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2016 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers: The Landscape Changes in the Connector Industry

By Ron Bishop | October 17, 2017

We track the top companies over the decades. This year’s ranking uncovers some new players — and some that we’ve known for along time.

Since 1980, there has been a dramatic change in the companies that comprise the top 10. Some companies have moved up in rank, others have moved out of the top 10, and still others have gone out of business or have been acquired by larger companies.

The following table provides a history of the top 10 over a 36-year time frame spanning 1980–2016.

Top 10 Connector Companies by sales 1980-2016

Some highlights include:

  • TE Connectivity has remained the largest connector company since 1980. Their name has just changed from AMP to Tyco International to Tyco Electronics to the present name, TE Connectivity.
  • Molex and Amphenol have remained in the top 10 throughout the 36-year time frame. Molex moved from the tenth largest in 1980 to the third largest in 2016. Amphenol, the second largest in 1980, fell to fifth in 2000, but moved up to the third largest in 2010 and the second largest in 2016.
  • The following companies were in the top 10 in 1980, but have not retained a top 10 ranking: ITT Cannon, 3M, Winchester, Augat, Cinch, and Burndy. Dupont/Berg was acquired by Framatone (FCI) and later by Amphenol.
  • There were no Asian companies in the top 10 in 1980. However, by 2016, there were six Asian companies represented in the top 10.

The following table shows the number of top 10 companies by region of the world over the 36-year period spanning 1980- 2016.

2016 Top 10 Connector Companies by Region of the World

Luxshare achieved a top 10 ranking in 2015, making it the first and only Chinese company to have achieved top 10 status, and they maintained their top 10 ranking in 2016. No European company has achieved a top 10 ranking since 2011, when FCI sold their motorized vehicle division to Delphi, which was already a top 10 manufacturer.

In the near future, we will analyze top 10 connector manufacturer rankings by region, products manufactured, and markets served. This interesting and informative analysis will highlight many additional companies that have achieved success by implementing a focused product and market approach.

No part of this article may be used without the permission of Bishop & Associates Inc. 

Bishop & Associates’ research report, The World’s Top 100 Electronic Connector Manufacturers furnishes detailed statistics that benchmark the leading connector manufacturers by 2015/2016 total sales, sales by end-use equipment market, sales by product category, and many other key industry measurements. Click here for more information.



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