June 2021 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | June 01, 2021

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

June 2021 New Connectivity Products

June 2021 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

Rosenberger WSMPWSMP standard, high-speed, or new generation connectors from Rosenberger are approx. 45% smaller than standard SMP connectors and can be used for applications up to 100 GHz. Outstanding product features are extremely high packing densities and minimum board-to-board distances of 3.05 mm. Radial and axial misalignments can be compensated by using bullets. The product range has been revised and contains cable connectors, PCB connectors, adaptors (bullets), multi-pin connectors, or cable assemblies. WSMP connectors from Rosenberger are certified according to DIN EN 9100 and qualified for aerospace applications.

HARTING-har-modularThe har-modular from HARTING completely redefines modularity for design-in devices with a world first for the connection of PCBs. The modular concept is based on the reliable DIN 41612 strips, but modularly configurable from batch size 1. Thanks to an online configurator, it is possible to select from a trillion possible combinations and thereby always arrive at the ideal solution, even for small series and prototypes. This represents enormous time savings and simplification of work on the way to the finished product. Users can choose from any number of contacts for power, signals, and data. Where several connectors used to be necessary, har-modular combines all the desired lifelines in one connection.

HARTING har flexThe flexible portfolio revolving around HARTING’s miniaturized PCB connector har-flex in 1.27mm pitch is extended by power variants for even greater scope of freedom and also includes hybrid solutions combining power and signals. This combination eliminates the use of separate power and signal connectors on the board. Both lifelines are combined in a single, space-saving connection. The power variants also reduce the space required for power transmission as opposed to conventional, previous solutions. Here, users have often taken the path of conducting power via several signal contacts connected in parallel. Naturally, this results in a higher number of contacts, which accordingly require more space. Thanks to har-flex Power, this power can now be transmitted over approximately half the required surface area.

Heilind TE AMPModu 2mmHeilind Electronics, authorized distributor for TE Connectivity (TE), expands its range of AMPMODU interconnection solutions with the manufacturer’s 2 mm receptacles, breakaway headers, and shrouded headers. These new connectors occupy 38% less space than traditional 2.54 mm (0.1 inch) centerline products. Available in vertical and right-angle orientations, the shrouded headers come in a double-row configuration with through-hole or surface-mount termination for ease of manufacturing. AMPMODU 2 mm breakaway headers can be mounted onto boards with thicknesses of 1.6 mm or 2.4 mm. The headers offer an intermateable solution with major brand receptacles via a polarization feature that favors correct mating. They are molded in a flame-retardant (UL94 V0) thermoplastic housing material that is resistant to reflow soldering temperatures, resulting in a high level of safety in harsh environments. Target applications include PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other I/O devices, servo drives, industrial automation and controls, industrial robotics, instrumentation and test equipment, building/factory automation, and material handling.

Amphenol RF SMAAmphenol RF has expanded its SMA product series with 50-ohm connectors optimized for low loss TFC-302LL cable. This lightweight, compact, and vibration-proof interface is available in bulkhead jack, straight jack, straight plug, and right-angle plug configurations. These connectors are ideal for applications where low return loss is necessary, such as automotive testing, wireless systems, and IoT solutions. The SMA interface supports frequencies up to 18 GHz, ensuring optimal performance through 6 GHz, the cut-off frequency of the cable, and utilizes the popular threaded coupling mechanism. All designs feature crimp termination, which allows for quick and secure assembly, and uses standard hex crimp tooling and a soldered center contact. These SMA configurations are machined from brass with either nickel or gold plating.

CONEC’s new axial M12 L-coded connectorsCONEC M12 require approximately 50% less installation space compared to 7/8″ connectors. Due to the high current-carrying capacity of up to 16 A, they are also able to ensure the power supply of devices through a miniaturized interface. The suitable protective caps for the M12 L-coded version offer optimum protection against contamination in harsh environments and thus always ensure an operational interface. All variants meet the IP67 degree of protection in mated and mounted condition.

