May 2022 New Connectivity Products II

By AJ Born | May 24, 2022

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

May 2022 New Connectivity Products II

May 2022 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

TTI Inc. stocks the XW4M and XW4N Series from OMRONTTI Inc. stocks the XW4M and XW4N Series from OMRON. OMRON XW4M and XW4N 3.5 mm pitch push-in pluggable terminal block PCB connectors have a unique connector engagement structure for easy insertion and removal and high contact reliability. The wiring efficiency is improved with a hands-free mechanism that keeps the screwdriver inserted so the user’s hands are free for cabling. XW4M and XW4N PCB connectors contribute to enhanced efficiency of inspection, assembly, and maintenance. They also support compatibility with through-hole-reflow, which is good for reflow mounting. Typical applications include AC servo drivers, motion controllers, and stepping motors.

PEI-Genesis supplies Amphenol R-VPX Evolution SeriesPEI-Genesis supplies Amphenol R-VPX Evolution Series, which offers high-speed modules capable of 16+ Gb/s data rate transfer performance designed to support the latest high-speed protocols while still meeting open VPX requirements. The R-VPX Evolution Series meets the performance requirements of VITA 46 & 47 while still intermateable with existing VITA 46 backplane connectors.


Smiths Interconnect added a new disposable option to its Hypergrip SeriesSmiths Interconnect added a new disposable option to its Hypergrip Series of high-reliability circular connectors specifically designed for medical applications. Medical disposables are essential products in the field of healthcare and, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for single-use devices (including endoscopes, catheters, and patient monitoring systems) increased significantly to ensure patient-specific care while reducing the risk of infection/contamination. The new disposable connector plug leverages the versatility of the Hypergrip Series to deliver a reliable interconnect solution for single or few uses. It is ideal for applications that don’t require high cycle life but still require a premium disposable connector mated with a high cycle receptacle. Available in two sizes of 12 and 33 contact positions, the new plugs maintain the premium look-and-feel, reliability, compliance with medical industry standards, the ease of use of the standard HyperGrip connectors and are designed to support overmolding and high-volume production. They offer the proven electrical performance of insulation resistance, dielectric withstand voltage, current carrying, low level current resistance, and at least IPX4 with potting or overmolding. Smiths Interconnect HG2 and HG4 disposable plugs meet medical industry requirements for finger-proofing to IEC60601, flammability rated to UL94 V0, and compliance with most sterilization methods.

SV Microwave’s new Edge-Lock PCB connector seriesSV Microwave’s new Edge-Lock PCB connector series is developed to form an interference fit between the conical alignment pin and the PCB thru-hole, thus pulling the contact lane of the connector into the edge of the PCB. The result is a fixture-less connector that is primed for reflow without any unnecessary custom fixtures to hold the connector in place. The secure fit between the connector and the PCB edge ensures optimal RF performance throughout the connector’s full frequency range.


SCHURTER’s new 4750 series IEC strip-block, IEC connectors Type FSCHURTER’s new 4750 series IEC strip-block, IEC connectors Type F meet the highly specific demands of power distribution in data centers. The strips provide a host of features including numbers of outlets in a strip, lighting possibilities, and terminal configurations for an unprecedented range of standard options. Choose from 2 to 7 outlets, IDC bussed or conventional terminal connections, status indicating light pipes, and three colors to meet the universal and tailor fit needs of PDU applications. The 4750 series power strips neatly and compactly integrate functionality to save space in densely packed PDUs. In complex power distribution systems, especially with extensive power monitoring capabilities, the visualization of status is of great importance. The 4750 provides status indication light-pipes in all positions of the outlet with 1, 2, L, and N as standard, in addition to traditional strips with no light-pipes. Illumination options include red, green, and white. The integrated light pipes eliminate space otherwise needed for separately mounted LEDs, thus making room for additional outlets in the PDU. The strips are designed for snap-in mounting for ease of installation, with varying panel thicknesses based on length of light pipe. Terminals are available bussed L, N, and/or PE. Traditional terminals for soldering, quick-connect, 4.8 mm, and PCB are also options; for example, buss N and PE and wire to quick-connect L. The 4750 series carries international safety approvals according to IEC/CCC rated 10A / 250 VAC 50 Hz, and UL rated 15A / 250 VAC 60 Hz. The series is compatible with all common cordsets, including cord-retaining types such as side-latching Twylock and top-latching V-Lock. The outlets are available in black, gray, and white.

