January 2022 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | January 06, 2022

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

January 2022 New Connectivity Products 

January 2022 New Connectivity Products >Interconnects, etc.

TTI Inc. now stocks Amphenol’s FCI Basics Minitek MicroSpaceXS crimp-to-wire connector platform. The unique design of the MicroSpaceXS enables LV214 Severity-3 and USCAR-T2V2 performs on a 1.27mm pitch. The system is available in staggered with vertical and horizontal configuration, SMT soldering, tin or gold plating, terminal positioning assurance (TPA), primary and secondary contact retention. and connector positioning assurance (CPA). Typical applications include lighting, camera/sensor, infotainment, HVAC, and battery management.

Smiths Interconnect introduced an innovative spring probe contact technology for Kelvin test of packaged devices down to 0.35 mm pitch. The key design advancement of this new spring-probe contact technology is the beveled tip offset point that allows for tighter centers, down to 0.25 mm, on the device pad. Kelvin testing is a methodology where high resolution measurements are taken to determine finite changes in resistance. A Kelvin probe is a precision electrical contact with a current-carrying component or reference point that eliminates or greatly reduces the effect of contact resistance. This is especially important when dealing with low millivolt reference voltages for high current testing. The product’s beveled tip provides reliable, stable contact resistance for applications where chip test is critical, such as IoT, mobile, internet, and automotive. Designed into standard array test sockets or Volta WLCSP probe heads, Smiths Interconnect’s Kelvin probes provide a robust, low maintenance, long-life test solution.

Bulgin’s new RF connectors are designed to work with coaxial cables already in use in large-scale communication infrastructure. These latest connectors deliver multi-GHz operation and exhibit industry-leading transmission characteristics. They also benefit from very low impedance levels of 50 Ohm and have insulation resistance values that are greater than 5000 MOhm to minimize losses. The 1.85 mm format connectors feature M7 threads, with a frequency range that spans up to 65 GHz. The 2.4 mm and 2.92 mm connectors operate mode-free up to 50 GHz and 40 GHz respectively. The N-Type connectors (each have a threaded coupling mechanism), TNC-compatible connectors, plus compact high-precision SMA and SSMA connectors round out the new additions. RF terminations and connector adapters are also available. The robustness of these new connectors assures their long-term reliability, even when they are deployed in uncompromising environments. They can cope with voltages reaching up to 1000 V. An operational temperature range covering -65°C to +165°C is also supported. Passivated stainless steel construction ensures the Bulgin RF connectors’ high degree of mechanical durability and prolonged operational lifespan.

Newark has added InnoSwitch3 IC family, featuring PowiGaN technology, to its Power Integrations products, including InnoSwitch3-EP, InnoSwitch3-Pro, and InnoSwitch3-Pro. Power Integrations’ PowiGaN technology reduces switching losses, enabling chargers, adapters, and open frame power supplies to be more efficient, smaller, and lighter than conventional silicon alternatives. PowiGaN-based ICs achieve up to 95% efficiency across the full load range and up to 100 W in enclosed adapter implementations without requiring a heatsink. The InnoSwitch3 product family features EcoSmart energy efficiency, ensuring devices can easily meet global energy efficiency regulations. All products in the portfolio incorporate multiple protection features including line overvoltage and undervoltage protection, output overvoltage and over-current limiting, and over-temperature shutdown. Common applications are auxiliary, standby, and bias power supplies for appliances and white goods; computers and consumer products; utility meters; smart grid; and industrial power supplies.

TE Connectivity introduced its new 70 series braid tail swept elbow backshells to be used in a wide range of military and aerospace applications. They offer designers the potential for up to 20% weight savings over traditional backshells, allowing for improved efficiency as content continues to grow in military and aerospace systems. TE’s braid tail backshells complement the company’s series of banding (BT) and Tinel ring (TXR) backshells. They include a pre-terminated screenbraid sock for an overall screen, as well as constant internal radius and a smooth internal bore using investment casting. Their design, which allows for uncoupling during repairs, helps reduce damage to the boot, resulting in a simple and fast termination option. TE’s 70 series swept elbow backshells suit a wide range of circular connectors and are available in multiple shell sizes and plating configurations that include MIL-DTL-38999 series III and IV as well as MIL-DTL-26482 series II.

Sager Electronics now stocks Phoenix Contact’s QUINT DC-DC converters. At 5 Amps and 10 Amps with push-in technology, the two new converters provide advanced protection against dust and conductive debris, corrosive gases, and humidity, while also preventing failures due to creepage currents and electromechanical corrosion. The protective coating also reduces risk of failure due to vibration and thermal shock. The converters can amplify, isolate, and convert voltage, as well as allow for the creation of an independent supply system. Their output side enables easy expansion, a reliable heavy load start-up, and protection by means of magnetically tripping circuit breakers with six times the nominal current (SFB pulse).


