August 2022 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | August 23, 2022

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

August 2022 New Connectivity Products

August 2022 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

TE’s KILOVAC CAP120R contactor TE Connectivity (TE) released an additional configuration of its KILOVAC CAP120R contactor. TE’s KILOVAC CAP120R contactor is ideal for defense, marine, UAM (urban air mobility), UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) commercial and military aerospace applications requiring lightweight latching coils and reduced power consumption. The CAP120R contactor now features a high voltage latching configuration. The 150-amp DC contactor also includes single pole, hermetically sealed auxiliary contacts with a latching actuator mechanism, allowing for low-power consumption uses. The efficient design makes TE’s KILOVAC CAP120R contactor a reliable solution for power distribution, energy storage, and battery systems and satisfies the demand for reliability in harsh environments for long-lasting systems due to the contactor’s lightweight design, which can withstand high break levels — 1,000 A at 400 VDC and 600 A at 600 VDC. The contactor also allows versatile installation through bidirectional load switching, and the main contacts are not polarity sensitive.

Hirose Electric’s new IP8X-rated CX90MW6 mid-mount and IPX4-rated CX90BW top mount connectorsHirose Electric’s new IP8X-rated CX90MW6 mid-mount and IPX4-rated CX90BW top mount connectors deliver rugged performance in a wide range of consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. These additions to Hirose’s offering of waterproof USB 2.0 Type-C connectors are rated to IPX8 and IPX4, respectively. The connectors include a front sealing gasket that prevents water penetration into the shell, while potting prevents water intrusion into the connector interior. The IPX8-rated CX90MW6 mid-mount meets the requirements for immersion in 1.5 meter of water for 30 minutes. The IPX4-rated CX90BW top mount protects from splashing water no matter the direction. Both connectors are resistant to liquid, as well as shock and vibration. The CX90 connectors have a right-angle, SMT, single-row mounting option. The CX90MW6 Series mid-mount is a screw-mount design. The CX90 Series waterproof connectors are commonly used in digital cameras, eBooks, GPSX, IoT, laptops, MP3 players, medical devices, portable storage devices, smart phones, tablets, wearables, and vehicle infotainment systems.

I-PEX has released a new NOVASTACK 35-HDH fully shielded, board-to-board connectorI-PEX has released a new NOVASTACK 35-HDH fully shielded, board-to-board connector at 1.5 mm mating height and 0.35 mm pitch. This is the first connector of its size that combines excellent mating workability with high electrical performance, while being fully shielded. With its 360° metal shielded ZenShield design, this connector significantly reduces EMI emanating from the connector, minimizing its impact on the antenna even if they are placed close together. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including notebook PCs, automotive cameras, and VR headsets. In addition, the signal contacts are designed for high-speed transmission. The NOVASTACK 35-HDH connector is capable of 40 Gb/s/lane transmission and supports the latest transmission standards.

Phoenix Contact’s new XTV terminal blocksPhoenix Contact’s new XTV terminal blocks can accommodate the direct insertion of all conductor types: ferruled, solid, or stranded wires. The XTV series is the first product family to feature the company’s Push-X connection technology that uses a preloaded mousetrap design to keep the leg spring depressed. As a result, the technician only needs to apply enough force to unlatch the spring and directly insert any type of wire. In traditional Push-in Technology (PT), the technician completely depresses the spring, so it cannot accept stranded wires. Tapping the inserted conductor triggers the preloaded contact spring and automatically establishes safe contact. This reduces installation times and enables faster wiring without tools or force. To release the conductor, the technician presses the orange push button, the same method used in PT. The push button always displays the chamber position clearly, regardless of the conductor diameter and orientation of the terminal block. The initial XTV product range includes three cross-sections: 6, 10, and 16 mm². Push-X technology has been tested beyond the standard requirements, making it suitable for industries that place high requirements on vibrations, gas tightness, and robustness. The XTV family is fully compatible with the CLIPLINE complete terminal block system and easily combines with other Phoenix Contact terminal blocks and accessories.

