USCAR-Approved Interconnects Product Roundup

By AJ Born | January 17, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights USCAR-approved interconnects from leading suppliers.

USCAR-Approved Interconnects

The MX72 squib connector from JAEThe MX72 squib connector from JAE is a controlled miniature explosive device integrated into an air bag or mechanical retraction system for the SRS. When the sensor detects a collision, an electric current flows through the igniter and the gas generator (inflator) is activated, causing the air bag to swell or mechanical system to retract. The MX72 offers the option to choose whether a short terminal is used. The AK2 type has a short terminal or shunt installed. In light of the trend towards the installation of products without short-circuit shunt terminals, the JAE MX72 C/D shunt-less series is available as on option. The MX72 series is compliant with USCAR 999-U-002-1-Z03.

Heilind supplies the Molex field-proven MX150 Sealed Connector SystemHeilind supplies the Molex field-proven MX150 Sealed Connector System with an USCAR interface. The MX150 offers a compact package, a superior operating temperature and a current rating up to 22.0 A for power and signal automotive and commercial vehicle applications. It features a temperature class 4 (-40 to150 degrees C) and preassembled terminal position assurance (TPA) housing. Connector position assurance (CPA) is an available option. MX150 conforms to USCAR-2/USCAR-21/GMW3191.

Arrow Electronics offers Mini50 connectors from MolexFor customers requiring a solution with a lower profile than the MX150 connector system, Arrow Electronics offers Mini50 connectors from Molex. The Mini50 features a design that is up to 50% smaller than traditional 0.64 mm USCAR interfaces. In fact, it currently is approved as the industry’s only connector that meets the USCAR standards for 0.50 interfaces. The Mini50 connector is designed for the growing area of in-car entertainment and safety equipment, yet it is not limited to use on vehicles. Available in sealed and unsealed versions, this wire-to-board connector system brings the reliability and maturity of an automotive solution to almost any industrial application.

IMS Connector Systems offers MCA/MCA-H (Mini Coax Automotive) 5G Miniaturized High-Speed multi-pole RF SolutionsIMS Connector Systems offers MCA/MCA-H (Mini Coax Automotive) 5G Miniaturized High-Speed multi-pole RF Solutions. This newly developed MCA & MCAH series complies with the high requirements set by the automotive industry for coaxial interconnections in high speed data transmission up to 20 Gb/s and frequency range up to 15 GHz. To ensure safety, driver assistance systems and autonomous driving require higher rates of real-time data in order to calculate routes continuously, recognize and classify objects, and determine spatial distances. High data volumes from different cameras, various sensors and navigation sources have to be aggregated. This new MCA & MCAH connector series is compliant with the new mini-coax interface from VW, aka mini-FAKRA, and is USCAR 2 and USCAR 49 compliant.

Chief Enterprises manufactures Bosch Powertrain Systems.Chief Enterprises manufactures Bosch Powertrain Systems. Chief is the sole North American provider of Bosch connector systems, an USCAR-approved product line. Closing the gap between Bosch and Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs, Chief provides value-added services such as pigtails, specialty automotive wire harnesses, kits, and more.


ept builds to your designept builds to your design while guaranteeing a high-performance, reliable result. Request any custom connectivity solution – from power pins to custom-molded connectors – with the assurance that ept’s products will be compatible with all current USCAR specifications. In addition, ept’s unique T-Com pin has recently been rated as one of the top press-fit technologies available in the industry, providing an unmatched secure connection as well as cost-saving and time-saving capabilities.

BergStak 0.40 mm Connector from Amphenol Communications SolutionsBergStak 0.40 mm Connectors from Amphenol Communications Solutions are compact board-to-board connectors on 0.40 mm pitch with stack heights of 1.5 mm and 4.0 mm with 10 to 100 positions. The contact lock function and the shock-absorbing ribs on the housing make this connector highly suitable for high vibration applications. BergStak 0.40 mm supports signal speeds up to 16 Gb/s, can be soldered on FPC for flexible board-to-board connections, and is USCAR-2 V2 qualified.

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