Hirose Electric has launched the BM50 high-power hybrid FPC-to-board connectorHirose Electric has launched the BM50 high-power hybrid FPC-to-board connector that supports up to 15 A in a space-saving housing that reduces the PCB mounting space by up to 40%. Designed for mobile devices with built-in battery or USB connections, the BM50 Series contributes to a significant reduction of both the space used inside the device and the size of customer’s end products. In addition, the BM50 connector offers superior design flexibility. Using an FPC to connect the USB to the PCB, the USB can be placed anywhere within the design of the end-product. With two mounting points per contact, the BM50 connector design shortens the length of electricity flow to minimize heat generation when a high current is used. This unique board mounting design suppresses heat generation to 30 °C or less, even when 15 A is applied. Minimized contact resistance facilitates higher power and allows up to 100W of power to be delivered via USB for fast charging. The fully armored design covers both ends of the housing with metal for enhanced robustness and a significant reduction in the risk of housing damage from misalignment when mating. A wide self-alignment range of ±0.24 mm in the pitch direction and ±0.2 mm in the width direction, along with guidance ribs, provides smooth mating operation. The BM50 Series FPC-to-board connector features a multi-point dimpled contact design for both the power (4-point) and signal (2-point) contacts to ensure higher reliability and long operation life. A multi-point metal lock prevents unintended unmating due to impact. With a height of only 0.6 mm and depth of 2.0 mm when mated, the BM50 FPC-to-board connector is commonly used in smartphones and wearable devices.

TE Connectivity (TE) released the compact, lightweight, and durable 369 series sealed panel mount connectorTE Connectivity (TE) released the compact, lightweight, and durable 369 series sealed panel mount connector, ideal for the harsh and confined environments found in aerospace and aviation applications. The 369 series sealed panel mount connector is made of high-performance composite materials to meet low-smoke, toxicity, and flammability requirements of the aerospace industry. The electrical interfaces are fully sealed and use a cork-in-bottle and triple-wire-seal technology to withstand high-moisture environments. The rectangular shape also allows for easy stacking of the connectors to achieve space savings in applications such as cabin and galley lighting, seat wiring and actuation, passenger service units, in-flight entertainment, electronic window shutters and various other industrial uses. The new connectors easily mount to an LRU (line-replaceable unit) panel, bracket, chassis, or frame with an integrated panel latches to clip the connector into a rectangular cut out. This eliminates the need for additional fasteners or fixings, making removal, repair, and maintenance fast and easy. The connectors’ replaceable panel sealing gaskets allow for IP67 protection from both moisture and dust. The 369 series sealed panel mount connector features an operating temperature range of -55° C to +175° C and a durability rating of 500 matings.

Ironwood Elastomer SocketIronwood Electronics introduced a new high performance QFP socket for 0.508 mm pitch 132 pin QFP. The SG-QFE-7025 socket is designed for 19.39 mm x 19.39 mm x 4.22 mm package size with 24.79 mm x 24.79 mm lead tip to tip and operates at bandwidths up to 30 GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss. The contact resistance is typically 20 milliohms per I/O. The socket connects all pins with 30 GHz bandwidth on all connections. The socket is mounted using supplied hardware on the target PCB with no soldering and uses the smallest footprint in the industry to allow inductors, resistors, and decoupling capacitors to be placed very close to the device for impedance tuning. The socket also incorporates a swivel lid with compression screw, so that ICs can be changed out quickly. The socket features a floating compression plate made of Ultem1000 material to force down the QFP leads on to elastomer. A hard stop feature is built into the compression mechanism. The SG-QFE-7025 sockets are constructed with high performance and low inductance gold plated embedded wire on elastomer as interconnect material between device and PCB. The temperature range is -35 °C to +125 °C. The pin self-inductance is 0.15 nH and mutual inductance of 0.025 nH. Capacitance to ground is 0.01 pF. Current capacity is 2 amps per pin.

