Modular Rectangular Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | April 18, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights modular rectangular connectors from leading suppliers.

Modular rectangular connectors 

The N Series of mini modular, high-density connectors from Smiths InterconnectThe N Series of mini modular, high-density connectors from Smiths Interconnect offers a variety of combinations in a single connector frame. It employs a do-it-yourself system based on the building block principle, which allows users to select the connector design that meets their specific requirements through off-the-shelf components. The N Series includes coax and high-current contacts up to 25 amps and allows for up to 900 contact positions. These connectors are used in the most demanding  applications where the environment requires durability, ruggedization, and extended operating life. Utilizing the Hypertac contact technology, the interconnects offer up to 100,000 mating cycles combined with low insertion and extraction mating forces, as well as unsurpassed immunity to shock and vibration. The modular building block system enables custom connectors with large numbers of contacts to be configured into a single frame. This allows users to select and customize the connector to fulfill their exact requirements with off-the-shelf components and shortened lead times.

Staubli's CombiTac direqt modular connector seriesKensington Electronics Inc. supplies Staubli’s CombiTac direqt modular connector series with high-quality, long-lasting modular connectors for power, signal, and pneumatic connections up to 10,000 mating cycles. The CombiTac direqt click-and-connect system allows for fast, easy assembly without the use of tools. These connection systems offer significant economic advantages and are ideal for a wide array of industrial applications. They offer housing and panel mount versions, high safety features, and short lead times.

HARTING's har-modular PCB connectors, supplied by Heilind ElectronicsHARTING’s har-modular PCB connectors, supplied by Heilind Electronics, evolved from traditional DIN 41 612 style connectors. The modular design allows customers to configure custom connectors from off-the-shelf components. Individual modules are easy to assemble and are locked together with a fixing rail. Har-modular combines signal, power, and coax in one connector. They are easy to assemble, as well as cost-effective and time efficient.

The KN01 Series from JAEThe KN01 Series from JAE is a large, lightweight, high-density, waterproof rectangular connector. This connector is ideal for industrial equipment such as robotics, automated machinery, and machine tools, which require resilience against environmental conditions. The KN01 Series can be used for a wide range of applications with an insert structure that can be customized to comply with various pin counts by configuring the different insulator blocks. The rack-and-pinion system locking lever enables mating and unmating with minimum effort. The KN01 Series can be used as an I/O connector for a wide range of general devices over various markets requiring multi-contact wiring.

Avnet supplies TE Connectivity's HDC insertsAvnet supplies TE Connectivity’s HDC inserts, which comply with the EN45545 European standard on flame retardancy for materials and products in railway rolling stock. HDC inserts meet R22 and R23 requirements set on level HL3. The modular inserts enable signal, data, and power to be transmitted via one single connector with a high level of flexibility when configuring railway connector systems.


SV Microwave offers VITA Backplane Modules SV Microwave offers VITA Backplane Modules aligned to the SOSA Technical Standard. Amphenol SV Microwave is an active member of the SOSA standard’s committee and spearheaded the effort to include RF industry-recognized interfaces like SMPM and SMPS as open standards.


The CMM from NicomaticThe CMM from Nicomatic is a modular rectangular connection system with a 2 mm pitch, allowing the creation of more than 20 million standard configurations (HF, HP, LF contacts, from 1 to 3 rows and up to 120 contacts). CMM features flexible architecture for board-to-board, board-to-wire, and wire-to-wire. It achieves significant space savings (up to -40% in area and -60% in volume) compared to other rectangular connectors with a weight gain of -20% to -50% compared to solutions with the same functionalities. Robustness of PPS means a low degassing rate, resistance to radiation and solvents, and no moisture absorption. CMM offers resistance to temperatures between -60 °C and + 260 °C (temperature cycle) and is ideal for applications with shock and vibration, thanks to its high-performance mechanical fixing system. MIL-DTL-55302F and BS-9525-F0033.