HARTING’s har-modular interface and har-flex connectors meet the industry’s demands for modularity, flexibility, and accelerated device development. The harmodular PCB interface can be individually configured online by any developer. This entails a tremendous reduction in the workload for device developers – for rapid prototyping, a small series, or an entire product series. With a billion possible combinations, the modular construction kit accommodates a wide range of designs. Customized solutions save time and development costs and facilitate the ever-shorter processes involved in turning out new industrial devices. Developers adapt the connector to their requirements rather than the other way around. The harflex connectors with 6-100 contacts for signals, power, or data follow a similar but markedly reduced approach with a pitch of 1.27mm. Different heights for mezzanine applications, the space-saving connection of ribbon cables, and the high manufacturing quality for automated soldering processes are ideal for miniaturized PCB applications.

Harwin has added a new female contact option to its 4 mm-pitch Datamate Mix-Tek connectors. Like all Mix-Tek coax contacts, the M80-310 is designed for data carrying, with support for frequencies reaching up to 6 GHz. This latest contact can be fitted with a 1.19 mm/0.047 diameter semi-rigid coaxial cable. With 90° orientationit is optimized for situations with limited room above a cable-to-board connection. The M80-310 contacts are suitable for use with the complete range of different Mix-Tek high-reliability (Hi-Rel) housing types, from 2 to 12position versions. These housings come with a variety of jackscrew styles to ensure mated connections capable of resisting up to 10 G vibration and 100 G shock. They are also fully compatible with all existing male coax contacts in the Mix-Tek portfolio, giving a 50 ohm impedance connection. With gold plated contacts and outer shell, these contacts can withstand a minimum of 500 mating cycles. They are suitable for applications such as robots, industrial equipment, military/aerospace hardware, and satellites/CubeSats.  

Heilind Electronics now supplies the Woodhead ArcArrest 30 A switch-rated connector system from Molex. Incorporating many options and components into a smooth, contoured design, Woodhead ArcArrest delivers the simplest and fastest way to de-energize industrial equipment and perform lockout/tagout operations. Unlike standard industrial disconnect switches, the ArcArrest system provides fast and positive confirmation of compliance. Pressing the pawl on the receptacle ejects the plug to its rest position, while rotating the plug allows for removal and closes a dead-front shutter on the receptacle. This feature provides visual proof that power has been removed. A smooth, contoured housing design makes the ArcArrest system suitable for conveyors, process equipment, and packaging machines in food processing applications that require frequent washdowns. The NEMA 4X and IP69K-rated system eliminates ingress of dust and water when the system is connected or disconnected. Critical components of the UL 2682-rated ArcArrest system are reinforced to deliver excellent strength and complete UL material compliance.

ITT introduced its ruggedized, modular circular series Veam MOVE-MOD. The flexible design delivers power, signal, and data in a single connector by utilizing a range of snap-in modules with various contact layouts to match individual system requirements. Developed for use in harsh environments, these ultra-durable connectors are suitable for rail, heavy and off-road vehicles, alternative energy and infrastructure, robotics, and other industrial equipment. One key advantage the circular MOVE-MOD series has is its small footprint compared to rectangular connectors, which makes it suitable for size-restricted applications. Toolless assembly and installation combined with ultra-secure bayonet coupling that features visual, tactile, and audible secondary locking confirmation ensure MOVE-MOD is a fast and easy solution. The series is available in two ultra-harsh-environment, RoHS- and REACH-compliant plating options that deliver 500-hour salt-spray resistance. The first option is the proprietary Blue Generation plating, a high-performance zinc nickel formulation that is conductive and offers excellent RFI shielding. The second option, Black Hard Anodized plating, is a popular non-conductive option, also for use in extreme environments.

The TF43SW Series hybrid connector, a new hybrid flexible printed circuit (FPC) / flat flexible connector (FFC) developed by Hirose Electric, offers significant space-savings compared to competing products with the same permissible current. With a combination of power contacts capable of handling 12 A and 0.5 A signal contacts, the TF43SW Series hybrid connector has a height of only 1.2 mm and a mounting depth of 4.0 mm. The TF43SW Series is suitable for use with FPC/FFC standard thickness of 0.3 mm (+/-0.03 mm). The TF43SW Series has 66 contacts (positions) with a 0.5 mm pitch and length of 47.88 mm. A unique contact actuator design features retention tabs preventing unintended actuator separation. The retention tabs surround the actuator axle and hook onto the cavity, preventing the actuator from opening. The actuator retention tabs, combined with a two-point contact design, enhance the reliability and robustness of the TF43SW Series. Applications include portable and consumer electronics, including smart TVs, notebooks and tablets, gaming systems, HDD and optical pickups, as well as office equipment, medical devices, and industrial machinery.

Ironwood Electronics offers a new solution using Grypper socket technology as a riser. The Grypper can also be used as an interconnect between two PCBs. The applications include board-to-board connections as a riser to allow the snooping of signals, getting above other components on the PCB. Other designs can be for a device translation PCB from one footprint to another. Grypper sockets are typically used for socketing a BGA device but can be used by solder balling the bottom of the top PCB, attaching the Grypper to the bottom PCB, and simply snapping the upper solder balled PCB into the Grypper on the bottom. Since the Grypper socket is the same size as the target device, the customer can add any board to the existing PCB. The sockets have been used in these applications for many memory applications and in custom test fixtures for which Ironwood can provide a turn-key design solution. Continuous loads of up to 20 A and peaks >40 A are not uncommon and clearly show the growing user profile. The “hot-plug” and “always-on” requirements have also been part of OEMs’ specifications for some time.

