Wire-to-Board Automotive Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | May 31, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights wire-to-board automotive connectors from leading suppliers.

Wire-to-Board Automotive Connectors

Greenconn wire-to-board connectorsGreenconn’s wire-to-board connectors are offered in two assembly methods: fixed type and plug-in type. Both types adopt IDC piercing technology, which makes production more economical and allows for a more stable connection. Once the male and female ends are assembled, the interlocking mechanism design within the connector helps effectively avoid the risk of the plug loosening when it is shaken or impacted. Greenconn’s high-speed wire-to-board interconnect products provide customized solutions for automotive applications such as infotainment systems, interior lighting, and others.


Smiths Interconnect’s REP series multipole, sealed, plastic connectorsSmiths Interconnect’s REP series multipole, sealed, plastic connectors provide a quick and secure connection of embedded equipment across a wide range of applications, such as automotive sensors, brakes, lighting, air conditioning, and communications. The connector uses Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology which guarantees excellent reliability, even under high levels of shock and vibration, and allows up to 500 mating cycles and high current rating up to 18 A. The REP connector range offers two main versions: with crimp termination contacts for cable harness applications and with straight or bent termination contacts for PCB mount applications. Both versions are available in three layouts: 2, 6, and 12 ways. The REP Series comes with a shunt accessory enabling electrical derivation inside the connector for transmission of information to different locations. Just one contact is needed for cables with cross sections from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm² (24-12 AWG) per the NFF 63-808 and EN 50-306 standards. No specialized tooling is required for mounting, with consequent reduction of supply chain, maintenance, and cabling costs.


The Sure-Seal Connections Circular Series from PEI-GenesisThe Sure-Seal Connections Circular Series from PEI-Genesis offers a range of connectors and cable assemblies for harsh environment applications, including EVs, marine electronics, broadband wireless, and more. Available in four different sizes (IPCA, IPCB, IPCC, and IPCD), Sure-Seal Circular cables are thoroughly tested to provide a strong connection while withstanding the elements. These industrial connector cable assemblies are offered in molded cable, field wireable, and panel mount variations. Sure-Seal Circular Series cables are available in a variety of pre-terminated lengths, as well as custom variations and lengths of all standard cable assemblies.


Powell Electronics supplies Amphenol Sine Systems AHD Series Diagnostic ConnectorsPowell Electronics supplies Amphenol Sine Systems AHD Series Diagnostic Connectors (including J1939). These connectors are a cost-conscious, reliable alternative to existing diagnostic solutions and are intermateable to industry standard 6- and 9-pin connectors. The AHD Series is ideal for any situation where either controlled and/or uncontrolled environmental conditions exist. These connectors are offered in both a smooth, non-sealing option for controlled applications, as well as an environmentally sealed, threaded option for more demanding applications.


JAE’s MX77 compact low-profile connectorJAE’s MX77 compact low-profile connector is used in general purpose automotive electrical control units (ECU), battery system components for electric vehicles, and battery management system (BMS) applications. The pin side are SMT-mounted to save space and are fixed to the board by soldering the legs to the board using a through-hole reflow process to ensure sufficient strength. The MX77D featuring 0.4 mm tab size with added height-reduction has been added to the MX77 Series lineup in response to the demand for compact and low-profile automotive connectors.


https:\www.amphenol-icc.com\product-series\flexlock-2-54mm-fpc-to-board.html%3futm_source=connector-supplier&utm_medium=landing-pageAmphenol Communications Solutions’ FlexLock FPC-to-Board connector’s compact design addresses growing demand for connectivity solutions for the automotive application market. The connector design is compliant to USCAR-T2V2 specifications to meet the need for reliable BMS in EVs. FPC-to-Board connectors enable simpler layouts, reduce the weight of BMS applications and are an alternative to discrete wire-to-board solutions.


ept’s tried and true One27 1.27 SMT cable assemblyept’s tried and true One27 1.27 SMT cable assembly for the automotive industry helps ensure proper management of critical electrical systems in electric vehicles. An enormous “Z” direction tolerance of 1.5 mm is possible, which supports board-to-board (mezzanine) distances ranging from 8 mm to 13.8 mm. Parallel and perpendicular connectors are available and the cable assembly is fully customizable. For inverters, chassis systems, blind-spot assistance, and beyond, the One27 is a rugged and viable option for a plethora of automotive applications.


Lumberg’s 3517-4 RAST connectorsLumberg’s 3517-4 RAST connectors are designed to improve retaining forces and lock on the PCB edge for direct connectors used in the automotive industry. These connectors offer a highly space-saving and economical solution with a contact pitch of 2.5 mm. The 3517-4, with optional keying rib and closed sides, reaches an outstanding retaining force of ≥ 13.4 Newton. This is made possible by the reinforced locking toes inside the reliable geometry of the casing, which ensure a higher mechanical retention on the printed circuit board without taking up additional casing space. Part of the RAST 2.5 connector range, it has a proven track record for cars and can also mate with existing harnessing machines with single wires of a diameter ranging between 0.22 and 0.38 mm² and insulation resistance of up to a max. 1.6 mm.

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