Amphenol RF expanded its high-performance SMPM portfolioAmphenol RF expanded its high-performance SMPM portfolio with an additional bullet adapter length for increased PCB spacing options. This microminiature product series provides a versatile connectivity solution for board-to-board and cable-to-board designs with reliable electrical performance up to 40 GHz. This new bullet adapter allows for a minimum PCB spacing of 9.75 mm and is ideal for IoT, military, and Test & Measurement applications. SMPM bullet adapters are machined from beryllium copper with gold plating for high-frequency electrical performance. When used in conjunction with SMPM PCB connectors, this three-piece design is well-suited for blind-mate situations. This series is available in straight and right-angle configurations with cable solutions optimized to meet the frequency limits of high-frequency cables, and PCB options with surface mount, through-hole leg, or edge mount terminations. This series is designed for a wide range of precision and miniaturized designs including antennas, handheld radios, military communication systems and instrumentation, and measurement equipment.

Harwin Datamate extended seriesHarwin’s addition to the Datamate series of high-reliability (Hi-Rel) connectors complements the existing Datamate J-Tek connector range (fitted with jackscrews for secure mounting). With a 7.3 mm board-to-board height when mated, the new female connector gives a significantly larger 17.15 mm connection height. Providing more space between PCBs allows designers the flexibility to use larger board-mounted components or cabling options. These new connectors deliver temperature, vibration, and shock resilience to provide reliable long-term operation and support safety-critical applications. In addition, the board mount jackscrews give strain relief for the solder terminations. Guideposts help with mating. The extended height Datamate connectors will benefit engineers developing high-end industrial, aerospace, defense systems, and heavy-duty portable equipment. They are available in double-row layouts of 10, 20, or 30 contact versions and are compatible with the existing through-board male connectors. All mating contact surfaces are finished in gold, and terminations are either gold or tin.

Rosenberger RPC 1.00Rosenberger’s standard portfolio of the precision connector series RPC-1.00 has been revised and significantly expanded. Flexible and semi-rigid cable assemblies are offered in the RPC-1.00 – RPC-1.00 interface configuration as well as in the RPC-1.00 – RPC-1.35 / RPC-1.85 / WSMP configurations. Low-cost versions are also available. Inter-series adapters are now available in the RPC-1.00 – WSMP version, test port adapters and launcher jacks are also new in the program. The standard program is rounded off by in-series adapters, PCB connectors, waveguide coaxial adapters and gauge kits. Customized cable assemblies with or without armor are available upon request. RPC 1.00 connectors and cable assemblies are used for demanding Test & Measurement applications up to 110 GHz and are characterized by highest reliability and repeatability, excellent return loss values, and mating compatibility with all common 1.00 mm connectors.

Yamaichi Y Circ P SPEYamaichi Electronics offers high-speed versions in the Y-Circ P product group of metallic push-pull circular connectors. In addition to the standardized SPE versions, Yamaichi Electronics offers customer-specific solutions based on these push-pull connectors with a high number of mating cycles. In its in-house laboratory, Yamaichi develops, simulates, and tests pin layouts for high-speed applications. The S1 pin layout enables the transmission of single-pair Ethernet (SPE) up to 10 Gb/s according to IEC 802.3ch and of automotive Ethernet signals according to the Open Alliance Standard TC9. The combination of the reliable push-pull mechanism in small size 09 connectors and the innovative, patent-pending insulator and contact design offers highest data rates for special Test & Measurement applications with at least 5,000 mating cycles. The new S1 pole pattern is available in straight and angled device sockets, and Yamaichi Electronics can also assemble the matching connector directly with a cable suitable for SPE on request.