Y-CCC (Yamaichi-Car Computing Connector) interface developed by Yamaichi Electronics, in close cooperation with a large German OEM, addresses the significant growth of data streams within a vehicle and the required power that future systems must be able to transmit. With this hybrid connector, it is possible to accommodate the requirements for power, signals, and high-speed data in one receptacle size and to transmit them accordingly. To meet the high demands of the automotive industry, the materials and the design were laid out and internally tested according to common automotive standards such as LV214 and VDA. The zinc die-cast connector housing is one example. It offers an optimal balance of electrical shielding properties (signal integrity) and the required vibration resistance.

January 2022 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

LoPro RF, SV Microwave’s newest line of cable assemblies, incorporates a unique ferrule design that protects the cable from overbending while still maintaining a shorter distance from the front of the coupling nut to the back of the cable bend than standard offerings. With the lowest profile on the market, LoPro RF cable assemblies feature immediate bends exiting the connector, and permit ± 1/2° per GHz phase matching.


I-PEX is shipping sample quantities of the new LIGHTPASSTM-EOB 100G with built-in processor using AIO Core’s silicon photonics IC “Optical I/O Core.” The LIGHTPASSTM-EOB 100G is an ultra-thin active optical module with a height of 2.3 mm, integrated with silicon photonics IC for the electrical-optical conversion of internal high-speed signals in data center equipment. It achieves high-speed transmission of 100 Gb/s (25 Gb/s x 4 channels) up to 300 meters over multimode fiber cable. For sample supply, an evaluation board is also available along with the active optical module.


Amphenol RF introduced waterproof IP67-rated and tamper-resistant cable assemblies using 1.13 mm micro coax cable with a reverse polarity SMA connector on one end and the ultraminiature AMC connector on the other. Reverse polarity (RP) SMAs are a variation of the popular SMA. This ultraminiature assembly provides strong protection against exposure to the elements and external tampering in applications such as outdoor enclosures, portable radios, handheld devices, and industrial equipment. This cable assembly configuration operates at 50 ohms and utilizes the familiar threaded interface which ensures mating stability and reliable electrical performance. The front-mount bulkhead RP-SMA jack can be fastened on the inside of the panel or enclosure to provide additional security for sensitive systems. The 1.13 mm micro coax cable provides additional flexibility for installation needs, as well as an ultraminiature mated connection for small spaces and crowded PBCs.

January 2022 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

SCHURTER’S Reflowable Thermal Switch, RTS, now includes a version designed to trip at >175°C, in addition to the existing variant set to trip at >210°C. The compact thermal SMD fuse protects power semiconductors by reliably and precisely interrupting a circuit at a pre-defined temperature. Highly integrated power semiconductors used in dense circuits can lead to overheating and thus thermal runaway. The RTS, which measures only 6.6 x 8.8 mm, protects against such conditions, while it sustains operating currents up to 130 A at rated voltages of up to 60 VDC. Breaking capacity is up to 400 A at 24 VDC. The device is mounted using conventional reflow solder processes with temperature profiles up to 260°C, after which it is mechanically armed by depressing the top. The status of the RTS is clearly and immediately visible to the installer. The RTS is available with or without added shunt functionality in the same package dimensions as the version without shunt. It meets the high reliability requirements of AEC-Q200 and MIL-STD. See application note, “Protection Against Thermal Runaway.”

WAGO’s new ECO 2 power supplies maximize the space in control cabinets while providing a high-efficiency rating up to 90%. These power supplies, measuring 25 mm and 38 mm, come with Push-In CAGE CLAMP technology for reliable connections and are equipped with orange integrated levers for tool-free installation. ECO 2 power supplies have a mean time between failure (MTBF) of greater than one million hours and are approved for worldwide use according to UL 61010. The LED indications, DC O.K. contacts, adjustable output voltage, and convenient marking options make them cost-effective for standard applications.

ODU now offers customized cable overmoldings for small series. The company has developed a flexible tooling system that allows for tailor-made system solutions adapted to different customer requirements. It consists of the connectors with the matching assembled cables and customized overmoldings. This saves a lot of time-consuming coordination with various partner companies. With ODU’s new tool categories, customer-specific overmoldings that were generally available only for large orders can now be created for sample orders and small series. The focus is on ensuring the rapid availability of customized connector solutions with tailored geometries at economical prices. ODU can now cater to special requests in terms of the haptics, design, and even different color schemes. Company logos or explanatory symbols can also be integrated into the overmoldings in either a raised or recessed finish. Depending on the requirements, both straight and angled versions with extra strain relief and guaranteed kink protection can be provided. Customers can take delivery of their new workpieces, and inspect and test them, within a very short time frame.

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