High-Speed Cable Assemblies Product Roundup

By AJ Born | August 09, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights high-speed cable assemblies from leading suppliers.

High-Speed Cable Assemblies 

Trexon CAT6a cable assembliesCicoil, a Trexon company, offers a wide range of high-speed standard cable assemblies using an exclusive, patented extrusion process. Cicoil’s process combines multiple elements into a single flat cable and in continuous lengths, including single conductor, shielded conductors, tubing, Cat 5e/Cat 6A, Camera Link, fiber optics, coax, and twinax. Cicoil’s motto is “Any wire, any shape, any size, any connector.” If stock flexible flat cables don’t meet your requirements, Cicoil will make the one you need.

Cinch 2.4mm test cable assembliesThe Johnson 2.4 mm to 2.4 mm 50 GHz Test cable assemblies from Cinch Connectivity Solutions allow connectivity in Test & Measurement, engineering labs, and manufacturing environments. They are available in both imperial and metric lengths. Utilizing a high performance, low loss 0.096″ flexible cable, these cable assemblies offer superior performance with a 2.4 mm 50 GHz precision straight connector. They feature Imperial lengths of 6”, 12”, 24”, and 36”, and metric lengths of 100 mm, 200 mm, 500 mm, and 1000 mm. Specifications include 1.30 VSWR maximum, 50 ohms (+/-2) impedance, 50 GHz maximum operating frequency, 75% velocity of propagation, and -40 ºC to 80 ºC operating temperature.

Allied IndustrialNet patch cordsIndustrialNet Patch Cords from Allied Electronics & Automation provide an ideal solution to convey Industrial Ethernet from the Local Area Network (LAN)-based support offices to the processing devices on the plant floor. The industrial Ethernet patch cord is a key component to an overall industrial Ethernet application. The patch cord will be the interface that protects the integrity of the Ethernet data transfer from the switch or PLC out to the devices or up to the horizontal plant backbone. The patch cord incorporates a durable oil- and UV-resistant TPE jacketed cable with modular plugs and is fully shielded for use in high noise (EMI/RFI) environments.

SV Microwave’s high-speed right-angle cable assemblies and connectorsSV Microwave’s high-speed right-angle cable assemblies and connectors provide excellent electrical performance from DC up to 40 GHz. There is no need to sacrifice performance for space as these high-performance connectors are compact in size and have outstanding durability. Currently available for Ø.047″ and Ø.085″ cable types and in SMA and 2.92 mm series.


I-PEX CABLINE-CA II is ZenShield fully shieldedCABLINE-CA II from I-PEX is ZenShield fully shielded with multi-point grounds to prevent EMI leakage. It features high-data-rate transfer ideal for Thunderbolt 3 (20 Gb/s per lane) applications, 0.4 mm pitch, and a horizontal mating type micro-coaxial connector. The mechanical locking cover prevents incomplete mating and back-out/un-mating. CABLINE-CA II is halogen free, and REACH and RoHS compliant.


Amphenol Aerospace offers a large array of cable assembliesAmphenol Aerospace offers a large array of cable assemblies with high-speed quadrax, Octonet, differential twinax contacts, as well as coax and concentric twinax contacts. Amphenol offers customers the most up-to-date range of cable assemblies on the market. Rigid testing is performed on 100% of the cable assemblies at Amphenol before they are shipped to make sure they meet customer requirements, including DWV, IR, and continuity. Amphenol can design and supply cable needs for high-speed contacts and connectors, from a simple point-to-point cable to a multi-branch cable system. Amphenol has the background experience and understanding of harsh environmental testing to assure reliable end-to-end interconnect solutions.

Greenconn’s High-Speed Wire-to-Board ConnectorsGreenconn’s High-Speed Wire-to-Board Connectors are ideal for the datacom and telecom industry. These WTB connectors have a high signal transmission speed of up to 4 Gb/s and are offered in two assembly methods: fixed type and plug-in type. Both types adopt IDC piercing technology, allowing for a more stable connection. The interlocking mechanism design within the connector helps avoid the risk of the plug loosening when it is shaken or impacted. Greenconn also offers customized solutions with improved design space, higher transmission rates, and higher signal integrity.

BizLink's DP80 Enhanced mDP cableBizLink’s DP80 Enhanced mDP cable is the world’s first VESA-certified DP80 cable. The mDP cable features high transmission capacities with the new data rates of UHBR10 (10 Gb/s), UHBR13.5 (13.5 Gb/s), and UHBR20 (20 Gb/s). The cable has a maximum data throughput of up to 80 Gb/s, which is designed for the connections of the most advanced visual display applications and systems. It supports a wider bandwidth in video streaming for higher resolution and quality of videos and is backward compatible with existing DisplayPort devices. BizLink also offers leading-edge DP80 Enhanced mDP connectors, Enhanced full-size DP cables and connectors, and other new DP connectivity applications.

DX07 Series connectors from JAEThe DX07 Series connectors from JAE are compatible with the next-generation USB specification “USB Type-C” and are expected to become popular as a standard interface for various devices. DX07 connectors are compatible with Universal Serial Bus Type-C Specification Release 2.0, USB Power Delivery 3.0, and SuperSpeed USB 10 Gb/s communication (USB 3.2 Gen2). They support 100W (5A/20V) maximum power supply. (Compatible with USB power delivery standard power range). The reversible plug structure eliminates worry about plug orientation. DX07 features superior EMI/EMC characteristics and lock structure with superior durability. It is available with a screw lock for securely fixing to the device housing; the screw lock attachment dimensions conform to the screw lock USB Type-C standard.

