RF & Coax

Coax or RF (radio frequency) connectors are electronic connectors designed to work at radio frequencies from DC through 145 GHz. RF or coax connectors are typically used with coaxial cables or terminated to a PC board. RF or coax connector configurations include straight and right-angle versions for termination to cable, bulkhead and flange-mount connectors for use on equipment panels and component packages, end-launch, right-angle, or vertical PCB mount, and even push-on RF or coaxial connectors for hard-to-reach electrical connections. Mechanically, RF connectors may incorporate a mechanism to secure mating: thread, bayonet, snap-on, or twist.  Connectors are differentiated by gender.  In standard coaxial or RF connectors, the female or jack is the receptacle or socket side, while the male or plug side incorporates a pin. In reverse polarity versions, the center pin of the male is swapped with the receptacle of the socket.  In cases where the same sex needs to be mated or in applications that utilize precision RF or coax connectors, and connector wear needs to be avoided as much as possible, adaptors make it possible to mate the connectors.
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