RF Connectors for Medical Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | October 25, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights RF connectors for medical applications from leading suppliers.

RF Connectors for Medical Applications

EZ Form Cable, a Trexon Company, provides SMA connectorsEZ Form Cable, a Trexon Company, provides SMA connectors for the medical industry, specifically MRI systems and RF tumor ablation. EZ Form Cable SMA connectors are “virtually” non-magnetic, well beyond other product offerings. The EZ Form connectors are void of ferrous material and contain no nickel plating. They meet a permeability close to 1.0 mu. The typical measured magnetic field of the specialized EZ Form connector is below .2 mGauss. This is about 500 times less magnetic than standard SMA connectors.

I-PEX MHF I LK locking solutionThe I-PEX MHF I LK locking solution supports up to 9 GHz and has a maximum mated height of 2.9 mm. Ideal for continuous shock and vibration applications, it has a patented locking system for MHF I plug and mates with all MHF I receptacles. As medical equipment is moved to different locations, the lock ensures that antenna cables stay in place and connectors don’t pop off if equipment is dropped or gets bumped while in motion. The locking feature is compatible with existing board mount connectors. The latches easily slide into place and protect the connection from shock and vibration.

taubli CombiTac modular connector system supplied by Powell ElectronicsThe Staubli CombiTac modular connector system supplied by Powell Electronics combines power, signals, data, fiber optics, and pneumatic and fluid connections in a single frame or housing. CombiTac is used for connections to mobile trolleys in operation rooms for medical technology, as well as for other demanding applications that need versatile long life modular connector solutions. Thanks to the tried and tested MULTILAM Technology, CombiTac contacts can achieve up to 100,000 mating cycles and reach current levels up to 300 A. CombiTac features high-rated current and short circuit carrying capacity and high resistance to shock and vibrations. Its reconfigurable and expandable modular system is 100% customizable and can be supplied complete with cable assembly upon request.

Molex MMCX 50 Ohm microminiature compact and lightweight connectors from AvnetMolex MMCX 50 Ohm microminiature compact and lightweight connectors from Avnet are designed for densely populated electronic packages with size and weight limitations. The mechanical stability is maintained via a snap-on interface that uses no slotting in the outer conductor. Non-magnetic versions are available, making these connectors the perfect solution for medical MRI applications.

Smiths Interconnects’ Custom Grid Array layoutSmiths Interconnects’ Custom Grid Array layout offers RF performance with the same stable signal integrity offered by cabled coax solutions but with reduced size, weight, and cost. The use of spring probes and target contacts in a grid array layout reduces the size, weight, and cost of the connector. Comparing the relative size of the grid array and coaxial contact connectors in selected applications, the spring-probe-based grid array contacts occupy only about half the space of traditional coaxial contacts. Cleaning the cable connector is made easier with spring probes replacing pin and socket contacts since flat target contacts are simpler to clean than coaxial sockets, thus improving throughput in medical devices.

SV Microwave’s non-magnetic RF connectorsSV Microwave’s non-magnetic RF connectors provide high-performance, reliable solutions for a variety of medical, aerospace, and quantum computing applications. They feature carefully selected non-magnetic materials, plating, and manufacturing techniques ideal for applications that require low magnetic susceptibility (10^-5 max) and no electric field distortion. This non-magnetic product offering includes threaded (SMA series) connectors for a robust and reliable connection as well as blind-mate (SMPM series) connectors for high-density, high-frequency applications where a push-on interconnect is preferred.

JAE’s WP16RS SeriesJAE’s WP16RS Series 0.35 mm pitch full shield board-to-board (FPC) connector is a full shield type that covers the entire circumference with a shell as an EMI countermeasure. It realizes good characteristics in the millimeter wave band by possessing a high frequency dedicated RF terminal with a new structure. The structure of the signal terminal supports a large current (1A/ contact) and, by adopting a unique trumpet-type deep drawing shell and installing a metal guide inside the connector, makes the low-profile board-to-board (FPC) connector robust and easy to align. The WP16RS Series is well-suited to mobile/portable and wearable medical devices.


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