TopFlite’s M&M Connector series TopFlite’s M&M Connector series offers the performance and durability comparable with MIL-DTL D38999 connectors in a micro-miniature package. M&M Connector products provide 100% intermateability with existing micro-miniature connectors in the market, including Glenair Mighty Mouse and Amphenol 2M. TopFlite offers six different coupling styles with contact options, including crimp, solder, and PCB. Applications include power, signal, and high speed. Options for EMI/EFI filtering and hermetic packaging are available. Also, available with the M&M Connector series is TopFlite’s full line of straight, 45°, and 90°end bells and adapters, fully comparable with other OEM micro-miniature circular connectors. TopFlite’s line of micro-miniature connectors and end bells is made to the highest quality standards (AS9100) and offers competitive price and lead times.

August 2022 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) released two new high-voltage composite wire familiesCarlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) released two new high-voltage composite wire families for aerospace applications: a high-voltage composite wire family and an ultra-flexible high-voltage shielded composite wire family. These 1,000-volt composite wire families offer lighter weight and smaller diameters compared to similar extruded constructions in applications up to 260 °C. Both wire families have exceptional installation characteristics, including Seamless Wrap PTFE jacket technology, which offers the advantages of a tape wrap with a smooth outer surface. They also feature a high-strand-count, nickel-plated copper conductors for enhanced flexibility and routing capabilities.

August 2022 New Connectivity Products > Sensors and Antennas

KP Performance Antennas introduced a new series of 5G, low-PIM, in-building DAS antennasKP Performance Antennas introduced a new series of 5G, low-PIM, in-building DAS antennas covering 600 MHz to 6 GHz. The indoor wall-mount and ceiling mount antennas meet the demand that in-building wireless distributed networks have for high-quality antennas with low-PIM ratings, SISO and MIMO support, and wide bandwidth coverage. These antennas are 700 MHz FirstNet / First Responder Network ready and suitable for indoor DAS, private networks, hospital, and enterprise deployments. They also feature Type N and 4.3-10 connector options for improved PIM consistency as well as a low passive intermodulation of less than minus-150 dBc when tested with 2×20 W tones.

August 2022 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Powell ClamtainerErnie Schilling, Jr., CEO of Powell Electronics, has found a flexible packaging solution for his company. Clamtainer, invented by Jay Baker, CEO of Jamestown Plastics, turns the cursed clamshell into a reusable, recyclable container. Clamtainer provides a more efficient packing process, requiring no buttons, no welding, no heat sealing, and no equipment to buy or maintain. Clamtainer also stays securely closed but can be easily opened with one hand. Powell Electronics is one of the largest distributors of electronic components with over 7 million SKUs, many of which are custom-made to its customers’ unique needs and specifications. This can make packaging its products for safe transit a challenging, time-consuming process that involves manipulating standard packaging and cutting packages down to protect the highly sensitive products. As a result of introducing Clamtainer to its fulfillment processes, the company has seen tremendous improvements and savings. Packing efficiency has increased 500-fold, product inspection can be done without opening the container, total packaging costs (labor and materials) have decreased 90%, and returns have decreased 75% due to packaging that better fits and protects the products during transit.

GTK added a 10.1” version to its family of extended operating temperature range TFTsGTK added a 10.1” version to its family of extended operating temperature range TFTs. Clive Dickinson, business manager for displays at GTK, said, “The 10.1” screen size is becoming the ‘go to’ size for OEMs and so this new display rounds out this range perfectly. Typically, TFT displays operate at temperatures between -20 °C to 70 °C but displays in this range can operate between -30 °C to 85 °C, meaning they can be used in a wider range of applications.” The new 10.1” display uses IPS technology, LVDS connectivity, and has 1,000 cd brightness, making it readable in sunlight. It also features an extended backlight half-life of 50K hours, making it suitable for industrial, always-on display applications. These features and extended temperature range make it preferable for harsh environments and outdoor applications. A variety of different customization options, including custom enhancements, custom capacitive sensors, and extended glass cover lenses to allow flush fitting into recessed housings, are available to OEMs.

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