June 2023 New Connectivity Products  

By Amy Goetzman | June 06, 2023

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

June 2023 New Connectivity Products

June 2023 New Connectivity Products >Interconnects, etc.

WAGO’s new IP67 rated I/O-Link Analog ConvertersWAGO’s new IP67 rated I/O-Link Analog Converters offer a solid and cost-effective solution for incorporating conventional analog sensors and actuators with IO-Link communications. The 765-2702/200-000 has two 0-10 VDC inputs that are converted to IO-Link for monitoring field level sensors. The 765-2703/200-000 has two 4-20ma analog outputs while the 765-2704/200-000 has two 0-10VDC analog outputs.  Both devices will convert IO-Link signals to analog outputs and all these devices can be set up using IO-Link configuration tools such as WAGO’s IO-Link configurator software. These devices are ideal for new systems as they take advantage of the benefits offered by IO-link. Users that wish to update older systems to digital communications can also leverage these compact IP67 devices.

PEI-Genesis is certified to value-add ITT Cannon’s D-Subminiature SeriesPEI-Genesis is certified to value-add ITT Cannon’s D-Subminiature Series from its Zhuhai, China facility. This milestone will allow PEI to assemble rapidly — within 48 hours — and ship thousands of ITT Cannon D-Sub connectors, including cable-to-cable, PCB, and Combo-Ds with mixed power, and signal layouts, for the growing Asia-Pacific market.

Heilind Electronics stocks the Molex Micro-Lock Plus Connector systemHeilind Electronics stocks the Molex Micro-Lock Plus Connector system. Rugged applications can be subject to shock, vibration, or rough handling that dislodge terminals and cause signal interference. The tin-bismuth plating in Molex Micro-Lock Plus connectors offers reliability and lower applied costs as opposed to tin-plating that can cause whiskering and signal intermittency. Available in 2.00 mm and 1.25 mm pitch, The Micro-Lock Plus connector is the smallest on the market with a positive latch that provides an audible click, ensuring a secure mate in microminiature wire-to-board applications. The Micro-Lock Plus connector system delivers high-temperature resistance and a secure outer lock, making it an ideal solution for automotive applications. Its compact design is also suitable for appliances, climate control, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and more.

SCHURTERSCHURTER released an innovative product design update to its power entry modules, series DG11 and DG12 with mains filter. The updated product design builds upon the success of the 6080 appliance inlet, which features a first-of-its-kind ingress protection solution between the connector and mating V-Lock power cord. SCHURTER uses the same sealing mechanism in the existing DG11 and DG12. The blue colored latch of the V-Lock power cord and blue inlay of the appliance inlet indicate that the two have been equipped to provide an IP54 rating under load. The unit is rated IP67 between the power entry module and the panel. The DG11 and DG12 are designed to combine up to five functions in a single component. These include a C14 or C18 appliance inlet, a circuit breaker that provides overcurrent protection and a recessed 2-pole ON/OFF switch, a mains filter (DG12), and now, additional ingress protection with the blue V-lock compatible power cords. The circuit breaker switch is available lighted or unlighted with a selection of colors and ON/OFF printing/embossing. Rated up to 10 A at 250 VAC according to IEC and 15 A at 250 VAC according to UL/CSA.

MolexMolex introduced the industry’s first chip-to-chip 224G product portfolio, encompassing next-gen cables, backplanes, board-to-board connectors and near-ASIC connector-to-cable solutions operating at speeds up to 224 Gb/s-PAM4. As a result, Molex is positioned to meet heightened demands for the fastest available data rates powering advanced technology including generative AI, machine learning (ML), 1.6T networking and other high-speed applications. Entirely new system architectures with multiple chip-to-chip connection schemes will be required to achieve data rates up to 224 Gb/s-PAM4, which represents an important yet complex technology inflection point. To that end, a cross-functional, global team of Molex engineers collaborated closely with customers, technology leaders and suppliers, using the latest predictive analytics and advanced software simulations, to speed the design and development of a full portfolio of best-in-class solutions.

