How Did the Connector Industry Perform in 2021?

Ron Bishop of Bishop & Associates shares connector sales numbers and insights into the factors that led to an extraordinary year. Bishop & Associates has closely monitored the connector industry since 1985. Led by founder Ron Bishop, the market research firm has tracked and reported on the expansion of interconnect products, the emergence of transformativeRead More

Lidar Systems Give Vision to Vehicles

Every lidar application requires connectivity. Choosing the right connectors starts with understanding the environment that the technology will operate in. Lidar technology has grown into a highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry. Its use in vehicle applications has enabled systems like ADAS, autonomous transportation systems, and  diverse applications ranging from traffic management and pedestrian monitoringRead More

Four Key Features to Consider When Choosing Connectors for Vehicles

As transportation technologies evolve, the connectors that have served the industry well for decades are being joined by a new generation of small, lightweight, versatile, and powerful interconnects.  Many connectors for vehicles that designers and manufacturers rely on have been on the market for decades. Modern cars, light trucks, and motorcycles include legacy connectors throughoutRead More

Interactive Design Module Simplifies Customization for Board-to-Board Connectors

Online configuration tools are changing the way we specify connectors. 3D modules help designers create the right product for their application. Board-to-board connectors are designed to connect two PCBs with precisely controlled spacing in between. For example, when customizing a pin header, numerous parameters must be considered, such as number of pins, pin length, andRead More

Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen Cable Assemblies Product Roundup

This week’s Product Roundup highlights low-smoke, zero-halogen cable assemblies from leading suppliers. LSZH cable assemblies are safer in confined spaces or high-temperature applications, for example, because in the event of a fire, they don’t emit harmful chemicals or hamper visibility. Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen Cable Assemblies  CDM SAFER Cable RF jumper assemblies are designed and engineered usingRead More

Antennas Product Roundup December 2021

Antennas from leading suppliers for a variety of applications, from structural health monitoring and predictive maintenance to home automation to oil and gas utility sites. Antennas The Mobile Multi-band Antenna (MMA-RX) from Smiths Interconnect utilizes a three-aperture design that provides quad band data receive bandwidth in a single unit. The system features upgraded high-efficiency aperturesRead More

Robots Enabled with Artificial Intelligence are Learning to Take Over

Connected, smart robots are doing, learning, and even teaching more tasks and processes than ever, with less programming than ever, thanks to AI. At a time when one must lament the dearth of human intelligence being applied to some of the most existential challenges humans have ever faced, artificial intelligence is beginning to have anRead More

Three Key Connectivity Requirements for Autonomous Delivery Robots

As consumers transition to ordering more goods online, shippers are exploring alternatives to human labor. Autonomous delivery robots use sensors systems connected with high-density rectangular connectors to navigate complex environments and carry out delivery tasks. By NorComp Autonomous delivery robots are becoming a new part of life. Delivering everyday packages as well as critical foodRead More

Three Trends to Watch in Cobot Development

Cobots require high levels of functional safety, high load-bearing capacity with increased arm speed, and a lightweight design. Specialized connector solutions make it so. The industrial robotics space is changing fast. The latest generation of robots is taking on more complex tasks than ever before — and increasingly working alongside humans. Collaborative robots, or cobots,Read More

Robotics Connectors Product Roundup

This week’s Product Roundup highlights robotics connectors from leading suppliers. As robotics becomes more advanced, reducing the need for humans in dangerous situations or difficult environments, design challenges continue to emerge. Here are the latest connectivity solutions for this rapidly advancing market. Robotics Connectors Smiths Interconnect’s M12 Series connectors offer a robust and compact connectivity solutionRead More

November 2021 Connector Industry News II

Connectors are on the move on the Mars Perseverance Rover and a Guinness World Records recognized electric car. Plus Raspberry Pi-enabled audio, awards, acquisitions, personnel moves, and more.  November 2021 Connector Industry News II November 2021 Connector Industry News II > Award News Smiths Interconnect’s cPCI, launched on NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover’, has been awardedRead More

SWaP-Optimized Rectangular Connectors for Harsh-Environment Mil/Aero Connectivity

Rectangular connectors offer significant size and weight reductions, effective EMI protection, and meet military and aerospace qualifications. They offer valuable cost and performance benefits compared to traditional circular connectors.  Connectivity solutions for military and aerospace projects often need to be optimized for size, weight, and power (SWaP) to satisfy the stringent physical and performance requirementsRead More

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