Connectors for Rail Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | November 29, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors for rail applications from leading suppliers.

Connectors for Rail Applications

Smiths Interconnect’s REP seriesSmiths Interconnect’s REP series multipole, sealed, plastic connectors, provide a quick and secure connection of embedded equipment across a wide range of applications for rail, such as sensors, brakes, lighting, air conditioning, and communications. The connector is available with the proven Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology which guarantees excellent reliability, even under high levels of shock and vibration and allows up to 20,000 mating cycles and high current rating up to 18 A. REP connectors are also available in the EasyREP version, using MR screw machined contacts and allowing up to 500 mating cycles. The REP connector range offers crimp termination contacts for cable harness applications and straight or bent termination contacts for PCB mount applications. Both versions are available in 2, 6, and 12 ways. The REP Series comes with a shunt accessory enabling electrical derivation inside the connector for transmission of information to different locations. Just one contact is needed for cables with cross sections from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm² (20-13 AWG) per the NFF 63-808 and EN 50-306 standards. No specialized tooling is required for mounting, with consequent reduction of supply chain, maintenance, and cabling costs. For easy mounting, the connector includes polarized guides and provides several configurations: cable-to-cable, clips, front and back panel mount. Connectors are available for delivery as a complete, tested pre-cabled solution according to customers’ specifications and are also suitable for the industrial, Test & Measurement, automotive, public works, and defense industries.

JK11 Series from JAEThe JK11 Series from JAE is a high-current waterproof connector developed for railway vehicles and related electronic equipment. The JK11 shell, with the high-current contacts arranged horizontally, provides a slimmer profile compared to conventional circular connectors. JK11’s lever mating system simplifies mating operations. This connector is also compliant with FST (Fire, Smoke, Toxicity) standards for railway vehicles and can be safely considered for global railway projects. The JK11 Series is also suited for use in other industrial applications that require a rugged and secure connection.

Binder’s M12 connectors with D-coding of the 825/876 seriesbinder’s M12 connectors with D-coding of the 825/876 series for high-performance applications have a screw/cutting terminal connection and reach Cat5. In rail applications, these connectors find use in camera systems. The connectors have excellent shielding and achieve IP67 protection. Cable connectors are also available with molded cable; flange connectors have solder and dip solder connections. The connectors have excellent shielding and achieve IP67 protection. Shielded M12-D to RJ45 adapters are available straight and angled.

Amphenol’s Intercoach Railway Ethernet Connector Cablesets supplied by CDM ElectronicsAmphenol’s Intercoach Railway Ethernet Connector Cablesets supplied by CDM Electronics feature a 4 pair, 24 AWG, 100 ohm SFTP round patch cable, designed to the ISO / IEC 11801 Category. The cable contains 4 twisted pairs, cabled, double shielded with kevlar reinforcement strands, jacketed in black UV resistant polyurethane HFFR. Designed for fixed or portable applications in harsh environments. The jacket compound specification is halogen free flame retardant polyether-based polyurethane with glossy finish, has excellent hydrolysis resistance, high microbial resistance, and is UV resistant with high flexibility.

The versatile Souriau "SMS" Quick Mating panel and cable connectors from PEI-GenesisThe versatile Souriau “SMS” Quick Mating panel and cable connectors from PEI-Genesis are a highly cost-effective system approach to solving the constant demand for more cost effective interconnection techniques. Panel receptacle connectors snap and lock into panel cutouts and cable plugs quick connect and disconnect with positive retention locks. This series features 500 mating cycles, quick release, low profile (5.08mm pitch), wire attachment or PCB mounting options, and a self-mountable panel receptacle. A railway EN45545 flame retardant option is available. Souriau SMS is UL recognized and CSA certified.

WAGO’s 7.5 mm rail chassis disconnect terminal blocksWAGO’s 7.5 mm rail chassis disconnect terminal blocks are making orange the new gold by replacing all gold nuts in crossing gate junction boxes. Users can easily identify open or closed connections and isolate individual circuits for testing and repair. These terminal blocks improve reliability, with a tool-free and maintenance-free connection that is touch safe as well.

HARTING's Han-Modular series from HeilindOptimally design connectors to supply machinery and equipment with HARTING’s Han-Modular series from Heilind. The Han-Modular allows the combination of individual modules for different transmission media — including signal, data, power, and compressed air — in standard-sized industrial connector housings. User-friendly and highly flexible, this next-generation modular connector system also offers a small footprint and versatile functionality with the integration of multiple connectors into a single unit, significant reduction in space requirements, shorter installation times, cost savings on system and components, and future-proof/flexible enhancements.

