Medical Interconnect Product Roundup for August 8, 2016

By News Release | August 08, 2016

Interconnects for the medical industry must meet a variety of unique requirements that often call for application-specific designs that adhere to strict standards and specifications. In this week’s product roundup, we’ve collected some of the most innovative medical products from your favorite suppliers.



TE Connectivity FORGEMouser Electronics now stocks TE Connectivity’s FORGE drawer modular power connectors. This new tooling platform provides designers of power systems and electrical hardware a wide variety of configurations for more flexibility in design. The connectors feature a modular tooling platform in which a single housing can have up to 10 modules, with the flexibility to use one of five different contact types in each module. This enables engineers to get a better fit for their applications without having to compromise by using unmatched housings and without the cost and lead times associated with tooling new housings. Each of the five different contact types used in the FORGE drawer product line is an existing contact commonly used in the market. The modular tooling of the housing enables product customization, giving engineers the flexibility to build a custom design while also using tested, proven contacts. By using existing contacts as well as their associated application tooling, design engineers can use FORGE drawer connectors to reduce costs and lower product lead times.

Smith Connectors HYPERGRIPSmiths Connectors’ HyperGrip (HG) circular plastic connector series delivers the robust performance and dependability that medical device manufactures demand. Engineered specifically for the medical industry, HyperGrip connectors offer a wide range of benefits including user-configurability, an aesthetic design with push-pull latching for easy one-hand mating, and various sealing and shielding options. Traditionally, the HyperGrip is manufactured with Hypertac hyperboloid contacts to ensure low contact resistance and excellent signal integrity. Suitable for many applications, this variation is available as an inventoried item in multiple layout configurations including five- (HG0), 12- (HG2), 19- (HG3), and 33- (HG4) pin positions. As an added benefit, the HyperGrip product line is available in a variety of contact technologies. Applications requiring extremely high-density configurations can be designed utilizing Smiths Connectors’ IDI spring-probe technology, which more than doubles the contact density of standard connector options. Available in 1mm pitch or smaller, this technology offers a clean, sealed mating surface, outstanding tolerance of target misalignment, and exceptional signal integrity. Incorporated into the customary HG housing, the spring-probe variant of the HG Series delivers in excess  of 20,000 mating cycles and can be mated to simple target contacts or directly to a PCB – an ideal solution for disposable applications. For environments requiring heightened electrical integrity, the HG format is available with edge card, coaxial, and fiber optic (expanded beam and butt joint) technologies as well as EMI/RFI shielding to ensure against signal interference in electrically noisy environments. Sealed connectors deliver up to IP67 protection when mated.

ODU MEDI-SNAPThe ODU MEDI-SNAP is ideal for medical technology applications from ventilation treatment solutions to heart-lung machines. The lightweight plastic connector is available in autoclavable and sterilizable versions. With more than 10 different receptacles and connector parts, ODU offers just the right solution for every application. To avoid mismating, coding options are available in just as many varieties – six different mechanical types of pin-keying and seven color-coding options allow for user-friendly, intuitive insertion into the correct receptacle. The customer is free to choose between push-pull locking or breakaway locking, and the easy and secure breakaway function enables quick demating in emergency situations. The connector’s housing, with its 100% reliable touch protection, rounds off the product features. Upon request, ODU offers full assembly for the ODU MEDI-SNAP and delivers system solutions for perfect connections.

LEMO HALO LEDLEMO’s HALO LED Intelligent Active Connector (IAC) has an LED-lighted flange that shows the connector status, enabling the medical device to display an immediate visual of the connection status for the operator or user. When multiple connections need to be made, the user will know immediately if all the connections are running fine. This range of products uses LEMO’s standard push-pull connector technology and is available in various series, sizes, and colors with a high-quality, robust construction. LEMO also offers cable assembly services for all its medical device products.

ITT Cannon QLC Solderless Plug ITT’s Cannon QLC Solderless Plug, which builds on the reliable mating design of Cannon’s established QLC solution, provides enhanced ease of use and increased cost savings to the medical technologies industry. The plug eliminates the need for hand soldering fine-pitch contacts onto printed circuit boards, which can reduce assembly time by up to 15% and reduce costs by up to 30% during the printed circuit board assembly and soldering process. The QLC Solderless Plug offers the medical industry an easy-to-use solution that optimizes performance while reducing overall costs in the most demanding environments.

Binder Quick ConnectBinder has introduced a new product line of white connectors, which are offered in two quick­-connect and -disconnect styles including snap-­in and bayonet locking. These connectors are suitable for the medical industry and applications where aesthetics are key to the design. This product line follows the design of Binder’s existing snap-­in and NCC (not-connected closed) bayonet locking connectors. Ranging from three to 12 contacts per connector with a rated current of one to seven amps per contact, these connectors provide viable power and signal for a variety of applications. The snap-­in style connectors are easy to assemble and extremely cost-­effective. Designed to withstand ingress of liquids and debris, the Series 620 and 720 connectors are IP67-rated. The Bayonet Series 770 connector is being used in many patient-monitoring applications; the no-cap-required receptacle is perfect for preventing FOD and offers an IP67 rating in an unmated condition, which is an improvement over alternative splash-­proof connectors. These NCC solutions are the ideal connectors for touch­-proof designs and panel-mounted applications and guarantee 5,000 mating cycles.

