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By AJ Born | June 27, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights headers from leading suppliers.


Avnet supplies Molex's MX150 sealed and unsealed connector systemAvnet supplies Molex’s MX150 sealed and unsealed connector system. This field-proven platform offers high-quality, reliable connections in harsh environments to support compact automotive and commercial vehicle applications. With an USCAR interface, class 4 temp ranges (-40 °C to +150 °C), a 22.0 A current rating, and stringent safety requirements, these connectors are ideal for the transportation market.

Lumberg’s 3680 and 3683 combined RAST 5 tab headers and socket boardsLumberg’s 3680 and 3683 combined RAST 5 tab headers and socket boards were initially installed exclusively in heating technology, yet they are at home around the world and on just about every printed circuit board to guide electrical currents through cables to another PCB. Neutral and/or protective conductor bridges in insulation displacement technology (IDT) ‒ practically “male and female” in a single casing. 3680 is the upright version and 3683 is the angular version. While the tab header part is often designed to accommodate three poles, Lumberg can customize the socket board in the same casing for the respective application to feature up to 22 poles. The RAST 5 standard keying prevents mismating, even with a free configuration. Available with upright or angular contacts, partitions inside the casing, pre-mating contacts, and locking features.

JAE’s MX74 seriesAutomotive Ethernet has been adopted in the communication between ECUs (Electronic Control Units) and other high speed automotive devices. JAE’s MX74 series complies with IEEE802.3bw 100BASE-T1, as the recent advancement of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) requires a high performance standard data communication technology. UTP cable is applicable. Two-position products have two key codes with different colors.

Hirose Electric FX23 High-Speed 0.5 mm Pitch Floating Board-to-Board ConnectorsThe Hirose Electric FX23 High-Speed 0.5 mm Pitch Floating Board-to-Board Connectors support high current ratings and high-speed transmission of up to 8 Gb/s (maximum). The FX23 components feature a hybrid power/signal contact structure and an innovative contact design that ensures impedance matching. Four built-in power contacts carry up to 3A current rating each, while the signal contacts can carry 0.5A each.

Minitek 2.00 mm range from Amphenol Communications SolutionsThe Minitek 2.00 mm range from Amphenol Communications Solutions consists of modular board-to-board connectors suitable for parallel, perpendicular, and coplanar applications as well as wire-to-board connectors featuring crimp-to-wire and IDC capabilities. They serve versatile applications like datacom, communications, industrial, automotive, and household appliances.

Powell Electronics supplies 3M socket 451 and 3M header 452 seriesWhen PCB space is at a premium, Powell Electronics supplies 3M socket 451 and 3M header 452 series together, along with offerings from the 3M cable portfolio, to save space in wire-to-board designs. At half the size of a standard 0.100” pitch, this 0.050” pitch wire-to-board system enables design flexibility in wire-to-board and PLC controllers, especially for small devices. This product can be used almost anywhere signal-based control is a requirement and space is limited, such as many industrial, transportation, and medical applications.

Greenconn pin headersHeaders offer inexpensive, reliable, robust solutions to effectively connect one PCB to another. Greenconn offers a wide variety of pin headers and corresponding female headers that can be used in any industry. Options include the number of rows and pins, orientation, plating materials, pin and tail lengths and more. All of these features can be customized to fit customer needs. The user-friendly 3D simulator on Greenconn’s website can be used to alter or fully customize the solution you are looking for. Customize your own product and download it in 2D or 3D. 

Harwin’s half-pitch Archer Connector (1.27mm) rangeHarwin’s half-pitch Archer Connector (1.27mm) range comprises a multitude of combinations that allow for horizontal and vertical orientations, double and single rows, and a choice of mating heights. There is also an option for cable-to-board IDC connectors. Known as half-pitch PCB connectors, 1.27 mm pitch connectors are half the size of the industry-standard 1” (2.54 mm) size. Typical applications for these compact parts cover medtech, industrial automation, automotive, communications, retail, home security, and aerospace & defense equipment.

