July 2023 New Connectivity Products 

By AJ Born | July 11, 2023

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

July 2023 New Connectivity Products 

July 2023 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

Smiths Interconnect released its highly anticipated space-qualified version of the KVPX connector series. This significant advancement reinforces the company’s commitment to meeting the rigorous demands of the defense & space and commercial aerospace industries. The Space Qualified KVPX connectors series builds upon Smiths Interconnect’s existing portfolio of ruggedized standards-compliant connectors, offering an embedded system interconnect that seamlessly integrates into high-reliability backplane architectures. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of VITA 46 and VITA 48 standards, this new series not only delivers high-speed electrical performance but also provides enhanced mechanical reliability and physical ruggedness for unmated connectors and modules.

Weidmüller USA brings to market new Klippon Connect Side Entry terminal blocks featuring lateral PUSH IN technology. Fast and reliable connections are essential in many industry sectors, from aerospace and packaging to pipelines and electric vehicles, and more. Weidmüller’s patented PUSH IN technology, which reduces the connection times for terminal blocks by up to 50%, makes many tasks in the field of electrical connectivity easier, faster, safer and more cost-efficient. The new Klippon Connect terminal blocks combine the advantages of PUSH IN and screw connection technology. Conductors can be connected quickly without a bending radius and without tools. This reduces the installation height and increases clarity, as markings and functional areas remain clearly visible even when wired. The innovative connection system and the special shape of the Klippon Connect terminal block enables convenient wiring even for compact terminals measuring just 3.9” long and .20” wide. With the extensive range of accessories and the various cross-connection options, the Klippon Connect A-Series offers a solution for every connection requirement.

Samtec’s Magnum RF™ ganged, multi-position, high-frequency connectors and cable assemblies for millimeter wave applications are ideal when space is limited and a high operating frequency is required. The high-density, space-saving design features a push-on interface with varying retention forces. The ganged, SMPM connectors operate mode-free up to 65 GHz. The micro-miniature SMPM style enables smaller bundle sizes for weight savings and increased airflow. Bullet adaptors allow for axial and radial misalignment, and blind mate. Samtec introduced Magnum RF at IMS 2023 in San Diego, along with the BE90A Bull’s Eye® test point system, Edge Launch solderless compression connectors, and vertical threaded solderless compression mount connectors with alignment.

PEI-Genesis offers high-performance circular connectors from Cinch Connectivity Solutions. The C48 Series (MIL-C-26500/BACC 45 & 63), or Omega, was expanded to provide qualifications to many Boeing specs for general-purpose requirements and unique product challenges for shielding, environmental sealing, fluid resistance, and vibration.

Hirose Electric’s new multi-RF board-to-board connector provides a size reduction of up to 71% compared to conventional designs. With the industry’s smallest width of only 2.2 mm, the BM56 Series supports multiple RF and digital signals with one board-to-board connector. By combining digital and RF signals into a single connector, the BM56 Series offers a more effective use of the PCB, and enables the development of smaller, lighter end-products. In addition, the ultra-low profile BM56 Series can be placed on top of a device’s battery for more space-savings and design flexibility. With contacts designed for high-speed digital transmission and RF signal, the BM56 supports a wide range of high frequency applications, including 5G. The double-shielded design enhances EMI protection. Fully armored, both ends of the housing are covered with metal for enhanced robustness, which helps significantly reduce the risk of housing damage from misalignment when mating. A wide self-alignment range of ±0.3 mm in the pitch direction and ±0.3 mm in the width direction, along with guidance ribs, provides smooth mating operation.

Pasternack released its innovative series of ruggedized electromechanical relay switches. The switches are engineered to ensure dependable RF signal routing for vital applications, spanning a vast range of market bands from DC to 40 GHz. The series comprises 40 unique switch models and designs. The switches are suitable for numerous market bands, including L, S, C, X, Ku, and K. This provides a wide range of frequency bandwidths and extensive application opportunities. They meet IP64 compliance standards and come with a Level 1 moisture seal. This rugged construction ensures durability and dependability across various settings and makes them perfectly suited for outdoor applications or test procedures that might expose them to moisture.

July 2023 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

Prysmian GroupPrysmian Group introduced its breakthrough fire-resistive Lifeline RC90 cable, ushering in a new era of safety for electrical installations in Canada. Officially receiving its ULC-S139 listing, Lifeline RC90 fire resistive cables are designed to mitigate the devastating effects of fire and are equipped with unique, ceramifiable silicone technology to allow vital communication and power systems to remain operational during extreme fire conditions.

July 2023 New Connectivity Products > Sensors and Antennas

Fairview Microwave launched its latest line of heavy-duty spring vehicle antennas designed to meet the demands of rugged communication applications. This new line provides seamless connectivity in harsh environments. The robust design includes high-strength ABS plastic, durable fiberglass, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, guaranteeing exceptional strength and durability in extreme outdoor conditions. The broad frequency range that includes 477 MHz and 698-2700 MHz with high gain (~6.5 dBi) perform in a diverse range of communication applications. Additionally, these antennas feature popular low-frequency connectors, including UHF and PL-259, ensuring compatibility, flexibility, and ease of use with a wide variety of communication devices and systems.

July 2023 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Vulko-Wrap from TPC, a Trexon Company, is a popular self-vulcanizing insulating wrap. Made of a specially compounded, synthetic silicone elastomer, this tape is resistant to oil, water, ozone, and many chemicals. It has a high dielectric strength and is completely safe to use on all electrical connections. It sticks to itself without sticky residue and fully bonds in 24 hours yet remains pliable in the application. It remains effective in temperatures ranging from -6 °F to +400 °F. See it in action.

ODU’s new innovative thermocouple module, the 5 contacts ODU-MAC module, was specially developed as an interface for high-temperature measurement chains. It is ideally suited for use in demanding environments such as blast furnaces in steel production as well as in large industrial plants and test cabinets. The high-temperature measuring module creates a voltage between two wires made of different materials called a thermocouple. When temperatures are applied to the temperature sensor, the voltage generated varies due to the thermoelectric effect. These voltage changes enable extremely accurate temperature determination. The ODU-MAC can be flexibly combined with other media in the connector. Despite its compact design, it can be equipped with up to three thermocouples, and is reliable for at least 5,000 mating cycles. It is available in the ODU-MAC White-Line, Silver-Line, and Blue-Line.

Times Microwave Systems released a new hardcase kit that includes all the tools required for working on LMR TK- 400/400-75EZ-HC coaxial cable installations. These kits are designed to enhance work efficiency by packaging all the necessary tools for a specific job together in one organized case. This eliminates guesswork and inefficiencies by ensuring the correct tools are readily accessible at the work site when needed. The LMR TK-400/400-75EZ-HC tool kit includes a CT-400 crimp tool, CST-400 prep tool, CST-400-75 prep tool, and CCT-03 cable cutting tool.

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