Wire & Cable Assemblies for High-Temp Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | October 04, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights wire & cable assemblies for high-temp applications from leading suppliers.

Wire & Cable Assemblies for High-Temp Applications

Cicoil’s exclusive, patented extrusion process in combination with its patented Flexx-Sil jacketing is at the heart of manufacturing extreme environment flat cables that retain electrical properties and flexibility over a long life. Cicoil Flexx-Sil-jacketed cable exceeds the high-temperature capability of typical PVC-jacketed cables and even specialized PTFE jacketed cable. Cicoil cables can withstand temperatures up to +260 °C (+500 °F) and low temperatures from -104 °C (-155 °F). They provide ultraviolet and ozone protection, and resilience to low humidity, saltwater, and chemicals. These waterproof cables are Class 1 Cleanroom with low outgassing.

Belden Teflon from AlliedBelden Teflon wire products, supplied by Allied Electronics & Automation, resist oil, ozone, aromatic hydrocarbons, water, alcohol, gasoline, acids, alkalis, oxidation, heat, sunlight, and flame, and they remain flexible at low temperatures. Teflon insulation materials are fluorinated thermoplastic with outstanding thermal, physical, and electrical properties, especially suitable for internal wiring soldering applications where insulation melt back is a specific problem. Teflon is generally restricted to applications requiring its special characteristics due to relatively high processing costs. 


Greene Tweed’s Seal-Connect fiber optic portfolioGreeneTweed Cable Assembly features a family of single fiber, FC, and ST cable assemblies. Seal-Connect cable assemblies are designed to withstand harsh environments. FC-Fiber Protec and ST-Fiber Protec single fiber cable assemblies can withstand high temperatures while maintaining mechanical characteristics. A 900 µm buffered fiber is surrounded by an armored stainless steel jacket to withstand crush and pressure situations while maintaining flexibility and durability in harsh environments or limited space. The stainless-steel cable jacket provides strength in extreme conditions and protects the fiber. Cable assemblies have been tested from -55 °C to 85 °C (-67 °F to 185 °F) and subjected to stringent heat and humidity with 0.5 dB maximum insertion loss. FC and ST termination types are available in both single-mode and multi-mode fiber.

Lumberg Series 72Lumberg’s RAST 5 chassis connector for indirect mating features insulation displacement technology (IDT) with interior locking for use in a higher temperature range, -25 °C to +150 °C. Keying according to RAST 5 standard avoids mismating. RAST 5 is for cable-to-board and cable-to-cable connections with insulation displacement or screw-clamp termination.



Powell Alpha WireAlpha Wire Xtra-Guard 5 55499/11 from Powell provides extreme temperature and chemical resistance to withstand the most hazardous environments. The extreme-performance cable features FEP insulation and jacketing for reliable performance in temperatures from -80 °C to +200 °C. It is suitable for use in Class 1 cleanrooms; recognized by the FDA, when sterilized, for food- and medical-grade applications; impervious to oils, solvents, chemicals, fuels, and acids; and provides exceptional protection against EMI when Supra-Shield is specified.

Avnet Samtec MicromateAvnet supplies Samtec’s Micro Mate™ discrete wire systems that offer incredible space savings and design flexibility. Crimp-style dual leaf contacts provide a reliable connection in a slim, low-profile design for cable-to-board, cable-to-cable, and cable-to-panel applications. These rugged contact systems are flexible power interconnects and feature rugged signal integrity combined with ultra-rugged offerings for high-cycle, high-speed, and high-power applications.

Axon’ Cable manufactures Vibraflame fire-resistant cablesAxon’ Cable manufactures Vibraflame fire-resistant cables designed for any applications requiring resistance for short durations to extreme temperatures ranging from -196 °C to +1565 °C, including steel and aluminum plants, oil refineries, and glass factories. Vibraflame wires and composite cables are heat -resistant, do not propagate flame, and do not contain asbestos. They also resist splashes of chemicals, acids, and lubricants. Vibraflame composite cables can be used as power, control, coaxial, or power feed cables depending on the application. Axon’ Cable also offers extension and compensating cables for thermocouples insulated with Vibraflame insulation able to resist temperatures up to 1050 °C.


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