EDAC offers a broad range of box, pin, and socket header connectors.EDAC offers a broad range of box, pin, and socket header connectors. Box headers are widely used for board-to-board or wire-to-board connections. Right angle, vertical, and even custom bends are available. The breakaway design allows for separation into smaller units. Pin headers mate with socket receptacles, providing a reliable and economical BTB connection. Available in multiple contact spacing options, in single, two, or three row configurations. Header posts can be cut to any height and board depth. A wide variety of plating options is available. Sockets are available with right angle and SMT contacts.

IMS Connector Systems offers the Mini Coax Automotive (MCA) connector systemIMS Connector Systems offers the Mini Coax Automotive (MCA) connector system for use in demanding automotive applications. The MCA system, which is certified according to USCAR, has been specifically designed to ensure reliable signal transmission in applications such as infotainment systems, cameras, ADAS, and GPS navigation systems. It is a compact scalable connector system that offers high electrical performance and can enable high data transmission rates with low interference and noise at the same time. Available as 1, 2, and 4 pole solutions. Due to its compact design, the MCA system is ideal for use in environments with limited space and offers high reliability and robustness. The MCA series enables high data transmission while saving installation space and weight compared to the FAKRA and HSD series. This new MCA connector system meets the requirements of VW’s new mini-coax interface, also known as Mini-FAKRA.

PRECI-DIP .05” pitch triple row headerPRECI-DIP .05” pitch triple row header offers higher density compared to a single or double row connector with a standard .01” pitch. It provides a greater number of pins within the same physical space, allowing for more connections or signals to be transmitted simultaneously. This triple row package, on a .005″ (1.27 mm) grid, is available from 9 to 150 position configurations (ordered in increments of 3). The 854 series connectors are RoHS compliant. Headers are commonly plated with pure matte tin or 10 µm gold, a selective plating can be quoted to customer specification. PRECI-DIP offers straight and right-angle configurations for headers according to available space, PCB layout, and orientation of the connections.

Phoenix Contact’s PCB headersPhoenix Contact’s PCB headers are used to mate to cable plugs for connecting conductors to printed circuit boards for the transmission of signals, data, and power. With centerline spacings ranging from 2.5 mm to 15 mm and current ratings up to 125 A, the right solution for your device connection is available. Headers can be mounted to a printed circuit board through wave soldering, through-hole reflow soldering, or press fit technology. They are also available in different colors for easy identification, and can be printed, labeled, or coded to prevent mis-mating.

Bosch MicroFlex supplied by Chief EnterprisesThe Bosch MicroFlex supplied by Chief Enterprises is a connector/header system that has Ethernet capability integrated directly into the interface, unlike other options that require separate Ethernet ports. This saves highly sought-after real estate in the cab and can drive down costs, as it offers up to 12 individual ports along with signal and power pins.

FAKRA PCB Jacks, Cable Jacks and Plugs, and Sealed Jacks and plugs from MolexFAKRA PCB Jacks, Cable Jacks and Plugs, and Sealed Jacks and plugs from Molex provide the benefits of multiple colors, key codes, and a 360° rotation, plus a secondary locking latch and easy cable routing between antennas and multimedia units.


ept-Varpol-Pin-Headerept’s Varpol Pin Headers and Sockets are endlessly customizable – one or two rows, options with 2 to 108 pins, right-angled or straight pin headers, and termination lengths of up to 25 mm to allow for circuit board stacking with BTB distances from 11.45 mm to 35.45 mm. ept’s Tcom press-fit pins ensure a robust, gas-tight, vibration-resistant connection with optimal electrical and mechanical stability. Female Varpol connectors are also available in a solder version.

TE Deutsch DT Headers, supplied by RSTE Deutsch DT Headers, supplied by RS, are used in automotive, industrial, and aerospace applications. They are known for their robustness, reliability, and sealing capabilities. DT Headers feature a rugged design with multiple cavity options, allowing for the accommodation of different wire sizes and configurations. They provide secure and efficient connections, making them suitable for demanding environments where vibration, moisture, and harsh conditions are present. DT Headers are commonly utilized for power and signal transmission in various industries, offering a trusted solution for dependable electrical connections.

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