August 2023 New Connectivity Products 

By AJ Born | August 01, 2023

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

August 2023 New Connectivity Products

August 2023 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

Smiths Interconnect launched Kepler contact technology for IC testing. Whether for testing high performance computing, wearables, or other automotive chips, Kepler is the only solution that provides two-axis of motion during a single actuation of the socket, an innovation set to pioneer the semiconductor test industry. As a result, Kepler provides a boosted first pass yield, enhanced production reliability, and extended maintenance intervals. The semiconductor test industry has traditionally used vertical spring probes for BGA, LGA, QFN, and QFP packaging testing, while the cantilever scrubbing contact design has been used in peripheral segments to remove surface oxides and contaminants. However, both technologies require maintenance and performance monitoring to ensure optimal results during testing cycles. To address these issues, Smiths Interconnect developed Kepler contact technology that combines the scrub motion of a cantilever contact with the modular benefits of a spring probe. The design includes horizontal movement during the downward stroke of the device to break surface oxides, provides stable and reliable contact, and causes no damage to the PCB.

PEI-Genesis supplies the Amphenol Ltd. Stingray 7 Series. Stingray 7 are compact, low profile, metal shelled connectors that withstand exposure to moisture, dust, dirt, and chemicals typically encountered by first responders, security, and military personnel. Designed to meet the requirements of DEF-STAN 23-012, the magnetic, non-keyed coupling system has no moving parts and allows the connector to be easily mated without the need for pre-alignment and eliminates the need to operate any mechanical coupling mechanisms. The magnetic technology allows the connector to quickly disconnect making it ideal for connection between non-tethered equipment, such as helmet to torso, protecting users from potential injury due to cable snagging. MOLLE and wall mount modular accessories allow for mounting of either gender to MOLLE loops or equipment.

Heilind Electronics has added the 1.85 mm termination plug from Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ line of Johnson connectors. The stainless-steel plug supports electrical performance up to 67 GHz with VSWR performance to 1.25. Available in end-launch, 2-hole, and 4-hole flange mount styles with 50 Ohm impedance. Cinch Johnson termination plugs are ideal for applications requiring precision RF signals, including Test & Measurement, network routers and switches, and instrumentation test fixture equipment.

THine Electronics Inc. released its new serial transceiver products, THCS253 and THCS254, that enable systems with many peripheral sensors to simplify cabling for the sensor and control functions and reduce system cost, size, and weight, and provide future options to add new sensors. THCS253 and THCS254 are unique LSI products that can serialize different types of signals and allow users to add additional sensor functions by only changing registers’ settings. For example, THCS253 can serialize sensing signals using 32 GPIO interfaces into two differential signals that can drastically reduce the number of cables and connectors by up to 88%. Users obtain excellent advantages not only in lowering costs, shrinking sizes, lowering weights, and reducing noise emission from many cables, but also by simplifying assemblies that previously would require many cable interconnects.

August 2023 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

TPC Wire & Cable, a Trexon Company, now has Thermo-Trex 2800 RTD Cable for use in high temperature Resistance Temperature Detector [RTD] control and instrumentation applications that can withstand a maximum conductor temperature of 530 ˚C/1000 ˚F. This instrumentation temperature sensing device cable works on a basic correlation between metals and temperature in which change in resistance of the detector element is calibrated with temperature.

Dietze Group’s M8 and M12 connectors utilize glass-to-metal seals to provide a true hermetic seal. They are ideal for use in extreme conditions such as high vacuum, high pressures and temperatures, moisture, and corrosive environments. They are compatible with IEC 61076-2 and stand out for their pressure and temperature resistance. Hermetic connectors prove to be the best choice for sensitive applications and challenging environmental conditions as they are completely gas- and water-tight. They provide protection against the ingress of air and gases, moisture, pressure differences, and aggressive media, and are even suitable for use in hazardous environments (Ex-Zone/ATEX).

IDENTCO’s new series of robust labels for printed circuit board (PCB) applications features an exclusive substrate developed by a prominent global industry materials and coating supplier. Providing vital identification and traceability for high-leverage PCB components, the new TT413 labeling series easily withstands prolonged, repeated exposure to the chemicals and high temperatures typical to post-production washing processes. The portfolio is designed for on-demand thermal transfer printing of variable information – a plus for electronics companies incorporating serialization and anti-counterfeiting coding into their production practices.

August 2023 New Connectivity Products > Sensors and Antennas

SABIC introduced the LNP THERMOCOMP WF006V compound, which is well suited for laser direct structuring (LDS) of antennas that are integrated into the housings and covers of consumer electronics devices, appliances, and other electronic components. The new material can help facilitate the adoption of LDS antennas to replace incumbent options, such as flexible printed circuit (FPC) antennas, by enabling customers to create complex and miniaturized designs, accelerate production, and reduce system costs. The glass-fiber-reinforced compound provides a tensile modulus more than two times higher than that of unfilled polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) or polycarbonate (PC) resin, and could be used for molding small, thin-wall parts. It also delivers good surface quality for attractive aesthetics, and good signal gain and LDS performance. Compared to traditional materials, the LNP THERMOCOMP WF006V compound offers better chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability, and lower warpage.

InnoPhase IoT Inc. announced multiple end-to-end (E2E) sensor to cloud customer solutions based on its Talaria TWO Wi-Fi/BLE SoC and modules. The solutions accelerate the transition to battery-powered, cloud-connected IoT market applications. By delivering an approximately 10+ year battery-operated sensor solution featuring a lower power consumption Wi-Fi module and optimized cloud connectivity reference software, InnoPhase IoT is fueling rapid growth of IoT designs. Multi-protocol Wi-Fi/BLE support from Talaria TWO enables both direct-to-cloud low-power Wi-Fi sensor connectivity without the need for an intermediate gateway and a cloud connectivity gateway solution for legacy BLE-based IoT sensor applications. E2E capabilities allow Wi-Fi and BLE IoT devices to be easily managed and monitored via cloud software. The battery-operated sensor solution delivers rapid time to market, cloud connectivity, low power, and low total cost of ownership for broad-based applications such as smart home and factory automation, commercial building management, access and air quality monitoring, smart retail, industrial IoT, smart healthcare, and pet and people tracking.

August 2023 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Sager Electronics stocks Kingbright’s newest infrared dome lens surface mount devices (SMD).

These infrared LEDs broaden coverage in the invisible spectrum. Available in various industry standard top emitting and right angle SMD LED packages, the narrow viewing angle of the dome lens enhances performance. The infrared dome lens SMDs are an ideal solution for industrial, machine vision systems, surveillance systems in transportation applications, remote control, consumer and smart home, and infrared data transmission applications.

Richardson RFPD Inc., an Arrow Electronics company, has availability and full design support capabilities for the A3G26D055N-100. The new orderable reference design is for NXP Semiconductor’s A3G26D055NT4, a 100–2690 MHz, RF power discrete GaN HEMT housed in a DFN 7 mm x 6.5 mm overmolded plastic package. It has an unmatched output allowing for wide frequency range utilization. The transistor is designed for cellular base station applications requiring wide instantaneous bandwidth capability. The A3G26D055N-100 circuit optimizes the device from 100–2500 MHz, with 12 W CW and 11 dB gain by utilizing half of the device.

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