Wire & Cable Assemblies Product Roundup

By AJ Born | May 10, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights wire and cable assemblies from leading suppliers.

Wire & Cable Assemblies

Trexon CicoilThe Trexon Engineered Products Division (EP) brands offer a variety of discrete cable and wire harness capabilities that include Cicoil extruded flat cable and cable assemblies, and standard and custom assemblies; EZ Form Cable RF coaxial cable and cable assemblies including coaxial delay lines and phase-matched cable assemblies; The First Electronics Corporation (FEC) custom ruggedized overmolded harnesses; Hydro Group subsea cable and cable assemblies; Integrated Cable Systems (ICS) value-added cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and overmolding; and Power Connector (PCI) MIL-Spec and custom audio and power connectors (filtered and unfiltered) for cable assembly applications, including adapters and dust covers; and EMI/RFI applications.

Omnetics cable harness solutionsOmnetics Connector Corporation’s cable harness solutions include a wide range of cable and wire configurations. The Nano product line, with .025” (.635 mm) pitch, accepts AWG conductors in the range of 30-38 AWG. The Micro product line, with .050” (1.2 mm) pitch, accepts conductors with 26-30 AWG in general. Smaller AWG wire can be accommodated in both product lines with special considerations. With such small wire sizes, tensile strength is often a major concern. Omnetics has many solutions for this problem, including high-strength copper alloys, high-strength Kevlar or Nomex strength members, miniature strength members impregnated in the stranded conductor bundle, and more. These techniques enhance ruggedness and durability and ensure the cable harness will not fail in the field.

Allied Electronics Turck M12Allied Electronics & Automation supplies Turck M12 (eurofast) cordsets used on DC devices in 2-6, 8, 10, and 12-pin versions. Connector styles include nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, or nylon coupling nuts. Cable options include foil or braided shield, blue PVC for intrinsically safe wiring; touch, abrasion resistant PUR or rubber; flexlife and retractile styles.


Smiths SpaceNXT-QTSpaceNXT QT Series from Smiths Interconnect offers improved phase stability over a wide range of temperatures found in space environments while meeting all NASA/ESA outgassing specifications when tested per ASTM E595. It is equipped with ETFE radiation-resistant jacket materials. This combination enables customers to enjoy the benefits of lower cost of ownership while improving system performance. All products have passed design verification and are rigorously tested per customer and industry application requirements. SpaceNXT QT series assemblies are manufactured with low loss fluoropolymer dielectrics and constructed with materials. SpaceNXT 065QT, 100QT, and 160QT cables are specifically designed for space flight applications on LEO, MEO, and GEO satellite platforms and are offered with standardized testing sequences.

TE STRADA Whisper cable receptacleTE Connectivity’s STRADA Whisper cable receptacle makes it possible to design for up to 112G PAM4 speeds in servers, switches, and routers. These cable receptacles incorporate STRADA Whisper connectors on one end and a variety of mid-board I/O products on the other, bypassing the PCB and minimizing insertion loss and crosstalk. Space savings on the PCB can also be achieved by utilizing this product, which is essential for dense equipment designs. STRADA Whisper cable receptacles are compatible with TE backplane, mid-board, and I/O products, including QSFP, Silver, and more.


COAX cablesCOAX Connectors’ highly experienced cable assembly staff specialize in RF coaxial cable assemblies and hybrid coaxial assemblies. Our design and engineering teams have all the skills to design assemblies to your specifications and to rapidly terminate them correctly. COAX also supplies and assembles various accessories such as strain relief, cable glands, marker sleeves, and waterproofing seals to meet the most stringent of installation or environmental requirements. By using COAX Connectors’ facilities to provide assemblies means there’s no investment in any production tooling, staff training, or test equipment, and no scrap. COAX produces the cable assemblies, and customers receive them ready to plug in and go. As well as a wide range of 50- and 75-ohm connectors, COAX stocks a range of popular cable types and accessories suitable for use in most applications. COAX also has a cable assembly configurator on its website for a rapid quotation.

BizLink custom cable solutionsBizLink offers a wide range of system and customized cable solutions including supply devices which allow customers to store unneeded cable length in the appliances such as cord winders or storage box systems; integration of electrical and mechanical parts that incorporate all kinds of electronics such as sensors, RFI filters, or indicating elements (e.g. LED) into power cords or wire harnesses; overmolding of fixings, and mountings for cable harnesses fitted with injection molded grommets, fixings and mounting brackets; textile braided cable or harness systems in all imaginable colors and patterns with integration of electrical and mechanical parts; customer-specific locking systems for connectors, plugs, and power cords for connecting the electrical appliance with the power cord, available detachable for quick exchange or non-detachable; connection of wire harnesses or power cords with PCB and testing according customer specifications; assembly of plastic parts, housings, or fixtures to wire harnesses.

