August 2021 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | August 24, 2021

Summary coverage of new-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

August 2021 New Connectivity Products 

August 2021 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

WAGO edge devicesWAGO’s new Edge Controller and Edge Computer combines the advantages of decentralized cloud computing with local control networks. These devices for edge of network computing provide low latency control and simplified connection with cloud-based services providing multiple interfaces for connection to field devices and monitors. The Edge Controller (752-8303/800-002) is ideal for edge of network applications where deterministic PLC control can be combined with machine learning, data aggregation, cloud services, predictive maintenance, and other analytic algorithms. It allows users to run high speed and complex applications with its quad-core processor as well as applications through Docker Containers with its Linux-based real time operating system. This controller supports e!COCKPIT runtime for control and visualizations via onboard HTML-5 webserver and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, Ethernet/IP adapter, EtherCAT, and BACnet. IIoT protocols such as MQTT, OPC UA, and Sparkplug are also supported. 

Bulgin configuratorBulgin introduced the Custom Cable Assembly Builder, an intuitive online configurator that makes it possible to outline the fundamental design of a custom assembly and derive an initial visualization, prior to moving towards the sampling phase. Assembly concepts for power, data, and fiber optic implementations can be rapidly created and any required adjustments can be made. Customers accessing the tool will be able to utilize a wide variety of possible options to create a cable assembly that exactly meets their deployment criteria. They will navigate through a series of filters  to choose the features and performance parameters they want incorporated into their designs. These include current ratings, number of contacts, contact types, and plug/inline body types. In addition, they will be able to decide on the cable length and whether the cabling will have a single-ended, double-ended, or triple-ended arrangement. Different housing materials, such as plastic or metal, can be chosen, as well as PVC, PUR, or other cabling materials. Following completion of the assembly configuration, the customer is presented with a 2D rendering of their designs in a PDF so that the details can be verified. From there all the data goes directly to the Bulgin Rapid Response Team. A sample unit is quickly constructed and sent to the customer for examination.

Switchcraft board mount HDMI receptacles available at SagerSager Electronics is now stocking Switchcraft’s board mount HDMI receptacles. Switchcraft’s new HDMI connectors are offered in four versatile designs. The robust receptacles are compatible with standard HDMI type A connectors. The vertically mounted styles – RAVHD19ETR and RAVHD19 – offer space saving capabilities that solve a common design challenge. The RAVHD19ETR receptacle also offers extra RF/EMI protection with a minimum of 10,000 insertion-withdrawal cycles for engineers’ most critical applications. Switchcraft’s board mount HDMI receptacles are in stock at Sager Electronics. Sager Electronics also stocks LEMO’s T Series IP68 water resistant push-pull Connectors. LEMO’s T series connectors are small, water-resistant push-pull multi-pole connectors with IP68 protection. Lined with an inner sleeve that prevents penetration of solids and liquids, and full 360° EMC shielding, these connectors are specifically designed for outdoor applications. The connector outer shell is offered in a standard LEMO matte chrome, used for defense systems in aircraft communication, land vehicles, night vision equipment and battle equipment, and other applications where conditions call for ruggedized equipment. The T series is available in solder, crimp, or print contacts.

Harwin Kona connectorsThe Kona Series has significantly raised the power levels that Harwin’s product portfolio can support. These 8.5 mm pitch connectors’ contacts can deliver 60A of current. This means that applications such as battery charging can be addressed without having to split the current across multiple contacts. Among the key applications targeted are electric vehicle battery monitoring/management, power control systems, robotics drives, servo controls, UAVs, and satellites. Kona contacts are arranged in a single row, with two-, three- and four-contact versions available. The current carrying capacity is such that very little PCB space is used as less contacts are needed to deliver the current. The mating pair consists of a male vertical through-board connector with board mount fixings, plus a female cable connector which will accommodate 8AWG gauge cables.

