Board-to-Board Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | January 30, 2024

This week’s Product Roundup highlights board-to-board connectors from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.

Board-to-board connectors

Smiths Interconnect’s CMD connectorSmiths Interconnect’s CMD connector is a versatile, high-density, four-contact row connector solution for board-to-board and wire-to-board with built in coding and keying as well as ESA qualification. With a 0.6 mm contact diameter, CMD connectors are available from 42 to 316 contact positions with dip solder and SMT soldering contact termination types.


COAX Connectors’ range of subminiature RF connectors for board-to-board applicationsCOAX Connectors’ range of subminiature RF connectors for board-to-board applications are designed and manufactured to provide highly reliable signal transmission and integrity. Available in 75Ω versions, COAX Connectors’ 0.4/2.5 connectors provide a minimum 500 mating cycles with an operating temperature range of -55 °C to +155 °C, are available in a variety of surface finishes and are ideal for any datacom application where a very small board-to-board connection as low as 5.0 mm is required. The 0.4/2.5 connectors can be packed either loose or in tape and reel for automatic board assembly. A flat area on the body aids orientation. COAX also supplies bespoke versions of all its connectors and cable assemblies to meet customer requirements.

The MA01 Series from JAE

The MA01 Series from JAE is the next generation floating board-to-board connector. This product features a highly reliable two-point contact structure, achieving high-speed transmission exceeding 8 Gb/s. With an operating temperature range of -40 ℃ to 125 ℃ the connector is suitable for harsh temperature environments unique to the automotive industry. Features include floating tolerance of ±0.5 mm in both X & Y directions; stacking height tolerance between boards of ±0.5 mm in Z-axis direction; two-point contact structure to ensure high contact reliability; low insertion and removal forces achieved by roll surface contact structure; and excellent mating process with large guides to support automatic assembly and mating (mating guide length of ±1.0 mm). MA01 supports automatic mounting, allows for multiple connectors to be used on a single board, and is keyed to prevent mis-mating.

Amphenol's FCI Basics BergStak HS connector familyAmphenol’s FCI Basics BergStak HS connector family is known for its fast data transmission, high signal quality, and time-proven reliability under extended periods of application. With 0.50 mm pitch, the high-speed performance BergStak HS mezzanine connector enables high-speed data applications with up to PCIe Gen 5 32 Gb/s. Polarization and self-alignment features improve mating performance. Side walls protect the contacts during mating.


board-to-board connectors of the FINEPITCH product range, Phoenix ContactWith the board-to-board connectors of the FINEPITCH product range, Phoenix Contact provides shielded and unshielded solutions for signal and data transmission. This allows implementation of individual PCB orientations in all dimensions with different designs, stack heights, and numbers of positions in different pitches from 0.635 mm to 2.54 mm. Mezzanine, coplanar connections, and mother-daughter cards are also possible. These application-oriented board-to-board connections have shielded and unshielded versions for various EMC requirements. Comprehensive design-in support is available for quick and easy device development with practical data and free samples. Various applications with high-speed data transmission up to 52 Gb/s are possible.

OMNIMATE Signal board-to-board connectors from Weidmuller USAOMNIMATE Signal board-to-board connectors from Weidmuller USA feature a 1.27 mm pitch and offer maximum flexibility due to different connection combinations (mezzanine, mother-to-daughter, board-to-board). They feature a reliable contact with up to 500 mating cycles due to industry suitable gold-surface (PdNi-Au) and a process-ready high performance LCP material for reflow soldering. The use of future-proof contact systems, as well as the optimization of manufacturing processes, are increasingly important in developing efficient industrial devices, especially to advance toward Industry 4.0.

The METZ CONNECT family of board-to-board (B2B) interconnectsThe METZ CONNECT family of board-to-board (B2B) interconnects consist of relatively narrow pitch pin headers and sockets, which are also referred to as female headers. Together these connector pairs facilitate compact PCB interconnection in both vertical (stacking) and horizontal fashions.

Tarng Yu Enterprise offers board-to-board connectorsTarng Yu Enterprise offers board-to-board connectors used in power connection for laptop batteries. Each power connection set can withstand 3A current. The metal fixtures on both ends act as hold down pins to guide the fixture when mating and prevent abrasion of the connector. They can also act as an extra set of pins to increase current limits if needed. Total mating height is 2.45 mm with a maximum of 16 pin at 1.25 mm pitch.