HellermannTyton Ratchet P-ClampsHellermannTyton Ratchet P-Clamps, stocked by Heilind, take the popular RPC product family to new places and applications. The RPCs feature several of HellermannTyton’s industry-leading, built-in attachments. Instead of fastening them with a screw or bolt, installers can utilize a choice of round or oval fir trees as well as adhesive mounts. No tools or additional hardware are needed for securing to a hole or panel. Mounting directly below the clamp, rather than offset, provides a smaller footprint. The one-piece ratchet closure is easier to open than standard metal clamps, for timesaving, toolless, one-handed installation during pre-or final assembly. Plastic construction is safe on bundles. The clamp saddle provides an additional routing option using a cable tie, eliminating the need to drill or add complex routing parts. PA66HIRHSUV material stands up to extreme temperatures, chemicals, salt spray, and constant UV light exposure.

Fischer Connectors’ Cable AssembliesFischer Connectors’ Cable Assemblies are available in multiple options for ecosystems requiring local transfer and management of data, signal, and power in a variety of harsh-environment ecosystems such as defense and security, medical, Test & Measurement, unmanned systems, robotics, and industrial automation. They are designed, engineered, and tested to withstand weathering, abrasion, shocks, vibrations, temperature extremes, electromagnetic interference, radiation, chemicals, and sterilization and cleaning processes. They meet technical requirements such as high sealing performance, EMI shielding, flex life, and resistance to high tension force. Capabilities include overmolded cable assemblies for bend protection (thermoplastic and silicone) and right-angled overmolds, wiring harness assemblies, internal potting, enhancing sealing level to allow for submersion, heat shrinking for added protection and support to exposed wire, as well as breakouts, pigtails, and fiber optic termination. Signal integrity and data transmission performances with minimal crosstalk and insertion/return loss include Ethernet up to 10 Gb/s, USB 3.2 Gen 2 up to 10 Gb/s, USB 2.0 up to 480 Mb/s, and the standard protocol for the simultaneous transmission of audio and video up to 10.2 Gb/s. Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) solutions offer data transmission speeds ranging from 10 Mb/s to 1 Gb/s, and Power over Data Line (PoDL) up to 52 Watts. Miniaturization processes for designing and manufacturing compact, lightweight, and small-footprint cable assemblies include part alignment on both the plug and receptacle, bend relief cutting and cable jacket stripping, conductor back trimming and stripping, soldering, braid shielding, insulator tube and back nut potting, O-rings, and boot bend relief fixation.

CDM Electronics semi-custom Signal Storm Cable Assembly Series of RF jumpersCDM Electronics semi-custom Signal Storm Cable Assembly Series of RF jumpers are engineered to withstand the harshest operating conditions and requirements. Providing a complete interconnect solution for the full spectrum of RF connector interfaces, assemblies feature Times Microwave 50 Ohm LMR flexible low loss RF cables, which are UV-resistant polyethylene jacketed cables designed for 20-year service outdoor use. With best-in-class material and manufacturing techniques, applications include WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA Mobile Antennas, ham radio, amateur radio, and test equipment.

Northwire custom cable solutionsNorthwire features ruggedized custom cable solutions for a variety of applications including off- road heavy equipment. Northwire design engineers help select the right cable materials and custom configurations for your demanding applications, including J1939, RS485, 100 Base-T1, 135C automotive grade, XLPE / SAE, high flex, power over data, retractile coil cords, and more. 

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ Trompeter MIL-STD-1553B cable assemblies are terminated with 3-slot PL75 connectors, which are the most common connector when connecting cable assemblies to data bus couplers, bus controllers, bus monitors, and remote terminals. Cable options include M17/176-00002, Trompeter TWC-78-1 ultra flexible cable, or Trompeter TWC-78-2 low loss cable. All cables are available in increments between one foot and 20 feet, or one meter to five meters and are RoHS compliant. Custom lengths and connector types are available as well.