June 2021 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies 

L-Com Short Flex cableL-com’s short, flex Cat 5e cables assemblies feature a high bend radius that can be routed in small spaces without loss of performance. These new Ethernet cable assemblies are available in 15cm to 10m lengths and feature SF/UTP double-shielded TPU jackets with RJ45 connectors. Each assembly has been fluke tested to channel standards and is wired to the TIA 568B. They are perfect for use in tight spaces and are designed to bend or be routed at tighter angles than standard cables. These cables can be used in data centers, enterprise networks, industrial networks, and in any application where space is an issue.

Teledyne Storm Microwave cableTeledyne Storm Microwave announces a new cable product line for Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) test leads and other interconnect testing. Storm-Test is designed to extend a test lead’s useful life while delivering phase stability, critical in precision manufacturing environments where measurement accuracy must be maintained with repeated use over months and years. The Storm-Test series of test leads expands Storm’s comprehensive portfolio of cable solutions for test and measurement applications. The new Storm-Test 50 GHz expands the frequency and phase stability performance offered by Storm test cables. The series offers new cable bend protection that optimizes product life while delivering mechanical robustness via the braided FEP jacket, which aids abrasion resistance and prevents fraying of the outer jacket. It is designed specifically for demanding applications in test, radar, military, and aerospace, and offers an operating temperature range of -55 to +125°C. The new cables have superior resistance to crushing and torque. The Storm-Test products offer a variety of phase matching and customization options. 

Kycon USB-C connectorKycon’s new USB Type C connector, the KUSBX-SMT-CS-6-BTR, is a 6-pin SMT Type C receptacle that is designed for power-only applications. By removing the data transfer pins, this is a cost-effective solution for designs where power is the only function. Advantages include: Six pins for power only applications (no data transfer), stainless steel shell with through-hole leads for additional strength and stability. High temperature, halogen-free plastic, tape and reel packaging, and RoHS and REACH compliancy.

June 2021 New Connectivity Products > Sensors and Antennas

L-COM Sector Antenna HG4964L-com’s new line of high-performance sector antennas are designed to address MIMO, 802.11n, point-to-multipoint, and high-density deployments requiring frequency reuse to achieve high capacity and data rates. The new antennas offer both high performance and ease of installation, making them perfect for a wide variety of applications. They include either horizontal/vertical dual polarization or +/-45 slant polarization to address a multitude of installation scenarios. Other features include dual ports utilizing Type-N female connectors, gain ranging from 17 dBi to 20.5 dBi, and 65- or 45-degree beamwidth options.

KP wifi 6 and wifi 63 antennasKP Performance Antennas, an Infinite Electronics brand and a manufacturer of wireless network antennas, launched a new line of omnidirectional and flat panel Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6e antennas that are ideal for commercial and enterprise users in industrial, utilities, mil/aero and small office home office (SOHO) applications. KP’s newest omni and flat panel antennas cover the 2.4, 4.9, 5, and 6 GHz bandwidths and are Wi-Fi 6e ready. They deliver more spectrum by 1.2 GHz than previous Wi-Fi antennas. This quadrupling of the Wi-Fi available network allows speeds to reach up to 1 to 2 Gb/s, which is comparable to mmWave 5G signals. These antennas also provide low latency and work with the latest devices released in 2021 and beyond. The multi-port omnis and flat-panel antennas in this line are designed for indoor, outdoor, or large venue deployments up to 6×6 MIMO capability. 

June 2021 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

ZEUS battery at NewarkNewark now stocks ZEUS battery products in North America, including this desktop charger for lead-acid batteries (PCCG-SLA12V1800). Constant voltage chargers are frequently utilized in the lead-acid cells found in cars and back-up power systems. Users can connect to a standard 110 ~ 240 Vac input to maintain charge of ZEUS lead-acid batteries. Sealed lead-acid batteries are a great portable energy device and one of the most cost-effective solutions for direct and standby power sources. Other features include over current protection, short circuit protection, and reverse polarity protection. They are a great choice for emergency and uninterruptible power supplies.