Powell Electronics supplies Samtec SEARAY™ High-Speed cable assembliesPowell Electronics supplies Samtec SEARAY™ High-Speed cable assemblies. These high-speed, high-density array cable assemblies feature micro coax cable and rugged Edge Rate® contacts. SEARAY provides performance up to 14 Gb/s and reduces broadside coupling. Designed for rugged micro pitch applications, SEARAY cable assemblies feature a positive latching system, terminal end options, 36 AWG coax high-speed cable, and 50 ohm single-ended signal routing.

PEI-Genesis supplies Amphenol’s line of SV Microwave cable assembliesPEI-Genesis supplies Amphenol’s line of SV Microwave cable assemblies that withstand high frequencies for demanding aerospace, military, broadband, instrumentation, telecommunications, satellite, and high-speed data communications applications. These microwave precision cable assemblies are suitable for harsh environments and use cases where precision and high-quality performance are requirements. They are commonly used for inside-the-box applications to connect I/O connectors to PCB mount connectors. Amphenol SV Microwave cable assemblies have various configurations and styles such as low loss, phase stable, delay/phase matched, armored, small diameter, and semi-rigid.

Next-generation data rates are possible with STRADA Whisper cable receptacles from TE ConnectivityNext-generation data rates are possible with STRADA Whisper cable receptacles from TE Connectivity. The versatile STRADA Whisper cable receptacles enable the increasingly high data rates needed to keep up with the bandwidth demands of LEO satellites and constellations in space. Cost-effective STRADA Whisper cable receptacles offer high performance and are compatible with existing TE backplane and I/O products.

TE Connectivity's new QSFP-DD 112G SMT receptacle connectors from AvnetTE Connectivity’s new QSFP-DD 112G SMT receptacle connectors from Avnet can address next-generation data center needs by increasing density in an existing QSFP form factor to reach speeds up to 800 Gb/s. These products are designed for 800 Gb/s PAM4 protocols. TE’s cost-effective QSFP-DD products work in 15-18W applications leveraging proprietary heat sink technology. The new connectors are fully backward compatible, providing an easy upgrade path from existing QSFP solutions. TE’s broad QSFP-DD portfolio includes 1×1 to 1×6 cages and SMT connectors, custom light pipes, and heat sinks.

High-flex 600 V-rated Ethernet cables from Phoenix ContactHigh-flex 600 V-rated Ethernet cables from Phoenix Contact can be run in a tray with high-voltage power and signal cables. Ethernet cables have expanded their capabilities for what they can do as well as where they can go. Flex ratings have increased to allow use beyond static applications. Phoenix Contact’s cables are rated for 20 million bend cycles for lateral flex and 4.8 million for torsional flex. They feature weld splatter resistance for robotic welding applications and abrasion- and oil-resistance for industrial environments. They are rated for CMX Outdoor and Sunlight resistance. Assemblies are UL listed at a minimum 60 V for Power over Ethernet compliance.

Fischer Connectors offers high-speed connectivity solutionsFischer Connectors offers high-speed connectivity solutions that are characterized and qualified with the most advanced design simulation and testing methods. Fischer Connectors provides high-reliability and high-performance technologies; optimal performance with minimal near-end crosstalk (NEXT) and far-end crosstalk (FEXT), insertion loss, and return loss; Ethernet up to 10 Gb/s; USB 3.2 Gen 2 up to 10 Gb/s; USB 2.0 up to 480 Mb/s; and HDMI 1.4. The company’s in-house capabilities in cable assembly and system engineering — from prototyping to protocol compatibility — saves customers the time needed for optimizing, simulating, and testing their high-speed designs.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ Octax high-speed family of connectorsCarlisle Interconnect Technologies’ Octax high-speed family of connectors offers single- and multi-port circular, rectangular, and custom connector interfaces, enabling design engineers to achieve the highest performance in any connector package. Exceeding ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2 Category 6 and Category 7 specifications, CarlisleIT’s high-speed cable and connector solutions are the highest performing harsh-environment interconnect systems available for Ethernet and other high-speed protocols.

JPC’s High Speed QSFP100 100 Gb/s and QSFP56 56 Gb/s Immersion Cooling Extension CablesJPC’s High Speed QSFP100 100 Gb/s and QSFP56 56 Gb/s Immersion Cooling Extension Cables offer the added benefit of huge costs savings by reducing dielectric fluid loss from ~10% down to ~1% annually. Why use JPC’s (liquid) immersion cooling technology? No server fans, no computer room air conditioning (CRAC), and an extremely low power usage efficiency (PUE) (1.05-1.07). JPC’s QSFP seal is critical in retaining vapor while also lowering overall costs and PUE levels. Immersion cooling is fast becoming a necessity for data centers as they struggle to push PUE levels under the 1.57 industry average. JPC offers a patented heat dissipation and waterproof sealing design.

Samtec’s NovaRay I/OSamtec’s NovaRay® I/O offers the highest aggregate data rate on the market — 3,584 Gb/s PAM4 — with a high-density cable-to-cable bulkhead panel connection. Samtec Flyover® cable technology routes data above lossy PCB to simplify board layout and extend signal reach, both inside and outside the box. Passive electric external cables prevent a large thermal load at the panel and require no heat sinks, saving valuable panel space. The cable system is available in 16 and 32 differential pair configurations, it accommodates PCIe x4 or x8 plus sidebands, and has full external EMI shielding. Multiple end 2 high-speed connector options are available for ASIC-adjacent interconnect solutions.

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