GCT USB 4155 on boardGCT’s USB4155 is mid-mounted to make the best use of the PCB thickness within the profile of the connector. The slim 2.9 mm profile offers features on the external metal case that provide excellent EMI/RFI protection and engage with case designs to optimize strength, eliminating external forces being transmitted to the PCB solder joint. The plug has two rows of SMT contacts for soldering on one side of the PCB and two PCB shell stakes for shell grounding and retention on the PCB. The horizontal USB4155 complements the vertical USB4151 plug and other connectors in the GCT range to give designers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for any USB C application in any orientation. The unique nature of the right-angle plug requires careful consideration when designing for production. Ideas and solutions for jig designs are provided in the drawing. With GCT’s 3D models and PCB footprints (free to download), successful integration of digital evaluation and simulation into your creation is just a few clicks away. The USB4155 is available through GCT’s global distribution network, including Digi-Key Electronics and Mouser Electronics.

CarlisleIT Core HCCarlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) introduced its Right-Angle CoreHC cable assemblies at Design Con 2021. The Right-Angle CoreHC is designed to transmit and receive high-frequency signals up to 67 GHz between low-profile-height printed circuit boards and sub-systems like analyzers. This solution maintains signal integrity across the entire channel and optimizes system performance. CarlisleIT also showcased Solderless/Field-Replaceable Precision RF Connectors in a variety of new sizes, including 1.00 mm and 1.35 mm. These new sizes are the latest of six unique Precision RF connectors that enable design flexibility across multiple applications.  

CONEC M12X1 connectorsCONEC offers overmolded M12x1 terminating connectors with eyelet to prevent undesirable reflections that can occur at the end of the signal line path and result in data transmission disturbances. Termination plugs can be attached directly to the device by a loss prevention device, e.g., a loop or a steel rope, and are always at hand. This also makes it possible to use terminating plugs as protection of unmated interfaces such as a programming interface on a machine or device. All standard codings from the M12 signal connector program can be produced as termination connectors. Optional color variants as well as customer-specific logos integrated into the overmolding are available.  

BIRNS 1V RF connectorBIRNS Millennium 1V RF connector series features impressive new performance characteristics. In addition, the entire BIRNS Millenium line now has all titanium connector components. The latest comprehensive third-party testing yielded impressive new results for its range of open-face, pressure-resistant, deep submergence RF connectors. The most recent results, at GPS frequencies of 3 GHz, include excellent 1.83:1 voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), and incredibly low insertion losses of just -.212dB. The innovative 1V coax series provides an ultra-compact 75 Ω contact in the same footprint as a 50Ω contact. Cable assemblies in this series are ideal for HD/SD video with signal frequencies to 3 GHz, for shortwave antennas, or for low-power RF needing minimal signal attenuation. Due to its advanced design, the 1V will fit into any of the many BIRNS coax 1C configurations, offering a range of flexible, powerful new options in a small space. This exclusive technology provides system developers the ability to mix 50 Ω and 75 Ω lines in a single connector, with the highest performing pressure-resistant RF contacts in the industry.

PolyPhaser fiber interconnectsPolyPhaser’s newly expanded line of fiber interconnects provides a wide range of connectivity solutions and upgrade options for fiber enclosures and panels. In addition to fiber enclosures, this line of outdoor fiber solutions now includes single-mode patch cables, as well as IP68-rated connectors and couplers for outdoor deployments of fiber optic cables. The IP68 connectors are offered in both SC and MPO connector types, in single-mode and multimode options, and in a variety of configurations. The IP68-rated couplers in this line are also available for SC and MPO connector types and are complementary to the company’s line of outdoor fiber enclosures. This portfolio also incorporates passive fiber products, including attenuators, terminators, test access points, and passive splitters that are crucial for the management and upkeep of a fiber network. These products address FTTx, fiber distribution networks, and high-speed voice, video, and data applications.  

August 2021 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies 

TTI Inc. now stocks the full range of Molex off-the-shelf (OTS) cable assemblies in a variety of cable lengths. The Molex SL Positive-Lock discrete cable assemblies support both prototyping and production for a wide range of applications: consumer, industrial/industrial automation, automotive/commercial vehicle, and medical, to name a few. The Molex .093 discrete cable assemblies deliver up to a 12.0A current rating. Markets and applications include consumer, data/communications, and networking. 

