ept’s Flexilink Jumper

By News Release | November 03, 2014

ept’s flexilink jumper provides a dense PCB connection with an operational current up to 8A.

ept LED Flexilink JumperThe flexilink jumper, ept’s latest connector innovation in press-fit technology, offers the highest flexibility for various applications, with the lowest consumption of PCB space, current capacity as high as 8A per pin, and easy processing without soldering.

The flexilink jumper is a one-piece connection component for horizontal PCB applications utilizing minimal space as low as 3.8mm,  with a height of 2mm. This space savings makes it ideal for a variety of applications, including chaining PCBs together for LED applications. The flexilink jumper provides further flexibility with a pin count of two to 15, and the ability to apply specific pin arrangements and pitch sizes from 2mm to 4mm.

The jumper’s biggest advantage versus other horizontal PCB connectors is easy processing via simple press-in of the component without soldering. When pressed into the PCB, the pins’ compliant Tcom press produces a reliable mechanical and electrical connection. Additional soldering and/or mechanical binders are not needed. The flexilink jumper can be processed by different machines and tools, ranging from a manual press-up to a fully automated in-line press within the manufacturing proces

News Release
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