Food-Safe Interconnects Product Roundup 

By AJ Born | March 19, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights food-safe interconnects from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

Food-Safe Interconnects

CDM Electronics supplies binder cable assembliesCDM Electronics supplies binder cable assemblies in a variety of preconfigured cable lengths and connector orientations. Cordsets feature standard M12 connectors for automated food and beverage processing, industrial automation, and manufacturing.

Phoenix Contacts’ cordsets and connectorsThe special hygienic design makes Phoenix Contacts’ cordsets and connectors particularly easy to clean. The use of stainless steel ensures complete protection against corrosion. Additionally, contamination can be quickly detected due to the light-colored molding and cable jacket. The demands placed on cordsets and connectors can vary depending on the area of application. Phoenix Contact offers versions for the three zones in the food processing industry: product contact zone, splash zone, and product-free zone.

Sager supplies Omron's B5W seriesSager supplies Omron’s B5W series, offering a range of sensor products for a variety of sensing requirements and applications, including ice detection in soda dispensers. The B5WC color sensor offers reliable detection of changes and differences in color that can contribute to the automation of equipment. The B5W-DB long distance diffuse reflective sensor has a variable sensing distance version capable of detecting objects up to over half a meter away. The B5W-LB light convergent reflective sensor can equally detect surfaces of dark, light, transparent, or reflective material.

HARTING supplies a range of connectors that are specially designed for the requirements of the food and beverage industry. HARTING’s pre-assembled Han F+B system cabling for the transmission of data, signals, and power is certified by Ecolab, meets IP67, is resistant to microbes, hydrolysis, UV, and ozone, and reduces interfaces and supports efficient M2M communications. Its smooth surfaces make it more difficult for bacteria to accumulate. The housing, seals and cables are robust; they protect the internal elements from water jets and aggressive cleaning agents.

Learn more about interconnects for clean environments.

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