Wire-to-Board Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | October 31, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights wire-to-board connectors from leading suppliers.

Wire-to-board connectors

Amphenol FlexLock available at AvnetAvnet supplies Amphenol’s FlexLock FPC-to-Board and Flex-to-Wire. The compact design addresses the growing demand for the automotive application market. The connector design is compliant to USCAR- T2V2 and LV-214 S3 specifications.



Anderson Power Products PCB 75 Powerpole available at PEIAnderson Power Products PCB 75 Powerpole connector is supplied by PEI-Genesis. The innovative design of the Powerclaw family of wire-to-board connectors for the power electronics market makes connecting and disconnecting a snap. Enabling safe and convenient “hot swapping” during equipment maintenance means no need to power down. Compact and robust, they are rated at 55 amps for single pole and 50 amps for multipole connections. The mini horizontal and vertical Powerclaw contacts offer the same high current capacity as the original Powerclaws while providing more space-saving options for the design engineer.

JAE’s MX81 Series of unsealed compact connectorsJAE’s MX81 Series of unsealed compact connectors are ideal for interfacing with small control modules used in vehicles. These connectors share the same crimp socket terminals with the popular MX80 Series of sealed connectors and are compatible with a wide range of wire sizes. The same terminals can be used for both sealed and unsealed areas of the vehicle.


MicroSpace High Voltage selective loaded crimp-to-wire connector platform from Amphenol Communications Solutions The MicroSpace High Voltage selective loaded crimp-to-wire connector platform from Amphenol Communications Solutions features a unique design that enables LV214 Severity-2 and performs at 3.81 mm, 6.35 mm, and 8.89 mm pitch with 400V, 800V, and 1200V. MicroSpace High Voltage selective loaded connector platform will be available in a staggered version with a top latch configuration.


Lumberg’s RAST 1.5 connectorLumberg’s RAST 1.5 connector features direct and indirect mating, for cable-to-board connections in insulation displacement technology. The new 1.5 mm pitch offers an additional 43% in space savings and 40% in weight savings on the PCB compared to the RAST 2.5 (see image for comparison). These multi-pole connectors ensure functional expansions despite PCB miniaturization. RAST 1.5 accommodates an increasing number of connectors. Keying according to RAST 1.5 standard avoids mismating. For signal and low load currents up to 1 A, pitch 1.5 mm.

Greenconn’s robust high-speed wire-to-board connectorsGreenconn’s robust high-speed wire-to-board connectors feature 1.27 mm spacing, a current rating of 1.7A/Pin, 55 ℃~125 ℃ operating temperature, 4 Gb/s transfer speed, and 2000 Hz vibration resistance, which makes them ideal automotive data connectivity systems for automotive in-vehicle networks, infotainment, and ADAS applications. These WTB connectors are offered in two assembly methods: fixed type and plug-in type. Both types adopt IDC piercing technology, allowing for a more stable connection. The interlocking mechanism design within the connector helps effectively avoid the risk of the plug loosening when it is shaken or impacted.

Economy Power 2.5 (EP 2.5) surface mount technology (SMT) headers from TE ConnectivityEconomy Power 2.5 (EP 2.5) surface mount technology (SMT) headers from TE Connectivity are designed for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers using automated assembly processes to build compact wire-to-board systems. With more customers automating PCB assembly, SMT headers are increasingly being used in place of the standard through hole (T/H) versions. SMT headers are better suited for automated pick-and-place assembly, require fewer processing steps, and have reduced risk of connection failure due to solder bridging. These UL and VDE certified headers support 4.2A and 250V AC. They can safely mate with existing EP 2.5 connectors and similar 2.5 mm pitch products on the market.

