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Built through the transformative combination of some of the most innovative specialty connectivity companies in the world, Trexon provides unique connectivity solutions that withstand the toughest environments and the most exacting applications.We solve the world’s most challenging connectivity problems with relentless innovation, industry expertise, and constant collaboration. Our products are designed to meet the demands of high-cost-of-failure applications. We accomplish this through deep expertise, relentless innovation, customer focus, and a commitment to continuous growth and improvement. Trexon is comprised of two divisions, Industrial Products (IP) and Engineered Products (EP). IP brands include, TPC Wire & Cable, Pittsburgh Wire & Cable and MilRail, EP brands include, Cicoil, EZ Form Cable, The First Electronics Corporation (FEC), Hydro Group, Integrated Cable Systems (ICS), Intelliconnect, and Power Connector Inc (PCI).

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