating pin enters the socket, the sleeve expands around it, providing many lines of electrical contact with the mating pin, as opposed to a few “high spots” on a conventional contact. With the improved crimp design of the socket, an increased contact area is established between the contact body and the multi-stranded cable, contributing to the low contact resistance. Complete removal of beryllium and lead improves the safety of the manufacturing process and, for customers, and eliminates the eventual costly need for environmentally safe disposal. It also reduces overall compliance documentation requirements.

Smiths Interconnect's line of high frequency surface mount chip attenuatorsSmiths Interconnect’s line of high frequency surface mount chip attenuators now includes its new TSX Wire Bondable Fixed Chip Attenuator Series – a small, easy-to-implement, high-reliability product qualified for space and defense applications. The new TSX WB2 Series is qualified to MIL-PRF-55342 and designed to offer excellent broadband performance up to 50 GHz, while delivering increased power handling in a small 0404 wire bondable package. It allows wider coverage than traditional components while providing optimized return loss for multiple frequency ranges. Customers can use a single chip in multiple applications, reducing the bill of material (BOM) item count and cost of ownership. The series can be ordered in group A, B, or C testing based on MIL-PRF-55342. Qualification data is included with product delivery for program assurance. The chip attenuator design for mission-critical applications offers 1 to 3 watts of power handling performance and multiple attenuation values. The use of a robust, proven all-thin-film process technology on an alumina nitride substrate provides a product suitable for harsh environments.

Nicomatic, in collaboration with Radiall, launched the CMM SMPM-Series. This innovationNicomatic, in collaboration with Radiall, launched the CMM SMPM-Series. This innovation combines cutting-edge technology and avant-garde design to meet the needs for compactness and performance in the most demanding applications. The strategic partnership between Nicomatic and Radiall enriches the CMM range by incorporating the SMPM contact type, a standard known for its high performance. The key features of the series are high-frequency performance (up to 40 GHz), high-speed signal transmission (up to 50 Gb/s), high density (up to 10 contacts per row), and a compact and lightweight design ideal for limited-space applications, and an integrated secure locking mechanism for increased reliability and security.

The new XT 2.5 terminal blocks from Phoenix ContactThe new XT 2.5 terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact are the first to feature a front Push-X connection, allowing fast and easy wiring. The XT 2.5 portfolio includes feed-through and multi-conductor terminal blocks as well as function versions for using disconnect knives, plug-in fuses, and components. With Push-X technology, solid, stranded, or ferruled conductors and cross-sections can now be connected even faster, either manually or automatically. As one of the fastest connection technologies on the market, Push-X technology increases the efficiency of control cabinet wiring. The factory-opened clamping space further reduces installation time.  Direct wiring is carried out tool-free and without significant effort due to a pretensioned contact spring. Lightly tapping the release surface inside the clamping chamber sets off the contact spring, and the conductor is contacted safely and permanently. The force-guided actuating element and the acoustic click sound ensure a secure connection when the spring is released. Pressing the orange button frees the connected conductors, similar to Phoenix Contact’s popular Push-in technology. At the same time, the contact spring is pretensioned for the next wiring process. All Push-X terminal blocks are fully compatible with the standard Clipline complete terminal block system.

PEI-Genesis presents LEMO’s OPTIMA Series which includes F series and M series connectors. Designed for use in severe environmental conditions replete with electrical, mechanical, and environmental stressors, LEMO’s series meets a wide range of complex requirements. Extensive testing ensures its compliance in terms of chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties to suit the most varied and critical applications.

The new KYOCERA AVX 9169-000 Series single-piece wire-to-board card-edge connectorsThe new KYOCERA AVX 9169-000 Series single-piece wire-to-board card-edge connectors combine two field-proven solderless contact technologies that make it easy to establish high-integrity connections and deliver excellent electrical and mechanical performance: insulation displacement contacts (IDCs) for reliable cold-welded, gas-tight wire-to-connector terminations and beryllium copper (BeCu) compression contacts for high-reliability wire-to-board terminations. These new connectors also feature a locating rib for polarization to prevent PCB insertion errors, and board-locking latches on both sides to reinforce mechanical retention strength. The new 9169-000 Series is available with 2-10 contacts that are on a 2.5 mm pitch, equipped with gold or pure tin plating on the nose area, and designed to terminate 22–28 AWG solid or stranded wires and 1.6 mm-thick PCBs with gold- or tin-plated pads. It is also available with glass-filled, UL94 V-0 polyamide 66 (PA66) insulators in eight different colors. It is rated for 100VACRMS or the DC equivalent, up to 3A for variants with 2–6 contacts (U.S. UL), up to 2A for variants with 7-10 contacts, and 10 cycles in operating temperatures extending from -40 °C to +130 °C, and is UL approved. The 9169-000 Series is suitable for harsh environments and applications such as automotive, transportation, solid-state lighting, industrial, and consumer electronics.

Heilind Electronics is featuring the Hirose DF60FS SeriesHeilind Electronics is featuring the Hirose DF60FS Series right-angle crimp socket. This robust and high-current offering is a member of Hirose’s EnerBee power connector family developed for demanding applications including data centers, industrial machinery, and renewable energy systems. Key Features of the Hirose DF60FS Series include high-current capacity (supports up to 65A current rating), reliable connection (a secure 5-point contact and independent contact springs, as well as a tactile click when mated), safe installation (finger-safe electric shock protection), compact design (pitch of only 10.16mm), and simplified cable routing that saves valuable space in application designs. Rated current is up to 65A and rated voltage is 1000V AC/DC. Operating temperature range is -55 °C to +105 °C.

Chief Enterprises offers the HongFa HFV15/12-Z5ST-R(SAE J1171) ignition protected mini ISO relayChief Enterprises offers the HongFa HFV15/12-Z5ST-R(SAE J1171) ignition protected mini ISO relay with shrouded cover, as a replacement for Picker Relays mini ISO relays, which no longer have the Ignition Protection Certification.


Pasternack announced the launch of its new line of RF angled PCB connectors.Pasternack announced the launch of its new line of RF angled PCB connectors. This includes several connectors in different series that are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of RF applications. The new product line features 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, and 2.92 mm PCB and panel connectors, enhancing Pasternack’s existing portfolio, which traditionally included only straight or edge-mount connectors. These RF angled PCB connectors simplify development and testing and allow easy tapping of signals from PCBs. The RF angled PCB connectors comply with industry-standard interfaces, ensuring compatibility and reliability across a wide range of applications. They support frequencies from DC to 67 GHz, offering exceptional performance with a flexible, angled design. The new connectors are ideal for customers looking to simplify prototyping and streamline the process of tapping signals from PCB boards for testing.

July 2024 New Connectivity Products > Sensors and Antennas

Fairview Microwave launched its in-house, prebuilt gain horn antennas with coaxial adapters and an innovative cage-style mount.Fairview Microwave launched its in-house, prebuilt gain horn antennas with coaxial adapters and an innovative cage-style mount. The upgrades simplify mounting and enhance usability for RF engineers and technicians across various industries. The cage-style mount facilitates easy mounting and increases the versatility and flexibility of antenna setups. Whether for permanent or temporary installation, this feature ensures a secure and reliable setup, enhancing the product’s usability in diverse operational environments. The design minimizes signal interference, ensuring that the assemblies deliver optimal performance without disruption. By providing a complete package that includes the horn, waveguide-to-coax adapter, and mount, Fairview eliminates the need for customers to source individual components, saving time and simplifying installation.

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