TE Connectivity’s MULTIGIG RT 3 and MULTIGIG RT 2-S connectors from TTITE Connectivity’s MULTIGIG RT 3 and MULTIGIG RT 2-S connectors from TTI are next-generation lightweight, rugged, high-speed, backplane connectors that meet the interface dimensions for VITA 46 VPX connectors. The connectors are backward compatible with legacy MULTIGIG RT products and offer the same reliable interface. The MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors support speeds up to +25 Gb/s and offer a ruggedized design, which makes them ideally suited to withstand many extreme military and space environments. The quad-redundant contacts meet rigorous VITA standards for reliable performance under intense vibrations. A modular design enables numerous configurations by interchanging the higher-speed MULTIGIG RT 3 connectors with the legacy MULTIGIG RT 2 and MULTIGIG RT 2-R connectors. MULTIGIG RT 3 and MULTIGIG RT 2-S applications include aviation, military & defense, and space.

Phoenix Contact’s HEAVYCONPhoenix Contact’s HEAVYCON has thousands of components that can be used to create over 70 million different product combinations. Many common application requirements can be satisfied with a select set of those components. The unique snap-in modular frame locks in each modular insert with its own set of locking springs. This assembly feature can reduce the modular insert assembly time by up to 400%. The modular snap-in frames are fully compatible with most other suppliers’ inserts and frames.

Weidmüller’s RockStar heavy-duty connectors Weidmüller’s RockStar heavy-duty connectors are oriented toward the future with many patented innovations. The RockStar product line defines new standards with the comprehensive depth and breadth of its features. What other suppliers offer only as a custom configuration, Weidmüller supplies in its standard product line. As a result, selecting the proper connector
is now easier than ever, saving time and money, and optimizing workflow. The connector housings are made of die-cast aluminum and offer excellent protection against dirt, moisture, and mechanical stress. Modular connectors make it possible to integrate signals, power supply and data connections into a single connector.

Velox from ept Velox from ept is a modular backplane connector system for high-speed applications. A gold surface of 1.27-µm (50 μin) thickness safeguards the durability of the system, ensuring excellent performance and data transfer rates of 10+ Gb/s for applications such as military, aerospace, transportation, and telecommunications. The contacts are located inside of the connector housing for resilience and protection from outside interference. Durable for at least 200 mating cycles and able to withstand high stress, Velox connectors comply with the VITA 46 standard. The Velox connector system is available in four different modular types but can also be customized depending on design needs with options available of 72 to 144 contacts.

Harwin expanded the contact layout options of its Gecko-MT high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors. Harwin expanded the contact layout options of its Gecko-MT high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors. The new variants have been added to complement the existing symmetrical 2-power/8-signal and 4-power/8-signal layouts. Six new contact arrangements feature 2 to 6 power contacts and 4 to 24 signal contacts. These have a non-symmetrical structure, with the power contacts situated at one end and the data contacts at the other. The power contacts have a 10A current rating and the signal contacts are rated for 2.8A (maximum).

Amphenol Pcd’s SIMApproved to EN4165, Amphenol Pcd’s SIM is a rectangular, modular connector that is a proven alternative to the venerable D38999 circular. Available in either metal, composite, or plated composite, SIM — with its broad range of plugs, receptacles, rear accessories, and modules — is perfectly suited for both commercial aerospace and harsh environment military applications. The product can be customized into scoop-proof, high density, and mixed contacts configurations, all within a compact design.

EDAC Rack and PanelEDAC Rectangular+ family of rack and panel connectors offers a high reliability connection, ideal where many wires are interconnected to a panel. The hermaphroditic contact design has four self-cleaning contact mating surfaces and provides a gas tight connection with superior shock and vibration resistance. Ease of mating is facilitated with the use of an actuating screw and lock nut, and polarized hardware. Available in seven body sizes ranging from 14 to 120 contact positions.

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