June 2023 New Connectivity Products >Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

TPC Wire & Cable, a Trexon Company, introduced Chem-Gard Profibus High Temperature CableTPC Wire & Cable, a Trexon Company, introduced Chem-Gard Profibus High Temperature Cable, an industrial bus/data cable that combines Chem-Gard chemical resistance and high temperature qualities in a Profibus construction built for performance in harsh environments. With finely stranded tinned copper conductors, it is resistant to corrosion, has improved flexibility, and helps reduce conductor fatigue and breakage in flexing applications. The combination of tinned copper braid shield and aluminum/mylar tape shield provides 100% shielding protection from EM and RF interference. The finely stranded braid provides superior flexibility and mechanical strength/ The fluoropolymer jacket provides protection against cutting, abrasion, oils, and chemicals, extending the overall cable life. Color coded purple for bus cable applications.

June 2023 New Connectivity Products >Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Indium Corporation’s Indium8.9HFRVIndium Corporation’s Indium8.9HFRV, a flux vehicle developed from the industry leading Indium8.9HF chemistry, features exceptional low-voiding performance while providing excellent stencil print transfer efficiency and response-to-pause performance. Indium8.9HFRV is a new air reflow, no-clean solder formulated to improve the voiding performance of next generation Pb-free high reliability alloys. Applications requiring extended thermal cycling performance may use Pb-free SnAgCu-based alloys containing Sb, Bi, and In. Indium8.9HFRV is a superior choice for high-reliability alloys, providing both voiding performance and excellent electrical and process reliability. The flux is also fully compatible with the standard SnAgCu alloy systems favored by the electronics industry to replace conventional Pb-bearing solders.

Arrow offers Silent Switcher Technology from Analog Devices.Arrow offers Silent Switcher Technology from Analog Devices. Silent Switcher regulators provide new levels of EMI performance in noise-sensitive applications like precision measurement, communications, healthcare, and more. Silent Switcher architecture uses proprietary design and packaging techniques to maximize efficiency at high frequencies and enable ultralow EMI performance — all with small package sizes and low component counts. Silent Switcher products easily pass the CISPR 25 peak EMI limits by using highly compact and robust designs.


Newark connectorsNewark increased its TE Connectivity and sensor device portfolio with the introduction of its latest products, accelerating the development of new applications for electric vehicles, power, aircraft, digital factories, smart homes, medical care, utility networks, and global communications infrastructure. These include AMPMODU connectors , 2 mm board-to-board receptacles that provide increased surface contact for reliable signal transfer and can be used in various mounting processes; Corcom 3-phase high performance DIN Rail EMI filters, general purpose filters designed for use in 3-phase systems, with a neutral connection included; and Dynamic Series connector solutions that range from signal level circuitry to power circuit connectivity in a ruggedized, industrialized package.

Avnet and Fujikura released their 5G FR2 phased array antenna development platformAvnet and Fujikura released their 5G FR2 phased array antenna development platform for mmWave frequency bands. This platform enables customers to quickly develop and prototype advanced 5G mmWave systems using AMD Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Gen3 and Fujikura’s FutureAccess Phased Array Antenna Module (PAAM), controlled by the Avnet RFSoC Explorer MATLAB dashboard. This combination of leading-edge RF system-on-chip, mmwave beamforming array, and intuitive software allows customers to quickly prototype with Fujikura’s compact PAAM and AMD RFSoC architecture. It is available for order now. The addition of the easy-to-use Avnet RFSoC Explorer MATLAB application enables smoother development and prototyping of advanced 5G mmWave systems using AMD’s RFSoC Gen3 and Fujikura’s 5G PAAM. Not only can it be extended to control the entire system from antenna to digital, but it also enables customers to implement and test mmWave beamforming applications quickly without HDL or software coding. The Avnet-Fujikura 5G mmWave PAAM Development Platform will be demonstrated at the Avnet-Fujikura IMS Conference Booth #2514 in San Diego, June 13-15. It will also be used during the IMS Workshop, “Validating a CATR Benchtop OTA Test System for 5G FR2 Phased Array Antenna R&D Testing.”

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