AmphenolRF BNC UltraFlex Cable AssembliesAmphenol RF offers a full line of high-performance BNC cable assemblies that utilize highly flexible, low loss Times LMR-UF cables. These 50 ohm assemblies are available in multiple configurations in an extensive range of standard lengths from 12 in to 30 m and are suitable for test and measurement, industrial connectivity, and other applications. BNC cable assemblies are engineered using high-quality connectors which feature the familiar bayonet coupling mechanism for easy mating and un-mating. These connectors are manufactured from machined brass and diecast zinc with nickel plating and offer reliable electrical performance up to 3 GHz. LMR low loss cable is designed with improved shielding compared to standard RF coaxial cables, which allows it to achieve low attenuation loss at high frequencies. Also available are

AmphenolRF TNC to AMC4Amphenol RF’s waterproof IP‐rated and tamper‐resistant cable assembly options with TNC and RP-TNC configurations. These cable assemblies are designed using 1.13 mm micro coax cable and feature the ultraminiature AMC4 connector on one end. They offer strong protection in applications where systems may be compromised through exposure to the elements or external tampering. Both cable assembly configurations operate at 50 ohms and utilize the familiar threaded interface, which ensures mating stability and reliable electrical performance. The front‐mounted bulkhead jacks can be fastened on the inside of the panel or enclosure which provides additional security for sensitive systems. The 1.13 mm micro coax cable provides additional flexibility for installation needs, as well as an ultraminiature mated connection for small spaces and crowded PCBs. Waterproof cable assemblies are engineered to protect an application from outside elements and are fully tested to IP67 specifications in the mated and unmated condition. RF lines are designed to meet interface performance specifications, with the addition of internal and external sealing features. IP67 products are suited for remote outdoor enclosures, portable radios, handheld devices, and industrial equipment. 

Yamaichi Y-FLEX cable

The Y-FLEX technology of Yamaichi Electronics solves this problem of coping with requirements for extremely high reliability and continuously increasing data transmission rates between internal printed circuit boards. The Y-FLEX high-speed FPC can establish data rates of 56 Gb/s (PAM4) over a cable length of 100 mm. The suitability of the Y-FLEX cable for high data transmission rates is realized with characteristics such as LCP (liquid crystal polymer) as base material, the contacting of various layers with so-called silver bumps, and the 100% reproducible production process. The Y-FLEX specifically matches to the appropriate FFC/FPC connector to achieve particularly high transmission speeds. In principle, the Y-FLEX mating face can be adapted to any standard ZIF, non-ZIF or LIF connector. However, specially developed high-speed ZIF or non-ZIF connectors such as the HF507 series from Yamaichi are the most suitable for achieving optimal performance.

Pasternack Low PIM cable assembliesPasternack’s expanded offering of low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies consists of over 400 unique configurations that boast PIM levels of less than -160 dBc. Cable options now include SPP plenum-rated, ¼ inch SuperFlex, SPF fire-rated, SPO outdoor-rated, and flexible TFT-402 and TFT-402-LF options. These are highly durable cables constructed from a solid center conductor and are available in standard diameter options. The assemblies are offered with a variety of connector types, including right-angle connector options. These high-quality cables deliver low insertion loss and excellent VSWR, are 100% RF- and PIM-tested, and ship with the PIM test results marked on each cable. These low-PIM cables are ideal for indoor wireless systems, wireless infrastructure, multi-carrier communication systems, WISP networks, small cell installations, and PIM testing applications. 

August 2021 New Connectivity Products > Sensors and Antennas 

Heilind stock All Sensors ELV SeriesHeilind Electronics has added All Sensors’ ELV Series of analog and digital pressure sensors to its catalog. The sensors feature CoBeam2 technology, an innovative sensing element technology offering best-in-class, ultra-low pressure sensing for superior stability and performance. The ELV analog and digital pressure sensors are intended for OEM customers who require high stability along with low and ultra-low pressure ranges. In addition, these solutions offer the ability to customize calibrations and pressure ranges. Designed to ease integration of the sensors into a variety of systems, the series’ 4V analog, I2C or SPI interface is calibrated and compensated to provide accurate, stable output over a wide temperature range (-25° C to +85° C). As a lower cost option, a 0° C to 50° C temperature range is also available. Featuring pin-for-pin compatibility with alternate suppliers, this solution is available for pressure ranges of 0.5 inH2O to 150 PSI, including calibrations from 2.5 mbar to 10 bar. ELV Series pressure sensors are intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic gases such as air and other dry gases. An optional protective Parylene coating is available for moisture/harsh media protection for pressure ranges of +/- 10 inH2O (+/- 25 mbar) and above. Ideal applications for these sensors include HVAC; instrumentation; medical devices; and pneumatic, environmental, and industrial controls. 