AVX Battery ConnectorsAVX Corporation released a new series of low-profile battery connectors especially designed to prevent end-user damage to the contacts in electronic devices with pluggable modules that vertically mate with a base unit. The new 9155-800 Series vertical-mate, 2mm-pitch battery connectors feature ultra-robust and reliable gold-plated beryllium copper (BeCu) contacts that deliver excellent electrical and mechanical performance for more than 5,000 mating cycles, in addition to a unique contact geometry designed to deflect cleanly and easily when a module or mating connector is vertically pushed into position. The unique contact geometry allows for full vertical engagement in pluggable module applications; the contact tip incorporates an anti-snag feature to protect the contacts during deflection; and plastic locating bosses and SMT anchor tabs maximize the mechanical stability of the connector in harsh conditions. These features, combined with the superior performance of the BeCu contacts, effectively eliminate the potential for end users to inadvertently damage the contacts in a variety of applications. Compatible with both signal and power circuits, 9155-800 Series vertical-mate, 2mm-pitch battery connectors are available with two to six positions and are rated for 125VAC; 1.5A or 2A, depending on the number of positions (five and six or two to four, respectively); and operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +125°C. The RoHS-compliant series features black, glass-filled Nylon 46 (UL94V0) insulators and BeCu contacts with either 0.4µm or 0.8µm gold-over-nickel plating and pure tin tails.

AerosUSA OPTOflexAerosUSA’s OPTOflex highly flexible opto-electronic conduit protective system comprises small-diameter flexible conduits characterized by a metallic core manufactured from galvanized steel or stainless steel with an outer jacket of non-flame-propagating PVC sheathing or fiberglass braiding with an external silicone rubber sheathing. These highly flexible conduits are characterized by their unique properties, which provide excellent lateral pressure resistance, stretch resistance, and low flammability; they are widely resistant to solvents and chemicals and are free of halogen and cadmium. They are also known for their precise bending radius. The OPTOflex products provide outstanding protection for laser technology, fiber optics, medical endoscopes, sensor and measurement technology, RTDs, and thermocouples, as well as industrial applications. These products have outstanding resistance to seawater, acids, and oils and have a temperature range of -60°C to +600°C depending on the configuration. The OPTOflex conduits belong to the Flexa specialty product range and are available in sizes ID 2.5mm (3/32’’) to ID 12mm (1/2″).

I-PEX Minidock board-to-board connectorsThe I-PEX Minidock Board-to-Board Docking Connector was designed to be durable for long-term use, making it the perfect choice for portable medical diagnostic equipment, especially that which has multiple transducers/wands that need to be switched out frequently. The robust die-cast housing helps prevent against connector breakage, while the long guide pins allow for reliable mating (up to 5,000+ mating cycles). These connectors are available in right-angle, vertical, and straddle-mount versions, and feature sequenced contacts for ground, signal, and power. The ability to dock and undock repeatedly, without breakage, makes the Minidock Connector a perfect fit for ultrasound, patient monitoring, and other portable medical devices.

Hirose functionMAXHirose has developed a hybrid power and signal board-to-board connector that features high-speed transmission capability up to 8Gb/s and a highly reliable floating contact mechanism that simplifies assembly. A member of Hirose’s FunctionMAX family of high-speed board-to-board connectors, the 0.5mm-pitch FX23 Series connector supports high-speed applications with a specialized contact structure that utilizes a ground contact between adjacent differential pairs to reduce crosstalk. In addition, this contact structure provides superior impedance matching, even with short rise times. The connector’s floating design offers a degree of play between the contacts during mating, allowing the board-to-board connector to absorb alignment errors up to ±0.6mm in X and Y axis directions. By self-centering in both the X and Y directions, the floating structure eliminates mechanical stress at the SMT leads. This unique floating contact structure is particularly convenient when mating multiple connectors on the same printed circuit board, saving significant assembly time and costs. The hybrid power and signal connector has two built-in power contacts located on each side of the FX23 connector housing that provide a power rating of 3A per pin. The hybrid structure also reduces the number of pins required, saving space. Available in right-angle and parallel versions, the FX23 Series is offered in 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 positions.

PA&E hermetic feed throughsPA&E’s standard line of hermetic, implantable feed-throughs address the needs of design engineers working on implantable medical devices who face increasing pressure to reduce both time to market and costs without compromising quality or making performance tradeoffs. These feed-throughs are well suited for a variety of implantable applications including cardiac devices, neuro-stimulators, cochlear implants, and more. This product line includes seven feed-through configuration options – one, two, three, four, or eight pins in both circular and oval formats. They all feature a titanium body construction; 0.01325″ OD (0.39A) platinum/iridium pins; and PA&E’s industry-proven Kryoflex ceramic-to-metal sealing technology. Pin pitches are .050″ with one .100″ layout available and .070″ or .360″ pin extension options. These connectors are leak-checked to <1 x 10-9cc/sec He at 1 atm differential pressure.

JONHON CY23 seriesJonhon’s CY23 series PC board connector is used in laser beauty and other medical cosmetic instruments. It is available in various contact layouts and has a floating contact design for error-proof mating. It offers smooth coupling, a spring-wire socket, and a self-locking function. The connector co
-mplies with the Mil-C-55302 standard and is RoHS-compliant.



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