December 2023 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | December 05, 2023

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

December 2023 New Connectivity Products

December 2023 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

FFischer Connectors’ new high-speed connectors and cable assemblies for Ultra High Definition (UHD)ischer Connectors’ new high-speed connectors and cable assemblies for Ultra High Definition (UHD) provide audio/video data transfer at 18 Gb/s in demanding environments, matching the performance speed of HDMI 2.0. These new UHD solutions are available in the flagship Fischer MiniMax and Fischer Core product lines with 10,000 mating cycles, 360° EMI protection, different sealing performances from IP68 to hermeticity and sterilization capacities, as well as three locking mechanisms (push-pull, screw, quick-release). Fischer MiniMax UHD connectors available in size 08 (12.9 mm diameter plug) have a miniature, lightweight, compact, high-density layout with 19 contacts, ensuring high-quality data transmission for digital signals in demanding applications such as aerial imaging, especially in military operations for drones equipped with high-resolution cameras. UHD audio/video connectivity is also needed in scientific, industrial, instrumentation, test and measurement and medical applications with 4K camera devices, where Fischer Core connectors are widely used, e.g., in size 104 with 20 contacts. A dedicated, custom cable has been developed for both Fischer Core and Fischer MiniMax UHD audio/video connectors, which are also available pre-cabled as plug-and-play solutions.

Heilind Electronics features the E-Switch KAD Series DIP SwitchHeilind Electronics features the E-Switch KAD Series DIP Switch. The tri-state feature allows more code options than binary DIP switches with multiple positions -4, 5, 8, 9, or 10 available with either straight pin (through-hole) or gullwing (SMT) termination. KAD Switches offer an electrical rating of 100mA@50VDC in non-switching applications and 25mA@24VDC with switching. SPDT contact arrangements are offered for each position. Each circuit is proven with a 2,000-cycle rating. Shipped switches are provided with poles in the “OFF” position. With a profile of 3.70 mm (H) x 7.00 mm (L) x 7.62 mm to 22.86 mm (W) based on the number of positions, the KAD series conforms to a variety of design needs. Applications for the E-Switch KAD Series include audio-visual equipment, computer peripherals, consumer electronics, medical equipment,

Fischer ConnectorsFischer Connectors’ new First Mate Last Break connectors in its low-voltage multipole Fischer Core Series offer outstanding levels of electrical safety, mechanical reliability, and ease of use for operators of medical devices in compliance with IEC 60601-1. As its name denotes, First Mate Last Break (FMLB) ensures the permanent ground presence of an electrical system through a longer pin in the plug that “mates first and breaks last” with the system’s receptacle to avoid risky electrical safety conditions. For example, it protects from electrostatic discharge (ESD), allowing any stray voltage to be routed to a safe ground to prevent harm to the operator and the voltage-sensitive equipment. Learn more in this full case study.

Heilind ElectronicsHeilind Electronics features Switchcraft’s PCB Mount USB and RJ45 Data Connectors. Designed for efficiency and durability, Switchcraft’s USB and RJ45 connectors leverage high-quality materials and flexible connection types. As a result, engineers can make changes to their design even during production by selecting from Switchcraft’s wide range of connection and mounting types. This variety of connection types for USB and RJ45 applications is ideal for low-to-high-volume production applications. The board level connectors are well suited to industrial applications, lighting, signs, displays, computers, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and more.

Phoenix Contact introduces the XPC 1.5 connectorPhoenix Contact introduces the XPC 1.5 connector, the first PCB connector to feature Push-X connection technology. Push-X uses a mousetrap-like design to create fast and tool-free connections for rigid and flexible conductors with or without ferrules. A contact spring inside the XPC PCB connector catches the conductor and holds it securely once it is engaged. A technician can directly insert a stripped conductor into an open terminal position, releasing the spring mechanism. An audible click confirms a secure connection. To release, the operator just needs to press the orange button. The tool-free connection technology reduces assembly times and allows automated wiring. The XPC 1.5 connectors are available in two to twelve positions with wire ranges of 22-16 AWG solid wire and 20-16 stranded wire. The XPC 1.5 family is compatible with existing PCB headers from Phoenix Contact’s COMBICON portfolio. As a result, the XPC can be combined with existing horizontal and vertical headers to cover a wide range of applications.

WAGO’s 750-9401 ControllerWAGO’s 750-9401 Controller joins the company’s Compact Controller 100 family. The 750-9401 has a dual core processor with a mix of 18 digital and analog onboard I/O channels.  It also comes with a RS-485 serial port, dual Ethernet ports, a USB-C port for direct configuration connection, as well as a CANopen communication port. The CANopen port makes it easier for the expansion of applications where more digital I/O may be needed for connecting to other devices such as sensors or J1939-enabled devices. This compact unit is programmed with CODESYS 3.5 software that is free of charge or can be used with Docker containers for running open-source applications. WAGO’s Compact Controller 100s are ideal for use in standalone machine control, building automation projects, and IoT applications.

The JAE JN13 Series of connectors is featured by Heilind ElectronicsThe JAE JN13 Series of connectors is featured by Heilind Electronics. This innovative all-plastic, low-profile connector is tailored for compact servomotors with metal housings, offering a hybrid solution that consolidates power, ground, and signal lines into a singular, space-efficient housing. With an IP67 rating, the JN13 ensures waterproof integrity when mated. The design incorporates crimp termination contacts and a screw-fastened mating method to provide vibration resistance, ensure a dependable seal, and built-in grounding structure. The versatile JN13 further features a plug hood with a 180° selectable cable exit. Applications and industries for the JN13 series include servomotors, robotics, industrial tools, and various other industrial applications.Bel Fuse Inc. has expanded its single port, 10G, NBase-T, 60W, and 100W Power over Ethernet (PoE), MagJack integrated connector modules (ICMs), suitable for industrial controllers, video cameras, Wi-Fi access points, or any applications requiring a single port Ethernet connector. The new ICM products are aimed at customers looking to upgrade product performance for maximum speed at 60W or 100 W of power. Customers can implement PoE while increasing their speed to 10 G, 10 times the standard Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). The new ICMs are ideal to support high power requirements of network devices and Internet of Things (IoT). This product family can send or receive 0 to 60 W or 0 to 100 W of power per port over all four pairs within the Ethernet cable while maintaining the bandwidth of the NBASE-T compliant 10 GbE signals, meeting the latest IEEE 802.3 electrical standard requirements and common mode parameters. Additionally, the products can carry 600 mA or 1000 mA of current and 37.0 – 57.0 VDC continuously, operating in a temperature range of -40 ⁰C to 85 ⁰C depending on the model.

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