L-com has introduced the HG7420-series antennas, a new line of low-PIM rated, ceiling, omni, and flat panel antennas to address sub-6 GHz in-building connectivity. L-com’s new antennas are perfect for use in indoor distributed wireless networks where support of sub-6 GHz 5G, LTE, FirstNet or other telecommunication networks are required. With multiple options for form factor, connector count and connector type, a full wireless network deployment can be achieved with these antennas to reliably cover an entire building with high quality Wi-Fi/cellular service. The HG7420 series features 600 MHz to 6 GHz operation, less than -150 dBc PIM rating, SISO and 2×2 MIMO configurations, as well as Type-N and 4.3-10 connector options, low-profile ceiling mounts for improved aesthetics, and compatibility with all global sub-6 GHz 5G bands including extended CBRS and UNII-1. The HG7420-series antennas cover 698 MHz to 4200 MHz frequency bands and the HG6580-series supports 617 MHz to 6000 MHz wireless network applications. 

August 2021 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Newark 3D printerNewark has added BCN3D’s top-selling range of 3D printers. Epsilon W50 and W27 printers are powerful professional 3D-printing solutions designed to deliver large-scale parts with industrial-grade materials thanks to features such as a passive heated chamber, full enclosure, and humidity controlled environment. The Epsilon W50 and W27 offer improved print quality, which is critical when printing in ABS, as it is susceptible to warping. The 5″ full color, capacitive touchscreen ensures ease of use and control. Printing is available via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity (online) and an SD card (offline). The Sigma D25 printer is a smaller and lower cost model for fused filament fabrication (FFF). Powered by the independent dual extruder (IDEX) system, it quickly delivers functional prototypes with quality and precision. BCN3D printers have a standard two-year warranty and are open source, allowing customers to use third-party materials including the popular 2.85 mm Multicomp Pro range available from Newark.

Smiths Interconnect K band waveguideSmiths Interconnect launched its broad range of K-band waveguide components for satellite communication payloads in GEO/MEO and LEO orbits. Highly compact and ruggedized, Smiths Interconnect’s K-band waveguide components are rigorously qualified for spacecraft use in the company’s state-of-the-art test and qualification laboratory in Dundee, Scotland. Qualification for spacecraft use is completed for each product and comprises sine and random vibration, mechanical shock, and, where appropriate, RF power TVAC, average power and multipaction, and critical power testing. Summary and qualification data reports are available to prospective customers. WR51 waveguide products are tuneless and optimized to operate over broad assigned bands. They are provided with a standard clear passivation coating but can be supplied with low emissivity black paint finish. Their design is optimized to maximize reliability and to minimize cost and application risks. They offer broadband (requiring few part options to address the allocated frequency range). Mechanical variants (e.g., circulation and flange detail) are available on request. Sample data and test reports are available to assist the design and qualification process.

Weidmuller AP printjet Weidmüller’s high-performance inkjet printer PrintJet CONNECT for plastic and metal markers combines maximum process and cost efficiency with intelligent networking as well as complete data consistency. The PrintJet CONNECT, which has been developed with a wide range of customer requirements in mind, is suitable for almost every industrial requirement, thanks to its wide range of applications, and can be integrated into customer-specific functional sequences. Designed as a “one-stop-shop” printer that can print plastic or metal markers, the “PrintJet ADVANCED” sets new standards in respect of usage and handling, print image, speed, and the longevity of the labeling. Up to 26,000 DEK 5/5 terminal markers, 10,000 TM-I wire markers, or 5,000 ESG device markers can be printed per hour. The high throughput means processes can be standardized and optimized and entire print jobs can be concentrated on one printer, saving resources.

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