SV Microwave offers a complete line of SMP and SMPM PCB connectorsSV Microwave offers a complete line of SMP and SMPM PCB connectors that are ideal for creating a board-to-board connection. SV Microwave’s PCB connectors are an integral piece of a board-to-board solution to transmit RF signal between two parallel printed circuit boards.


PEI-Genesis supplies the Amphenol R-VPX Evolution SeriesPEI-Genesis supplies the Amphenol R-VPX Evolution Series, which offers high-speed modules capable of 16+ Gb/s data rate transfer performance design to support the latest high-speed protocols while still meeting open VPX requirements. The R-VPX Evolution Series meets the performance requirements of VITA 46 & 47 while still intermateable with existing VITA 46 backplane connectors.


the EMM micro connector from NicomaticWith its 1.27mm pitch, the EMM micro connector from Nicomatic achieves more than 40% space reduction compared to its parent CMM or 20% compared to standard Micro-D. Designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL 83513, it integrates key features such as reversed contacts, integrated 90° back protection and interchangeable hardware. Suited to both board-to-board (thanks to its secure wiping length) and board-to-wire (from gauge 24 to gauge 30) configurations, EMM will provide extreme modularity with any pin selection available from 04 to 60 signal contacts.

Samtec's SEARAY™ products, supplied by Powell ElectronicsSamtec’s SEARAY™ products, supplied by Powell Electronics, are the industry’s largest offering of high-speed, high-density open-pin-field arrays. They support 56 Gb/s PAM4 applications and are also Final Inch® certified for Break Out Region trace routing recommendations to save designers time and money.


EDAC’s header connectorsEDAC’s header connectors feature a plastic housing with male pins for efficient board-to-board connections. They allow both electrical and mechanical links between circuit boards and come in surface mount or through-hole options with adaptable pitches. Paired with socket connectors, they offer secure connections, often with locking mechanisms.

The Colibri 0.5 mm SMT high speed connector from ept is one of the many board-to-board connectivity options the company currently manufacturesThe Colibri 0.5 mm SMT high speed connector from ept is one of the many board-to-board connectivity options the company currently manufactures. From unique, customizable connectivity to a plethora of steady, reliable standard connectors, the Colibri connector family nevertheless stands out in ept’s catalog due to its ultra-high performance speeds of up to 25 Gb/s. Colibris meet all the rigorous requirements of PICMG COM Express as well as SFF-SIG CoreExpress. Simulations show exceptional signal integrity during operation. Options with a heavy gold finish, and suitable for the most challenging projects, are currently available. Colibri receptacles are designed to have a big enough pick-and-place area for vacuum pipettes, without the need for an additional placement aid, and can be soldered directly onto a PCB. S-parameters are available upon request and ept is happy to provide Colibri samples for testing in your next high-speed design!

Lumberg’s Series 51 are direct connectors for printed circuit boardsLumberg’s Series 51 are direct connectors for printed circuit boards for signal and load currents up to 5 A, pitch 2.54 mm and 5.08 mm (.100″, .200″). The 5116 is a socket board for direct mating with solder pins. They are used in home appliances, specifically refrigerator control with direct connectors of series RAST 2.5.




Greenconn's High-Speed line of board-to-board connectorsGreenconn’s High-Speed line of board-to-board connectors features a typical product spacing of 1.27 mm, which effectively improves PCB space utilization. With a high signal transmission speed of up to 4 Gb/s, and a shock and vibration resistance of up to 2000 Hz, these connectors are perfectly used in datacom and telecom industry where harsh operating environments may be involved. Designed with double-contact spring terminals, the high-speed connectors allow for a certain amount of angular misalignment during assembly and can prevent mis-mating through their fool-proof chamfer design. The design of a small terminal contact area can further ensure the minimization of contact resistance. The weld tap design helps reduce the stress on the signal terminals during assembly and increase the retention force between the product and the PCB. The mating height for these mezzanine connectors ranges from 8 to 20 mm with the number of terminal pins ranging from 10 to 160 pins.

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