DIN Rails and Terminal Blocks Product Roundup 

By AJ Born | April 30, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights DIN rails and terminal blocks from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

DIN Rails and Terminal Blocks

Altech printed circuit board terminal blocks from Powell Electronics

Altech printed circuit board terminal blocks from Powell Electronics provide highly dependable connections without the need for wire lugs. Choose either tubular screw clamps or box clamps when economy is paramount or screw-cage clamps for heavy-duty applications. In each case, simply strip and insert the wire and tighten the screw. The use of ferrules is recommended, especially for export applications and whenever fine stranded wires must be terminated.

The new XTV terminal blocks from Phoenix ContactThe new XTV terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact can accommodate the direct insertion of all conductor types: ferruled, solid, or stranded wires. The XTV series is the first product family to feature Push-X connection technology from Phoenix Contact. Push-X operates similarly to Phoenix Contact’s popular Push-in Technology (PT) but uses a preloaded mousetrap design that keeps the leg spring depressed. As a result, the technician only needs to apply enough force to unlatch the spring and directly insert any type of wire. In traditional PT, the technician completely depresses the spring, so it cannot accept stranded wires. The initial XTV product range includes three cross-sections: 6, 10, and 16 mm².

Avnet supplies TE Connectivity's BUCHANAN PCB terminal blocksAvnet supplies TE Connectivity’s BUCHANAN PCB terminal blocks featuring a variety of wire termination methods, including rising cage screw clamp and push-in clamp. The design of the terminal block connectors consists of one-piece board mount terminal blocks and two-piece plug connectors with mating straight and right angle shrouded headers. The board mount connectors and PCB headers are stackable end-to-end without loss of center line spacing.


KYOCERA AVX is an industry leader in DIN 41612/VME connectors.KYOCERA AVX is an industry leader in DIN 41612/VME connectors. DIN is an industry standard two-piece Euro-card board-to-board connector system on a 2.54 mm pitch. Developed in the late 1970s, it quickly became an industry-leading product in telecom, industrial, and military applications. At its peak, there were 50+ manufacturers of the DIN 41612. However, very few new designs are generated today. KYOCERA AVX remains one of the few manufacturers continuing to service these legacy programs.

Weidmuller USA introduces new Klippon Connect W2C and W2T RangeWeidmuller USA introduces new Klippon Connect W2C and W2T Range signal wiring and signal marshalling terminal blocks for complex production processes. The single- and double-level arrangement of these DCS marshalling terminal blocks, combined with the provision of the four basic functions (fuse, feed-through, disconnect, and ground), enable users to achieve maximum flexibility when connecting devices in the field. These marshalling terminal blocks solve a variety of automation challenges, including the ability to make a last-minute change without having to change the wiring that has already been set up.

Hirose Electric’s screwless terminal block seriesHirose Electric’s screwless terminal block series significantly reduces the electrical wiring time and maintenance workload compared to conventional terminal blocks. The Zero Screw EF2 Series features a unique single-action connection design that requires the user to simply push a ring terminal into the connector. By eliminating the need for screws, the EF2 Series terminals do not require inspection or retightening to ensure a stable and consistent connection like traditional terminal blocks. Simplified installation and maintenance features make the EF2 Series well-suited for hard-to-access applications. It can be used in a wide range of applications including rail, power distribution, machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and energy storage systems.

WAGO’s TOPJOB S open tool slot and push-button distribution terminal blocks come in four different color choices for intuitive field identification and various design requirements. The thin profile provides panel space savings and open design configuration options, minimizing exposure to incoming power sources. They also allow power feed-in up to a nominal cross-section of 8 AWG (10 AWG with ferrule) in just a 9 mm wide single terminal. With a total of 6- 14 AWG outputs, these terminal blocks are ideal for integrating power supplies and fuse protection.

Greenconn's terminal blocksGreenconn’s terminal blocks offer a versatile selection of single-row, double-row, and high-voltage options tailored to diverse applications within the transportation industry, spanning automotive, rail, marine, and aviation sectors. Engineered with the aim of simplifying wiring tasks by minimizing splicing, preventing current leakage and short circuits, and enhancing insulation, these terminal blocks are meticulously constructed from durable, high-quality thermoplastic materials. Stringently quality-controlled, they exhibit resilience to breakage and heat, ensuring prolonged functionality and reliability. Serving as essential connection points for electrical wires and cables, Greenconn’s terminal blocks provide a secure and methodical means of power and signal distribution throughout vehicles or transportation systems.

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