ept or “electronic precision technology” is your PCB connector manufacturer. With more than 40 years of experience, our core competencies lie in developing and producing connectors that rely on press-fit and soldering technology, as well as machines for processing and tools for press-fit technology. ept’s connectors are used throughout the world for a variety of demanding applications such as data processing and communication, control and measurement technology, vehicle construction, transportation, military, air travel, space travel and beyond. Our approach mainly focuses on the Tcom press® zone, a press-fit solution developed by ept which was approved for use in automotive applications as far back as 2001. Still independent and family-owned, ept offers the flexibility as well as the direct, one-on-one personal communication that our customers value. Numerous product developments are planned for the coming years – plans that will enable ept to build on its reputation as a manufacturer of precision technology.

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  • •   ept connector COLIBRI in practice
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  • •   ept connector ONE27 in practice
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