COAX Connectors range of IP68-rated connectors and cable assembliesCOAX Connectors range of IP68-rated connectors and cable assemblies are ruggedized versions of standard RF Connector interfaces designed and manufactured to provide IP68 standard of protection either mated or unmated. Assemblies are available with various forms of cable armor to meet the harshest of environments. This makes them ideal for use in rail applications such as communications and signaling. Available in both 50Ω and 75Ω, Coax Connectors IP68 products are sealed to 10 meters x 4 hours unmated and are available in all commonly used interfaces including BNC, TNC, and N Type. The connectors provide a minimum 500 mating cycles with operating temperature ranges from -65 °C to +165 °C, have MIL39012 interfaces, and are available in a variety of surface finishes.

CMM connectors from NicomaticCMM connectors from Nicomatic are designed to meet or exceed electrical and mechanical performances of MIL-DTL-55302F and BS-9525-F0033 standards. CMM connectors tested are measured under EN45545- 2+A1-2015-2 standard and required test procedures for fire protection on railway vehicles. This modular connector allows more than 20 million arrangements for signal, power, and coaxial contacts, from 1 to 3 rows, up to 120 pins with 2mm pitch. Board-to-board, board-to-wire, and wire-to-wire configurations are available. CMM connectors feature space-saving up to 60% and weight saving up to 50% compared to other existing rectangular micro-connectors with the same functionalities. Robust PPS material makes them oxygen-free, with radiation resistance, solvent resistance, and no humidity absorption, as well as being highly resistant to vibrations and shocks. Temperature cycling is between -60 °C and +260 °C.

CombiTac modular connectors from Powell ElectronicsCombiTac modular connectors from Powell Electronics combine various connection types in a single frame or housing and can be configured according to your exact specifications. Depending on your application needs, two types of CombiTac products are available, CombiTac uniq and CombiTac direqt. CombiTac uniq is designed for more demanding applications that require versatile long-life modular connector solutions, and where a combination of power, signal, data, fiber optic, fluid, and pneumatic connections are needed. CombiTac uniq is 100% customizable to meet exact technical and dimensional specifications. MULTILAM Technology allows its contacts to reach up to 100,000 mating cycles and current levels up to 300 A. Harsh conditions in the transportation sector require high vibration resistance, maximum reliability, and compact design. These attributes are vitally important for railway and e-mobility applications. Powell offers extensive support in configuring 100% customized CombiTac modular connectors, including cable assembly if required. CombiTac direqt is ideal for applications where fast tool-free assembly is required, and where it is necessary to combine electrical signal, power, and pneumatic connections up to 10,000 mating cycles. CombiTac direqt offers significant economic advantages, particularly when a high quantity of modular connectors for low power and signals is needed.

HARTING’s new Han HPR VarioShellHARTING’s new Han HPR VarioShell was developed as a highly flexible housing system especially for inter-car jumpers. The design of the Han HPR VarioShell has been developed with the requirements of customers in mind. The shape of the cover ensures an optimized flow for water, dust, and dirt to protect the screws from environmental influences. A special contour on the back of the housing ensures that ice can expand behind the housing. This lessens the stress on the housing, leading to a longer lifetime. The two-piece housing achieves IP69K using a counter pressure frame, thanks to the all-round internal seal. The removable cover makes it possible to equip the housing from the interior of the vehicle as well as from the outside. Cables can easily be routed through the wall for shorter cable runs and, therefore, less weight. Easy accessibility also reduces the effort required for operation, service, and maintenance. Not all connections have to be interrupted in the event of a fault. Instead, it is possible to open the housing cover to identify and replace the faulty conductors or contacts. The Han HPR VarioShell is an open system that additionally provides counter pressure frames, cable managers, and shielding plates to guide and intercept cables of different diameters. The new housing system can be used as a classic surface mounted housing or bulked mounted housing – and forms a robust alternative for distribution boxes, for example on the roof of the vehicle, on the outside wall, or on the bogie.

ept’s DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 connectorsTime-proven, ept’s DIN 41612/IEC 60603-2 connectors cover a wide range of applications, including rail. This connector family includes 12 basic designs and variants, as well as termination technologies (press-fit, wrapping, crimping, THR, dip soldering, manual soldering). From signal connectors with current rating of up to 1.5 A, to power connectors that can handle up to 5.6 A or even 15 A per pin, ept hosts a plethora of choices. The DIN connector family is rugged and reliable for the demands of rail applications and meets the high requirements of NFF 16-101 / NFF 16-102.

KA Series connectors from Smiths InterconnectKensington Electronics supplies KA Series connectors from Smiths Interconnect. These PCB connectors for harsh environments feature Hypertac hyperboloid technology. They are well suited to rail applications due to their immunity to shock and vibration and long life cycle. They feature signal, power, coaxial and high-speed, and rf contacts and spring probes. Designed and developed for rugged applications in the military, aerospace, and commercial aviation markets, the KA Series is a highly engineered connector family that has gained a reputation for reliability under all varieties of extreme environmental conditions.

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