Application-Specific Connectors for Energy Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | February 08, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors for energy applications from leading suppliers.

Application-Specific Connectors for Energy Applications

LEMO N Series connectorLEMO’s N Series products offer a range of remote handling self-latching stainless steel connectors suitable for high radiation environments such as nuclear reprocessing cells or heavy duty industrial controls. Features include an enhanced alignment key system and visual connection verification indicator as well as rough-surfaced flats on the plug to provide easy handling and gripping for robotic manipulator arms.


Weidmüller photovoltaic connectorsWeidmüller photovoltaic connectors ensure reliable operation and durability, from the conventional WM4 C crimp connector to the innovative PV-stick, which requires no crimping tool, so there is no lost time and no extra effort needed. The unique PV-Stick uses tried-and-tested PUSH IN technology, providing the fastest, easiest, and safest way to wire up photovoltaic plants. These high-quality connectors are extremely easy to handle, quick to install, and significantly minimize the risk of plant downtimes, which saves money in the long term.

TE Connectivity’s (TE) compression terminal connectors supplied by Allied ElectronicsTE Connectivity’s (TE) compression terminal connectors supplied by Allied Electronics & Automation are ideal for secondary distribution up to 35 kV. Copper compression terminal connectors are available to accommodate a range of cable sizes from #10 AWG to 1000 kcmil copper and offered in one- or two-hole terminal. Used for terminating solid, compact, and concentric stranded, class B conductors with either a standard or long barrel version, they meet the requirements of UL 486. Compression crimping forms the terminal and conductor into a strong, almost homogeneous unit, producing excellent conductivity, low temperature rise, and outstanding resistance to oxidation and corrosion. Compression of the terminal barrel creates a highly reliable connection that enables the connector to perform well and at a lower temperature than the conductor during operation. TE’s compression terminal connectors are used in power distribution applications in the energy (utility) industry.

Amphenol ICC offers busbar connectors and cablesBattery storage systems are at the heart of energy storage solutions. Amphenol ICC offers busbar connectors and cables, as well as input/output solutions going into 48 V / 1000 V / 1500 V Lithium ion battery racks. The BarKlip connectors offer the smallest 150 A+ ESS solution in the market with a high current rating of up to 160 A /200 /300 A per contact at 30 °C T-Rise. With a wire range of 8 AWG-0 AWG, these connectors feature latch retention force greater than 100 N, terminal position assurance (TPA), and multiple coding options.


AirBorn’s M-Series Micro D microminiature connectors

AirBorn’s M-Series Micro D microminiature connectors are designed for mission-critical applications where high-density and high-reliability is a necessity. Ideally suited for the most demanding applications, the M-Series connector high-temperature models are perfectly suited for down-hole drilling duty, withstanding temperature fluctuations between -55 °C to +205 °C. The product line has been utilized industry wide for over 30 years in various applications ranging from avionics, civil craft, deep-sea exploration, geophysical, helicopter, medical devices, navigation, radar, communications, engine control systems and more.

HDC from Smiths Interconnect is a heavy-duty modular connector seriesHDC from Smiths Interconnect is a heavy-duty modular connector series that conforms to IEC60664 and IEC61984 standards. Through the combination of different modules selected by the designer, the connector can handle different signal types such as power, signal, and data, without the need for separate connections. This flexibility makes the HDC series suitable for the electrical, optical, radio frequency, high-voltage, high-current, high-speed transmission for wind energy, power systems, photovoltaic and engineering equipment, rail transportation, and heavy machinery.

Subsea Energy Connectors from Hydro Group, a Trexon company, have been tested extensively for performance and endurance by third-party verification companies, and pressure tested to 10,000 PSI / 6860 MSW / 689 BAR. These include fiber optic connectors, EXD-rated connectors, HRC Hydro renewable connectors (36kV), surface mateable coaxial connectors (metal and rubber keyed), surface mateable hybrid coaxial electrical connectors (metal keyed), HMK Hydro metal keyed underwater mateable electrical connectors, HRM Hydro rubber molded connectors, HDM hydro deck mate connectors, and HRS Hydro rubber sealing underwater mateable electrical connectors. Hydro Group has a proven track record over many years on local, national, and international projects that focus on technology and innovation in subsea applications in the oil & gas, marine renewable energy, and defense markets.

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