Weidmueller Kippon terminal blocksWeidmuller has added the versatile Klippon Connect terminal blocks AITB for building installation to its A-Series. The uniform bus bar position makes it possible to combine different terminal block products and connection systems in one overall system. The side screw terminal connection is available for large cross-sections, such as N conductors. Terminal blocks with convenient PUSH IN connection systems are used to collect and distribute the potentials. With this, even stranded wire conductors can be connected by simply pressing the colored pusher. The AITB disconnection area can optionally accommodate a fuse holder, a disconnector, or a component plug so the terminal block can be used within an application as a disconnect terminal block, fuse terminal block, or as a terminal block with electronics installation. The different functional areas of the terminal block systems can be clearly distinguished by shape or coloring despite numerous connections in the smallest space. This makes it easy to see which test taps belong to which wire connection and also applies to the cross-connections. The common coloring helps to avoid confusion in confined spaces, enabling installation and maintenance to be conducted in a time-saving and error-free manner.

TTI stocks 3M bootsTTI Inc. is now stocking the full range of 3M’s Water-Resistant Boot for Mini-Clamp Connectors. 3M’s Water-Resistant Boot 378 series provides IP67 protection against dust and other particulates while also providing water resistance (rated at full immersion for up to 30 minutes at 1 meter depth). The 3M Water-Resistant Boot works for cable bundle diameters from 2.5 – 6.0 mm. This is field-installable with no special tools required, including heat sources. The boot is used in applications such as factory automation, production lines, warehouses, and building control systems.

Phoenix Contact ethernet cablePhoenix Contact’s M12 X-code high-speed Ethernet connector system has expanded to include all male, female, straight, and angled versions. Phoenix Contact has developed an entirely new patented manufacturing approach for shielded M12 cordsets known as Advanced Shielding Technology (AST). This innovative process uses liquid metal to ensure a complete 360° shielded connector head, creating a reliable and interference-free transmission of data. The higher bandwidth shielding of the cable plays a big role in secure data connection. M12 X-code has several features and benefits: cable shielding S/FTP (overall braid shield, foil over each pair); it is approved for high-speed Ethernet, EtherCAT, and PROFINET; 10 Gb/s, Frequency 500Mhz; and Category CAT6A.

SCHURTER 2561/2562 seriesSCHURTER announced a change to the UL/CSA ratings for its 2561/2562 series IEC C6 inlet. The inlet conforms with the standards update UL 498 & CSA C22.2 to UL 60320-1, where the ratings are also updated to reflect both IEC 2.5A at 250 VAC and UL 7A at 125 VAC. The ratings address the trend toward downsizing equipment to achieve smaller form factors, particularly the power supply. Examples of applications include portable medical lab, therapeutic, cosmetic surgical devices used in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices, pro audio equipment and datacom routers/switchers. The 2561 offers holes for countersunk screws, while the 2562 has holes for regular or flush-mount screws. Varying terminals are available, including long and short solder or PCB terminals. A combination of terminals is also possible with the 2561; for instance, short solder terminals for L and N and long solder terminal for E.

Pasternack GaN Diode switchesPasternack launched a new series of high-power RF and microwave PIN diode coaxial packaged switches that are ideal for commercial and military radar, jamming systems, medical imaging, communications, and electronic warfare. The new switches utilize GaN semiconductor technology. GaN and chip & wire technology in the manufacturing process ensures state-of-the-art power performance with excellent power-to-volume ratio that is ideal for broadband high-power applications. These PIN diode switches offer excellent thermal properties and a significantly higher breakdown voltage that results in tolerating higher input power levels over broadband and narrowband RF and microwave frequencies. Because these are PIN diode designs, they also offer fast switching speed as low as < 50 nsec. Other features include cold-switching performance up to 100 watts CW RF input power, broad frequency band coverage ranging from DC to 18 GHz with reflective SPDT and SP4T PIN diode designs, TTL compatible driver circuitry for accurate logic control, and compact coaxial packages. All units are EAR99-compliant and meet a series of environmental conditions for altitude, vibration, humidity, and shock.

Amphenol RF 50 ohm TNCAmphenol RF has added high-performance 50-ohm cable assemblies to its TNC product series, available in plug-to-plug configurations with an extensive range of standard lengths from six inches to four meters. TNC cable assemblies are suitable for a number of applications, including industrial connectivity and external antennas. They utilize high-quality TNC connectors, which feature a threaded coupling mechanism for secure mating and stable performance. These connectors are manufactured from brass with nickel plating and offer reliable electrical performance up to 11 GHz or to the limits of the cable type.

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