May 2022 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

CDM Electronics offers Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)CDM Electronics offers Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and custom fiber optic MIL-Spec, harsh environment, mode conditioning and reference grade jumper cables. These multimode and single-mode fiber optic cable assembly solutions target the broadest spectrum of industrial, military, and avionics applications. Three-dimensional computer aided design, manufacturing, and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) software is employed to ensure the integrity of the assemblies’ performance, speed time to market, and minimize costsMIL-spec assemblies are comprised of QPL (Qualified Product List) wire and cable and manufactured in an AS9100 certified facility. Indoor, outdoor, and indoor-outdoor fiber optic cable assemblies incorporate optical fiber, a reinforcement strand for support, and fiber optic connectors. Unlike copper wires which rely on electrical pulses to transmit data, fiber optic cables utilize light pulses to consistently deliver faster, more reliable data. Their optimized transmission integrity makes them the ideal choice for the full range of mission-critical voice and data systems including Telecom (microwave, dish antenna, and 5G small-cell), SATCOM, in-building DAS, Wi-Fi, along with SCADA networks. Fiber optic interconnects are also suited for installation in broadcast facilities and network operations, GPS, precision timing designs, as well as emergent communications technologies. CDM provides fiber optic assemblies manufactured in an approved MILSTD790 facility, qualified to MIL-PRF-85045/8A (US DOD), plus A3159879 (US Army CECOM) standards. Connectivity options comprise TFOCA-I, II, III, M28876, M38999, and ARINC 801. Expanded beam, plug adapter, along with hybrid connectors are available. Assemblies for harsh environments rated to IP67/68, employing FTTx broadband technology, as well as MTP/MPO to LC/SC and custom fanouts are offered. Mode conditioning cables compatible with the IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-SX standard, rated to 62.5 um or 50 um, are provided with OM3 or OM4 fiber optic cables. Reference-grade simplex and duplex jumper cables may be specified with OM, SM, PM, ST, SC, FC, LT, MPT or E2000 fiber. Optical node and distribution cables, payout reels, and splitters are also available.

Smiths Interconnect released the SpaceNXT QT Series of flexible coaxial cable assembliesSmiths Interconnect released the SpaceNXT QT Series of flexible coaxial cable assemblies, ideal for a variety of commercial space designs. The QT Series is part of Smiths Interconnect’s SpaceNXT initiative to create an entire range of high performance, high reliability space products that eliminate the customer’s need to undertake extensive qualification processes. The QT Series also responds to the customers’ demand for cable assemblies with more consistent electrical performance over higher frequencies, larger temperature extremes, and across higher volumes. The SpaceNXT QT Series offers improved phase stability over a wide range of temperatures found in space environments and meets all NASA/ESA outgassing specifications when tested per ASTM E595. It is equipped with ETFE radiation resistant jacket materials. This combination enables customers to enjoy the benefits of lower cost of ownership while improving system performance. The SpaceNXT QT Series is offered in 0.065” (1.651 mm), 0.100” (2.54 mm), and 0.160” (4.064 mm) cable diameters which cover key performance characteristics at various frequency bands from DC to 50 GHz. The cable assemblies are built using a foam dielectric material which has much better attenuation than solid PTFE found in “RG” type cables and stabilizes phase change with orbital temperature changes. They are offered with standardized testing sequences, reducing delivery times and overall cost of ownership. All products have passed design verification, are assembled in a controlled environment, and are rigorously tested per customer and industry application requirements.

Amphenol RF offers a line of ruggedized and moisture-sealed BNC and TNC cable assemblies Amphenol RF offers a line of ruggedized and moisture-sealed BNC and TNC cable assemblies utilizing industry and military standard RG-58 flexible cable. These 50 ohm assemblies are available in series as BNC and TNC plug-to-plug configurations with IP67 waterproof sealed connectors on both ends. Standard lengths are available from six inches to 100 feet and are suitable for multiple applications in industrial, military, and commercial environments. These cable assemblies are also available in armored versions for both the BNC and TNC interface. Flexible PVC conduit is used to wrap the length of the cable, providing an additional layer of protection for rough environments where the cable jacket may be subject to damage.

May 2022 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

universal-voltage HB-Series Circuit Breaker is the latest addition to Weidmuller's Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers lineupThe new universal-voltage HB-Series Circuit Breaker is the latest addition to Weidmuller’s Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers lineup. It features modularity, ease of use, and space-saving well beyond that of conventional circuit breakers. The operational universal voltage ranges from 240VAC/80VDC for 1 and 3 Poles, and 120/240VAC/80VDC for 2-Pole variants, which are available in 0.5-32 amps in instantaneous, short, medium, and long delay curves. Visual red and green operational indicators show whether the contacts are open, allowing work on the downstream circuit to be carried out safely, or “Circuit is Live” conforming to IEC/EN 60947-2 for industrial isolation. The immediate reset toggle switch eliminates heat buildup, thus no cooling off period is required after a fault. Compact and well-proportioned blowout arc grid plates work to draw out, split, reduce, and extinguish arcs caused when opening a circuit.

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