Wireless Product Roundup

By News Release | August 24, 2016

We reached out to top interconnect suppliers to find out about their latest and greatest product launches for wireless applications.



Wireless Product Roundup

Amphenol AISG Cable AssemblyAmphenol recently expanded its AISG Cable Assembly product offering to include four-, five-, and six-pin arrangements in overmolded as well as traditional mechanical options. Custom cable assemblies are also available. Connectors and cable assemblies for outdoor use have extreme requirements including system coupling integrity, temperature, salt mist, and UV resistance. The AISG connectors are manufactured according to the AISG Standard (AISG C 485), and Amphenol has set the standard with its C091 circular connector series. The cable assemblies are compatible with industry cables from Andrew, Kathrein, Scala, Ericsson, Alcatel Lucent (ALU), Huawei, Kaelus, RFS, KMW, and many others.

Bulgin Buccaneer SMBBulgin launched an environmentally sealed 90-degree SMB Antenna, offering greater flexibility in systems design for RF monitoring and control. Complementing the existing IP68-rated SMB Antenna, this new option is available to suit a variety of frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 440-470 MHz, and 900/1,800/1,900 MHz) and can be combined with the PX0414 SMB Buccaneer panel-mounting connector to provide a completely waterproof and dustproof option for RF equipment. The Buccaneer SMB series offers robust, hassle-free operation for industrial, scientific, and medical instrumentation, as well as for smart meters, base stations, and outdoor hotspot installations for wireless LAN, GSM, and Bluetooth.

ITT Cannon OctoGigITT Cannon’s new OctoGig Ultra High-Speed 10Gb Ethernet solution is an innovative, lightweight, and cost-effective solution for high-speed data and wireless. A high-bandwidth data connector that offers a tenfold increase in transfer rates compared to existing solutions, the eight-conductor termini’s reduced size and weight, ease of installation, and transfer rates to 10Gb/s allow for higher performance and cost efficiency. Small, lightweight, and easy to install, OctoGig is fully tested at 10Gb data rates and is suitable for use with Cat 7 cable. OctoGig uses standard Size-22 contacts with standard tooling and is available in popular rectangular ARINC 600 and 38999 circular connectors. OctoGig is ideally suited for in-flight entertainment and navigation systems in commercial aircraft, as well as navigation, imaging, and sensing systems in military aircraft and marine transports such as aircraft carriers and submarines.

JonHon MMBX seriesJonhon’s MMBX series is a 40GHz millimeter wave class push-pull connector that offers multiple functions with three interfaces of escapement, limited escapement, and aperture. It also can be utilized in PCB board-to-board or module applications. The MMBX large spring-loaded series is ideal for increased maximum distance tolerances.


Molex Temp-Flex Foam-Core Ultra-Low-Loss-Coaxial Microwave CableMolex introduced its new Temp-Flex Foam-Core Ultra-Low-Loss Coaxial Microwave Cable, which provides both customized and off-the-shelf options. Temp-Flex Foam-Core Cable combines space savings with an effective dielectric that eliminates “phase knee” and provides ease of termination. It also achieves 80% velocity of propagation (VOP) loss characteristics, which produces more reliable signal performance and lower loss characteristics than air-enhanced PTFE cable. The mechanical characteristics deliver high phase stability while still providing exceptionally low loss across the transmission line. That makes it ideal for applications such as test and measurement, data and telecommunications, aerospace and defense, and medical equipment. With its thermally and mechanically stable dielectric, Temp-Flex Foam-Core Cable can withstand soldering temperatures to provide ease of termination. It is available in shielding ODs down to 1.194mm (0.047″), allowing it to be used in space-constrained applications. It also offers a shielding effectiveness better than 100dB at high frequency, providing high RF noise immunity and low EMI.

TE Ultra Miniature Coax Cable AssemblyTTI carries TE Connectivity’s Ultraminiature Coax Connector (UMCC) and Cable Assembly Series, which is designed to meet the growing demand for next-generation wireless applications such as wireless internet, RFID, Bluetooth, mobile antennas, and wireless handsets. The UMCC series is an ultra low-profile coax interconnect solution that meets the ever-growing demand for miniaturization and is available as double-ended jumpers and inter-series assemblies and PCB jack receptacles for board-mount applications. The connectors provide 360-degree mated rotation, a small footprint, and easy snap-on/-off mating.

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