JPC Connectivity is a complex, point-to-point, and power harness providerJPC Connectivity is a complex, point-to-point, and power harness provider with the capacity and the ability to scale to support its customers’ growth. Whether for an electrical engine control (pictured), EV power, or other complex harness, JPC has the experience and expertise to deliver on your next project. At JPC we offer the optimal combination of vertical integration and sourcing from long-term partners for design, 3D simulation, tool-up, injection, stamping, plating, molding, wire & cable, and SMT all the way to the final connectors and cable assemblies. Applying CATIA 3D simulation layout, JPC shortens design time and makes certain the harness has an optimized fit and functions exactly as designed. Manufacturing facilities located in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China provide scalable manufacturing and operational redundancy, minimizing supply chain risk. All JPC facilities are governed by an ISO 9001 Certified quality management system and meet ISO 14001 for environmental and ISO 18001 for health and safety. If there are market-specific needs, JPC has selective locations which have been certified to ISO 13485, IATF 16949, and Sony GP.

Amphenol Pcd Cable SolutionsAmphenol Pcd’s Cable Solutions division is one of the value-added divisions at Amphenol Corporation supporting the Military & Commercial Aerospace markets. Amphenol Pcd is accredited to both the AS9100:D:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance standards. The facility is ITAR registered and comes with a workforce averaging 10 years of manufacturing experience. Close alliances with other Amphenol divisions enable Amphenol Pcd to competitively offer full-turnkey integration of any connector onto a cable assembly. This includes Amphenol mil connector products D38999s, M55116, M55181, M24308, M26482, Nexus Audio & TAC, and Micro-subminiature circulars such as Terrapin (SCE) and 2M. The company’s engineering staff is ready to assist customers with connector selection to full cable assembly design, and offers quick-turn prototype services and sustaining production programs with short lead times. Amphenol Pcd specializes in the craftsmanship of the following types of cable assemblies, including molded cables for tactical digital communication, custom molded cables for harsh environments, PRC 117F/G and PRC-152 radio / data cables, Mil-22992 Class L heavy duty power cables, and more.

ept’s One27 SMT PCB connectorsThe SMT weld tabs and dual latch design of ept’s One27 SMT PCB connectors ensure connection in the harshest of environments, and offer the widest range of connection types and plug versions while keeping the pitch as small as possible. ept guarantees IPC class 3 solder joints and coplanarity is only 0.1 mm, while offering a remarkable misalignment range of ±0.7 mm and ±4° (longitudinal) and ±2° (transversal). The female IDC from the One27 line is available both with and without cables, allowing flexibility in deciding cable length and assembly style. ept also offers customized cable assembly of the female One27 IDC to suit your every design need.

Weidmüller’s PLC interface unitsWeidmüller’s PLC interface units offer an effective alternative to end-to-end cabling. The requirements and complexity of the cabling between controller and sensors and actuators in machines and plants are constantly increasing. The PLC interface units not only ensure seamless connections within the systems, but thanks to simplified cabling, they minimize sources of error and significantly reduce material and processing costs. In this way, they actively contribute to cost reduction and reliably guarantee the safe operating of systems.

Amphenol Cable Backplane SystemsCable Backplane Systems is part of Amphenol’s Highspeed Backplane Product business, dedicated to developing and manufacturing cabled backplane solutions for next-generation system architectures. Serving leading providers of datacenter switches and routers, enterprise servers and high-performance computers, Amphenol Communications Solutions’ products include IO style cables, internal OverPass cables, and full mesh harness structures for both backplane and midplane applications. Cable backplane systems extend the reach of passive copper for next-generation real world system designs. They are complementary with direct orthogonal designs and intermatable with existing board mount connector designs. They lower overall system costs by reducing or eliminating the need for expensive active devices like retimers and high-performance board materials. Market leading backplane connector families, such as Paladin, feature proven reliability of passive twinax copper coupled with advanced wire attachment.

Binder’s overmolded NCC 770 series connectorsbinder’s overmolded NCC 770 series connectors are reliable circular connectors in cable and flange versions. With bayonet locking, they correspond to protection class IP67 when mated. The flange version offers IP67 protection even when unmated. 770 series connectors have eight gold-plated contacts with a rated current of 2 A each. Cable glands are suitable for cables with a diameter of 2.5 to 4 mm, 4 to 6 mm, and 6 to 8 mm. Users can expect more than 5,000 mating cycles.


Chief Enterprises cableChief Enterprises offers on-staff engineering and production facility expertise to develop specialty wire harnesses, assemblies, modifications, kits, and even custom tooled parts. Trained by product line with extensive systems and application knowledge, Chief Enterprises brings projects to market fast with the latest technology.



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