CMD Series High Density PCB Signal Connector from Smiths InterconnectCMD Series High Density PCB Signal Connector from Smiths Interconnect is a versatile, high density, 4 contact row connector solution for wire-to-board and board-to-board with built in coding and keying as well as ESA qualification. With a 0.6 mm contact diameter, CMD connectors are available from 42 to 316 contact positions with dip solder and SMT soldering contact termination types. Features include immunity to detrimental fretting due to shock and vibration, light weight, resistant to high shock and vibration (no micro interruptions – test: 2ns). Conforms to MIL-DTL-55302 general requirements and TPR 02013.

Phoenix Contact’s new FR 1.27 product familyPhoenix Contact’s new FR 1.27 product family is the result of a redesign of the standard FP 1.27 that significantly enhances the product’s performance in several ways. The current rating per contact has increased from 1.4 A to 2.3 A, allowing the connector to be used for higher power applications. Smaller and larger position sizes were also added. However, the largest improvement to the part is an increase in the data rate from 3 Gb/s to 28 Gb/s. Phoenix Contact is the first supplier to reach 28 Gb/s in this size connector in this industry. These new achievable data rates in this size of connector provide more flexibility in design than ever before, which will accommodate a new generation of innovation.

917X series of surface mount Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) from KYOCERA AVXThe 917X series of surface mount Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) from KYOCERA AVX were developed to meet the harsh requirements of automotive and industrial applications. This series of connectors provides a robust, reliable, and efficient method to connect individual wires ranging from 12 AWG to 30 AWG directly to a PCB. The single contact design can function as a standalone component. It provides designers access to IDC technology in an easy-to-use form factor allowing them to bring power and signal to a PCB in a wide range of applications. These connectors have been tested to various levels of shock, vibration, and temperature cycling to prove their reliability and robustness.

Hirose KW30 1mm Pitch Wire-to-Board ConnectorsHirose KW30 1mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connectors are single-row, center-lock connectors with a two-point contact system in a contact deflection prevention design for enhanced reliability. A safety rib design with a positive lock prevents incomplete mating, insertion issues, and lock damage. Options include straight or right-angle connection and 32AWG to 28AWG wire gauge range. The Hirose KW30 wire-to-board connectors are ideal for applications requiring high vibration reliability.

I-PEX CABLINE micro-coaxial cable I-PEX CABLINE micro-coaxial cable connectors are ideal for connecting displays, camera modules, storage devices, and other applications where cables need to route through narrow spaces or hinges. They easily handle high data rates, offer excellent signal integrity performance, support power delivery, and have the option of 360-degree EMI shielding through I-PEX’s patented ZenShield technology.


Ept’s One27 connector seriesEpt’s One27 connector series is engineered with flexibility and rugged reliability in mind. These 1.27 mm SMT connectors are made in variations of both straight and right-angled types, capable of mezzanine distances ranging from 8 mm to 20.5 mm, up to 80 positions, and female IDC options pre-assembled with cable. Ribbon cable is available in customizable lengths. One27s are designed to deliver power to the PCB without risk of signal loss, even during high-stress environments and vibration. Built-in anti-twist safeguards, board-locks, positioning pins, and insertion chamfers prevent damage during installation as well as during operation. Dual-beam, smooth surface contacts ensure high contact reliability and a secure mating tolerance of a least 1.5 mm.

METZ CONNECT’s single terminal blocks SM99 and SR99METZ CONNECT’s single terminal blocks SM99 and SR99 have a very compact design and accept wire cross sections up to 16 AWG. With the push-in technique for wire insertion and a large finger push-button for wire release, they deliver optimum ease of use. In addition, they feature a high level of connection reliability with their wire connection indicator and a test point for a continuity check. The reflow-capable and tape & reel packaged single terminal blocks offer maximum flexibility for the PC board design as they can be placed as single poles nearly everywhere on the PC board.

EDAC inline connectorsEDAC in-line wire-to-board connectors are available in vertical or right angle with non-waterproof and IP67 waterproof options. EDAC’s dual-latch technology improves retention in series 560 and 572 for more rugged applications. Variations or semi-custom options are available at little to no cost or full custom if needed.

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Wire-to-Board Automotive Connectors Product Roundup

Wire-to-Board Connectors Product Roundup

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